Tuesday, February 01, 2011

SNL Complicit in CNN’s attempted Sabotage of Bachmann and the Tea Party’s Message

In the tradition of lampooning everything, Conservative SNL attacked Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann’s response to the President’s State of the Union Address last Saturday night. SNL represented that Congresswoman Bachmann’s core message was not properly conveyed. But it was. Those who were listening to the case that Rep. Bachmann presented got a clear picture of the duplicitous nature of the Barry Hussein Soetoro administration, that is why SNL felt the need for a second attempt to discredit the message.(see 4:11min video)

What is ironic is Rep. Bachmann was only seen by a very limited audience because of CNN’s limited viewership. SNL’s decision to give the Tea Parties response a much broader audience must be seen as a tactical error for Progressive Liberals because according to Breitbart TV the “technical difficulties” which SNL made fun of were actually a result of a CNN plot to sabotage Congresswoman Bachmann.

Breitbart reports that CNN had originally agreed to use the live feed set up by Tea Party Express, which had a teleprompter running on the lens in which Rep. Bachmann was delivering her speech. However, when Rep. Bachmann left the camera set-up and sat in the House chamber to hear Pres. Obama's speech, CNN set up a camera of their own, just off to the side of the main, tele-prompter/camera. Thus, when CNN provided their network feed it ended up skewed and off-kilter creating the effect, which SNL made light of.

Now in later developments CNN is blaming Fox News saying it was a Fox News camera that took the shot. So we are to believe that a rival News agency set up their camera on a CNN set and CNN used that camera to broadcast the Bachmann response over the CNN network. Interesting.

Had CNN or Fox News honored the agreement with Rep. Bachmann and used the Tea Parties' camera that was already set up for the shot their broadcast would have matched the original broadcast that on-line viewers the night of the speech saw. (see 7:01 min video)

What happened to the president’s call for political civility in our national discourse SNL and CNN? These unwarranted and false political attacks against Conservatives must cease. SNL as well as CNN must simply desist in their partisan hatchet jobs against Conservatives.

SNL and CNN owe Rep. Bachmann, the Tea Parties, Conservatives and Americans an apology. Fair minded Americans should write, email, tweet and press until SNL and CNN discontinue their discriminatory practices.