Friday, July 29, 2011

America we are at War!

"We can't allow the American people to become collateral damage to Washington's political warfare.” —president Barry Hussein Soetoro
Not another war! Yes I’m afraid so. The president has the United States involved in up to five (5) count them five wars. Preposterous you say. Well let’s count them. There’s the continuing Iraq war, which the president promised to end and bring the troops home within his first year as president. He didn’t. Then there is the Afghanistan war, which the president escalated for unclear purposes. (Maybe to kill Osama bin Laden though he didn’t say that at the time.)

Then there are the two illegal wars, the U.N. backed war with Libya and the secret Yemen war.

He also has the illegal U.N. backed Libyan war going, and illegal conflicts in Yemen going. That’s four Soetoro wars to Bush’s two wars. In addition, Bush had congressional approval before one bullet was fired or one bomb was drop in either Iraq or Afghanistan. Presently according to Liberal pundit Andrew Sullivan, President Soetoro has two illegal wars going, Libya and Yemen where he has not sought Congressional approval. (see source andsee source)

That’s four wars. In addition, the fifth is the Uncivil War between the Democrats and Republicans. It is the war for our culture, it is the war for control of our government, and it is the war for the hearts, minds and souls of America.

You may not believe it to be a war but our president does. And very much so. He’s said in so many words , he has said that Republicans are the enemy. He blames Republicans for the U.S. ‘s troubles. Plus he demonizes Republicans every opportunity he gets.

"Again they (Republicans) will demand harsh cuts to programs like Medicare. And once again, the economy will be held captive unless they (Republicans) get their way. This is no way to run the greatest country on earth. It is a dangers game that we’ve never played before. And we can’t afford to play it now. Not when the jobs and livelihoods of so many families are at stake.

We can't allow the American people to become collateral damage to Washington's political warfare.

(see 1:03min video)

On July 25, 2011, the president of the United States of America gave a speech to the American people. But it wasn’t a speech about the raising the debt ceiling as one may have supposed. No, it was a speech calculated and aimed at the president’s enemies, the Republicans. This was a speech promised earlier in the debt talks. The president threatened Republicans as talks began to break down. He told Republican Congressman Eric Cantor, not to call his bluff if the Republicans didn’t give him what he wanted then he would go directly to the American people. That is the reason the president give his unusual speech last Monday night. It was an open declaration of war against Republicans over the debt ceiling.

To whit, Republicans should be on guard. Heretofore Republicans have attempted to treat Democrats with the deference that Republicans and Democrats are two American Political Parties attempting to arrive at solutions that are best for the country. And they very well may be. Only it appears from the Democrat perspective, one which the president espouses, what is good for the country is that Republicans be eliminated completely. This may explain the latent and overt hostilities that Republicans face on College campuses, the Progressive media, Hollywood and their colleagues from across the aisle.

Moreover, this president has allowed his hate for Republicans to show on more than a few occasions.

I would like to now share with you just what sparked the need in the mind of the president for last Monday night’s speech. Below is the account from the debt ceiling talks that the president stormed out of while threatening Republicans that he would just go to the public rather than negotiate with the enemy hostage taker Republicans.

At this point, Cantor explained, the president became “very agitated” and said he had “sat here long enough,” that “Ronald Reagan wouldn’t sit here like this” and “something’s got to give.” Obama then told Republicans they either needed to compromise on their insistence on a dollar for dollar ratio of spending cuts to debt increase or agree to a “grand bargain” including massive tax increases. Before walking out of the room, Cantor said, the president told him: “Eric, don’t call my bluff. I’m going to the American people with this.” He then “shoved back” and said, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” (source)

(hear 14:49audio)

Note: very last minutes audio gets extremely grainy

Eric Cantor on White House Debt Ceiling Talks by smalera

So it seems that war has been declared against Republicans. Listen many of us in the blogosphere always know it. Now that this president has openly declared it—it’s time Republicans, Independents and all fair minded people start acting like they realize that the Progressive Liberal left has declared open war against us.

En guard!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

State of Hawaii may be in Contempt of Court over Obama Birth Certificate

A process server has delivered a Hawaii court-issued subpoena to Loretta J. Fuddy, Director of the Hawaii Department of Health, commanding her “to produce [Barry Hussein Soetoro’s birth certificate.]” -- Sharon Rondeau
The entire State of Hawaii is embroiled in the Barry Hussein Soetoro birth certificate mess now. You must remember the president’s April 2011 very public celebratory release of his long form birth certificate.

