Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hillary’s Hate spreads to Fox

Liz Trotta

Well I thought that the flames on this story had died down but it looks like someone keeps fanning the coals. Veteran reporter, editor and contributor to T.V. ‘s Fox news Liz Trotta reporting on Sen. Clinton’s assassination remarks seems to have made news herself when she joked about “knocking off Obama.”

A bad idea is like a virus whether intended or not Sen. Clinton dropped an idea into the social psyche that is still working itself through.

Like a bad cold Fox’s Trotta, a former Washington Times editor and three-time Emmy winner apparently infected with the thought of assassination attempted to make light of the situation adding her own comic twist with a play on Sen. Obama’s name apparently confusing it with Osama and then suggesting that maybe both Osama and Obama should be “knocked off” in keeping with the spirit of Sen. Clinton’s reference of assassination. (see video)

In a later interview with Fox Ms. Trotta is asked to further analyze Sen. Clinton’s assassination remarks and compare them to the Senator’s explanations and apologies.

After which Ms. Trotta was ask about her own remarks to which Ms. Trotta apologized. She intimated that diversity was a problem in this year’s campaign and because of it people were going to have to be careful of what they say. (see video)

I’m not so sure that people have to be careful of what they say Ms. Trotta but here’s a quick rule of thumb, just steer away from intimating the death of a rival candidate and do not attempt to tie a candidate’s name association with known terrorists or to religious extremism.

You do that and you should be okay.

And the same applies to you Sen. Clinton!