Friday, May 16, 2008

Super Thin-Skinned?

I’m puzzled! Why would Obama and the entire
Democratic party be so upset about remarks made
by President Bush, at the 60th Anniversary of Israel?

With no names mentioned, or even hinted at, where
did all these wackos get the association with the
presumptive Democratic nominee? Was it because
they know that Obama thinks that way?

When the President of the United States, visits Israel
for the 60th Anniversary celebration, why shouldn’t he
mention the pains and suffering that the Jews have and
are still suffering at the hands of terrorists and tyrants?
If something more aggressive had been done with the Nazi
situation, instead of “diplomats” getting assurances from
Hitler, the world would be a very different place today.
President Bush knows that you cannot negotiate with
one hand tied behind your back.

To bring attention to that fact, and to mention that to
meet or negotiate with rogue states and terrorists is not
the way to go, was definitely the right thing to do.
I applaud our President, for his timely comments, and
only those defenders,who know that Obama will meet, with
our enemies are upset.

Obama himself admitted that he would meet with the
heads of North Korea and Iran, without any pre-conditions,
so how could they have the gall to make Bush’s statements
seem “unethical and political”? Probably because that
statement hit too close to home.

Governor Romney hit the nail on the head when he stated,
in defense of President Bush................”When you throw a
rock over the wall, the dog that barks is the dog that got
hit”. Very appropriate, Governor.

Like it or not Obama, you aren’t qualified to judge the
President of the United States. And from the absurd
reaction from the DemocraticCongress .......... neither are they.

They are still talking about President Bush’s low approval
rating..........but do they ever mention that theirs is even