Amid the Democrat leaping chest bumps and one kneed fist pumps, I’d say that it was a very respectful and dignified celebration.

You thought it was over, you thought the “birthers” were defeated and everyone from the Supreme Court to Congress could go on pretending that Barry Hussein Soetoro is a legitimate president. Now who would want to destroy that made for the Progressive media Kodak moment? Maybe a United States District Judge, perhaps?

District Chief Judge Royce Lamberth federal judge in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia has allow discovery to go forward in the case Taitz v. Astrue civil case no. 1:11-cv-00402 RCL in the USDC of Columbia. (see Order partially granting and partially denying below)

Taitz v Astrue USDC DC - ORDER Granting in Part and DENYING in Part - Motion to Strike - 6/2/11

Discovery means that Plaintiff, in this case Dr. Orly Taitz, is entitled to certain specified information authorized by subpoena back by court order. No other attorney pursuing the president’s sealed records has gotten this far. (see articles here and here).

The Hawaii Department of Health has refused to comply with a subpoena compelling the state to provide access to the original, filed copy of the President's birth certificate—Jack Miner

A U.S. District Hawaiian court issued the subpoena. (see subpoena below)

Taitz v. Astrue - Subpoena Issued to Loretta Fuddy of HDOH - Obama's Original Vital Records on File

According to the subpoena, the Hawaii Department of Health is legally bond to produce the original Soetoro birth certificate (he already publicly released a copy of the long form) on August 8, 2011 at 10am at Health Department, State of HI 1250 Punchbowl str. room 325, Honolulu, HI 96813. Not doing so, would be in contempt of Court order.

The subpoena was served July 5, 2011 on state's attorney general and Loretta Fuddy, the current director of the Hawaii department of health. The document ordered Fuddy to produce the "original 1961 typewritten birth certificate #10641 for Barack Obama … issued 08.08.1961, signed by Dr. David Sinclair, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama and registrar Lee, stored in the Health Department of the State of HI from 08081961 until now."

The Hawaii Department of Health was legally served the subpoena. However, initial indications are they plan to refuse to comply with the subpoena, which grants access to the original, filed copy of the President's birth certificate. In fact, the state of Hawaii responded, saying they would not release the information.

It is extremely curious in my estimation that state employees who are sworn to enforce the law would chose to flaunt a U.S. District Court subpoena. August 8, is days away. We will keep an eye on and be reporting this most interesting development in the ineligibility saga of Barry Hussein Soetoro.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tim Pawlenty breaks the back of the “inherited” Argument

The two wars were taking place under president Bush on a larger level in Iraq. So again, when president Bush left office there was a $500Billion dollar deficit now it’s about $1.5trillion. Under president Obama’s watch, he tripled the deficit of this country; he looked the American people in the eye in March of 2009 after he knew full well about the wars. After he knew full well about the economic collapse, after he know full well about the Medi Care part D subscription drug expansion and he looked the American people in the eye and said, ‘I will reduce the deficit in half in my first term.’ And then he tripled it. That is just one of his many broken promises, one of his many false statements and he needs to be held accountable for it —Presidential Hopeful Tim Pawlenty
In a recent CNN interview presidential hopeful, Tim Pawlenty took on the Obama “inherited” excuses and uncovered the lies that the president told to win election. Pawlenty’s factual stating of the case was done much to the chagrin of a hapless CNN reporter who seemed to be wincing in pain when Pawlenty eviscerated her feeble inherited talking points.

According to Pawlenty, the president knew full well what the country’s condition was while he was campaigning for the job. And in spite of that knowledge, the president knowingly lied saying that he would cut the deficit in half in his first term.

He(the president) looked the American people in the eye in March of 2009 after he knew full well about the wars. After he knew full well about the economic collapse, after he know full well about the Medi Care part D subscription drug expansion and he looked the American people in the eye and said, ‘I will reduce the deficit in half in my first term.’—Tim Pawlenty

(see 1:57min video)

Now the president’s favorite fallback position is that he’s Black and he didn’t know that things were so bad in the economy. The White man fooled him and messed up things so bad because the White man didn’t want a Black man to succeed.

Of course, the above is my interruption of the president’s excuses for not being able to fix the economy with failed Progressive Socialist ideas and policies in tow. However, you must admit with Congress woman Sheila Jackson Lee‘s tirade on the floor of the House regarding, “only this president” Democrats are getting pretty darn close to blaming Barry Hussein Soetoro’s failure on the fact that he is Black. (see 2:07 min video)

Ms. Jackson Lee maybe this president is having difficulty because only this president voted against raising the debt ceiling when he was in the Senate. What is more he openly admitted that he was playing politics against president George W. Bush when he did it. (see 1:13min video)

In any event, Tim Pawlenty has it right. president Soetoro looked the American people in the eye and lied, stating that he would cut the deficit by half in this first term. Instead, the president and his Democrats allies, set about to spend more American taxpayer money than any previous administration in American history.

Broken promises and lies, that about sums up this presidency. Not to mention that Democrats continue to play the Race card when convenient for them to do so. And it is always convenient for them to do so!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What have Democrats done to fix America’s debt crisis

Obama has an Earmark problem

Other than Blaming Bush (Democrat’s natural fallback position), what have Democrats actually done to fix the debt crisis? Since gaining control of both houses of Congress in January of 2007 the Democrat Congressional majority promised:

1. Fiscal restraint, adherence to pay-as-you- go (PAYGO) rules, and reform of pork barrel projects. They have broken all of these promises.
2. Congress has voted to raise taxes by $98 billion over the next decade and enacted a budget resolution that would raise taxes by approximately $2.7 trillion.
3. Despite their PAYGO pledge, congressional Democrats have used gimmicks and loopholes to add $179 billion in entitlement spending, offset by only $98 billion in new taxes. Discretionary spending is set to exceed President Bush’s budget request by $275 billion over 10 years.
4. Despite pledging to halve the number of earmarks to 6,746, Congress has included 11,351 in the spending bills.

The Blue Dog Democrats pledged to work for deficit reduction but have voted almost unanimously to raise taxes, increase spending, and expand the budget deficit. (source)

Since gaining the presidency in 2009 Democrat president Barry Hussein Soetoro promised to end the wasteful spending in Washington called “earmarks” signaling an attempt to rein in spending and avert the inevitable fiscal crisis government spending was creating. (see 2:18min video)

In 2009, millions in tax-payer dollars went to tattoo removal programs, peanut research and water taxi services on Pleasure Beach.

So who got millions in 2010?
Early in his presidency, President Obama publicly urged Congress to cut wasteful spending. However, by March 2009, Congress had presented him with a $410 billion stimulus bill that included $7.7 billion in pork -- and he signed it.

So what qualifies as pork spending? Also called earmarks, this type of spending is inserted into generally non-related bills as either an award or incentive for political support from constituents and cohorts. The Oxford English Dictionary distinguishes pork barrel spending from normal appropriation spending as "projects designed to please... and win votes." The term predates the Civil War, when barrels of salt pork were given as rewards for good behavior-- Casey Scudder (source)

So called fiscal responsibility by Democrats was offset by massive Democrat spending on a Democrat partisan social agenda. A social agenda Democrats wanted for over 50 years.

Moreover, one, which Democrats felt if not put in place immediately they might never have the opportunity of a Democrat, controlled Congress combined with a Democrat Presidency to implement their Progressive socialist agenda. Thus, Democrats passed by Party line vote, and the Democrat President signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)or Obamacare

Obamacare is a trillion-dollar budget buster and debt increaser. (source)

The outrage of millions of taxpayers following the $700 billion bank bailout and the $787 billion stimulus bill did not stop Congress from passing and President Obama from signing a bloated $410 billion Omnibus Appropriations Act in March. With the subsequent approval of the President’s budget, the national debt will triple over the next 10 years.—Citizens Against Government Waste (source)
(see 1:26min video)

Despite relative silence with respect to taxes on the campaign trail, the Democratic congressional majority quickly enacted a budget resolution calling for one of the largest tax increases in history. Under current tax rates, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects $14.107 trillion in tax [increases] between 2008 and 2012. Yet the congressional budget resolution calls for collecting $14.828 trillion -- an increase of $721 billion.-- Published on October 30, 2007 by Brian Riedl (source)


Adopting the President’s Budget. In his first 100 days in office, the President has
signed a $74-billion increase in the government’s already unsustainable rate of
entitlement spending; a $787-billion “stimulus” bill; and a $406.7-billion omnibus, which
increased nondefense appropriations by 10 percent just for this year, and included nearly9,000 earmarks the administration dismissed as “last year’s business.” On the first day of spring, the Congressional Budget Office [CBO] released an updated projection indicating the deficit for the current year (fiscal year 2009) had increased by more than $500 billion– to $1.7 trillion. Now comes the Democrats’ budget, with its huge increases in spending,taxes, deficits, and debt.

• Total Spending. Outlays total $3.555 trillion in fiscal year 2010. As a share of the
economy, spending never falls below 22 percent of gross domestic product [GDP]. Even
with the full costs of the war, Katrina, and Medicare prescription drug coverage,
spending during the Bush administration averaged 19.9 percent of GDP – and never
exceeded 21 percent of GDP.
• Tax Increases. Taxes increase by $1.5 trillion over 10 years. These include higher taxes
on families, small businesses, and workers.
• Deficits. Red ink totals $1.233 trillion in 2010. The budget proposes record budget
deficits in nominal dollars. Deficits never fall below $500 billion.
• Debt. Debt held by the public increases by nearly $2 trillion this year, and rises to more than two-thirds as a share of the economy by 2014. The European Union requires its
member countries to keep debt below 60 percent of GDP.-- THE CONFERENCE REPORT ON S. CON. RES. 13 THE OBAMA PLAN FOR SPENDING, TAXES, AND DEBT
28 April 2009 (source)

What have Democrats done to fix the U.S. debt situation? Nothing! In fact, they’ve made our situation worse by their puerile behavior, uncontrolled spending and finger pointing at Republicans when in fact had the President kept his campaign promises we would not be facing this fiscal crisis right now. (see previous post)

We are not facing consequences from irresponsible governments of the past, as the president would have us to believe. Everyone who should be held responsible for the current fiscal crisis is currently in office. They are Democrats and they can be voted out in November of 2012.

The president, his agenda, his policies and his Party has made the financial crisis worse, Democrats have made everything worse, far worse!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Not Inherited Created Mr. president

I agree with columnist Mark Steyn’s statement that the entire Western world is operating on an unsustainable business model. Apparently, everyone realizes this, except the president of the United States, his Democrat allies and the Progressive media that supports Democrats. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his Democrat controlled Senate defeated the Congressional House’s, “Cut, Cap and Balance” measure last week. It was the only plan on paper, a Republican initiated bill, offered to avert this financial crisis.

However because it was a Republican bill Reid fist pumped in the air in celebration of the defeated Republican fix of the economy à la Tiger Woods and then promptly sent the Senate home for a weekend recess.

Apparently, Reid and president Barry Hussein Soetoro prefer their favorite approach to solving the country’s debt problems the, “Tax, Spend and Pretend” approach. That approach simply stated is to keep on taxing the American people, keep on spending their hard earned money and keep on pretending that the policies and programs that Democrats have spent trillions of dollars on in the last 2 ½ years have and are working. They are not.

We’ve been told repeatedly that President Barry Hussein Soetoro inherited the fiscal crisis that America faces. But did he? Would it surprise you to find out that Soetoro did not inherit this fiscal crisis, as he would have you and me to believe? He and his fellow Democrat Senators and Congress members were at the center of the making of this fiscal crisis. You don’t have to believe me, I have Sen. Soetoro himself arguing for the first bailout stimulus that George Bush gave to foreign banks, foreign interest, Wall Street, and Corporations. You see as much as Democrats want to blame Bush they had equal share in creating this crisis. No one not president Soetoro or any Democrat is innocent in this matter.

In 2008, Senator Barry Hussein Soetoro argued for the bail out of big banks and Corporations to the tune of $700billion dollars. Therefore the lie that he inherited the fiscal mess we find ourselves in is just that a lie. He was in the Senate, he argued for the $700billion dollar bailout and he voted for it.

Therefore, Senator Soetoro and all Democrats were a part of the government that is to blame for this crisis. Bush’s failed policies that drove the country’s economic car into the ditch are Democrats’ and president Soetoro’s failed policies that drive America’s car into the ditch.

So it is a lie for Democrats to characterize the fiscal meltdown as happening because of “Bush failed policies.” Sen. Soetoro himself argued for these polices. Those policies are just as much Soetoro’s “failed policies” as anyone else’s. (see 13:33min video)

What is interesting is Soetoro was also arguing for the failed policies that he eventually put in place upon his election, policies that caused the current debt-ceiling crisis because of his and Democrats’ massive trillions of dollars spending agenda. An agenda, which Democrats put in place Soetoro’s first year in office and continue up to today. These are the agenda’s and policies that Democrats refuse to cut.

The president simply isn’t credible when he says that he inherited the US’s fiscal problems. He and his Party, those whose constitutional duty is the economic welfare of this country, created by legislation the fiscal crisis we now face. The president is not an innocent by-stander in this matter. He was one of the drive-by shooters of the congress.

In truth, reckless Democrat Congressional policies drove the American car into the ditch and now a Democrat president will push that car over a cliff if he is allowed to claim innocence in this debt crisis debate.

Republicans in the House of Representatives are the only ones that were responsible enough to come up with a plan to fix the debt crisis placing the proverbial ball in the president’s and Senate’s court. Senate leader Harry Reid and the Democrat controlled Senate stopped the only plan in Washington D.C. to help avert the pending fiscal crisis then took the ball and went home. Proving for one and all that the August 2, deadline is not real and proving that the only responsible adults in D.C. are the Republicans in the House.

The Democrats in the Senate and the White house are puerile little spendthrifts that want to raise yours and my taxes by “tax, spend and pretend” or they are not going to make a deal.

Here’s a suggestion, if Democrats really want to increase taxes on Americans then at least have the decency and the guts to call tax increases by their name, “tax increases” instead of calling them by the code word “revenues.”

I have an idea, every politician who wants to raise taxes on the American people and call those tax increases “revenues” must be voted out of office in 2012 and 2014.

So let’s do a national tally. Start counting how many politicians use the cloaking term for tax increases, “revenues” and we’ll compile a list. Come 2012 and 2014 all who use the term revenues because they think Americans are too stupid to know that they are actually speaking of raising our taxes we’ll fire. And we will align ourselves with representatives who won’t insult our intelligence in 2012 and 2014.

In other words if you are speaking about raising taxes on the American people and you call it raising revenues the American people will create an environment which you will inherit unemployment. We will fire you!

How that is for straight talk Mr. president and Senators?

Friday, July 01, 2011

Increasing Revenues means Raising Taxes in any ones language

Dear friends and Readers for the first time since 2006 I will be taking some extended time off. I plan to return July 22nd, 2011. Thank you for your continued loyalty I hope to serve you again soon. --Alaphiah
The President wants the debt ceiling raised so that Democrats can do what they do best, spend money.

It's not like Democrats didn’t have the opportunity to attack the fiscal crisis that they “inherited.” The president entered office knowing that the U.S. was broke. In fact, the prudent thing would have been to add as little government and fiscal commitments as possible and work on deficit reduction.

However, Democrats didn’t do that. What the Democrats did instead was irresponsibly push through the most costliest and unprecedented trillion dollar spending spree in the history of the United States on their Progressive social agenda.

Republicans, in the beginning of 2008, where numerically unable to stop the Democrat majority from forcing the policies of Obamacare, the Automobile takeover and the bank bailouts through Congress. As a result, in 2010 the American people elected Republicans to put a finger in the dike of Democrat spending an apparent effort to ward off the collapse of America’s finances and the consequences of uncontrolled Democrat spending.

In a fact check of the president’s tantrum, which he threw because Republicans are doing what the American people elected them to do, Glenn Kessler rates the President’s statement that Republicans are attempting to protect millionaires and billionaire from tax increases. Mr. Kessler said that statement is two "Pinocchios" false!

We realize the symbolic value of things like corporate jets, particularly when Republicans appear to be refusing to accept even a single dollar of additional revenue, but Obama is misleading when he suggests that closing this loophole would make much of a dent in the federal budget. He also should made clear that he would like to raise taxes on people making more than $250,000, rather than just “millionaires and billionaires.”—Glenn Kessler

Kessler also warns that when the president says millionaires and billionaires he is really speaking about raising taxes on people making $250,000 a year, which is not exactly a millionaire or billionaire. (see article)

What is important to remember is that when the president blames Republicans for the crisis, which he now finds himself. He is the one who when asked in 2009 at the beginning of his presidency where America was going to get money to pay for his social agenda and he said, “We’re out of money now!” (see 2:10min video)

When the president excoriates Republicans for not being willing to raise taxes on millionaire and billionaire just remember that the president is actually speaking of raising taxes on those who make $250,000 a year. In addition, had Democrats not push through their trillion dollars social agenda and instead worked on cutting spending and reducing the deficit there would be a mutual willingness to work on America’s fiscal problems instead of the poison well of partisanship that the president and leaders in the Democrat Party has created.

Republicans are right in this case. Democrats need to reverse all of the social spending and Corporate entitlements that they have put in place for their friends before there is any talk about increasing taxes or raising the debt ceiling.