Monday, July 25, 2011

Not Inherited Created Mr. president

I agree with columnist Mark Steyn’s statement that the entire Western world is operating on an unsustainable business model. Apparently, everyone realizes this, except the president of the United States, his Democrat allies and the Progressive media that supports Democrats. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his Democrat controlled Senate defeated the Congressional House’s, “Cut, Cap and Balance” measure last week. It was the only plan on paper, a Republican initiated bill, offered to avert this financial crisis.

However because it was a Republican bill Reid fist pumped in the air in celebration of the defeated Republican fix of the economy à la Tiger Woods and then promptly sent the Senate home for a weekend recess.

Apparently, Reid and president Barry Hussein Soetoro prefer their favorite approach to solving the country’s debt problems the, “Tax, Spend and Pretend” approach. That approach simply stated is to keep on taxing the American people, keep on spending their hard earned money and keep on pretending that the policies and programs that Democrats have spent trillions of dollars on in the last 2 ½ years have and are working. They are not.

We’ve been told repeatedly that President Barry Hussein Soetoro inherited the fiscal crisis that America faces. But did he? Would it surprise you to find out that Soetoro did not inherit this fiscal crisis, as he would have you and me to believe? He and his fellow Democrat Senators and Congress members were at the center of the making of this fiscal crisis. You don’t have to believe me, I have Sen. Soetoro himself arguing for the first bailout stimulus that George Bush gave to foreign banks, foreign interest, Wall Street, and Corporations. You see as much as Democrats want to blame Bush they had equal share in creating this crisis. No one not president Soetoro or any Democrat is innocent in this matter.

In 2008, Senator Barry Hussein Soetoro argued for the bail out of big banks and Corporations to the tune of $700billion dollars. Therefore the lie that he inherited the fiscal mess we find ourselves in is just that a lie. He was in the Senate, he argued for the $700billion dollar bailout and he voted for it.

Therefore, Senator Soetoro and all Democrats were a part of the government that is to blame for this crisis. Bush’s failed policies that drove the country’s economic car into the ditch are Democrats’ and president Soetoro’s failed policies that drive America’s car into the ditch.

So it is a lie for Democrats to characterize the fiscal meltdown as happening because of “Bush failed policies.” Sen. Soetoro himself argued for these polices. Those policies are just as much Soetoro’s “failed policies” as anyone else’s. (see 13:33min video)

What is interesting is Soetoro was also arguing for the failed policies that he eventually put in place upon his election, policies that caused the current debt-ceiling crisis because of his and Democrats’ massive trillions of dollars spending agenda. An agenda, which Democrats put in place Soetoro’s first year in office and continue up to today. These are the agenda’s and policies that Democrats refuse to cut.

The president simply isn’t credible when he says that he inherited the US’s fiscal problems. He and his Party, those whose constitutional duty is the economic welfare of this country, created by legislation the fiscal crisis we now face. The president is not an innocent by-stander in this matter. He was one of the drive-by shooters of the congress.

In truth, reckless Democrat Congressional policies drove the American car into the ditch and now a Democrat president will push that car over a cliff if he is allowed to claim innocence in this debt crisis debate.

Republicans in the House of Representatives are the only ones that were responsible enough to come up with a plan to fix the debt crisis placing the proverbial ball in the president’s and Senate’s court. Senate leader Harry Reid and the Democrat controlled Senate stopped the only plan in Washington D.C. to help avert the pending fiscal crisis then took the ball and went home. Proving for one and all that the August 2, deadline is not real and proving that the only responsible adults in D.C. are the Republicans in the House.

The Democrats in the Senate and the White house are puerile little spendthrifts that want to raise yours and my taxes by “tax, spend and pretend” or they are not going to make a deal.

Here’s a suggestion, if Democrats really want to increase taxes on Americans then at least have the decency and the guts to call tax increases by their name, “tax increases” instead of calling them by the code word “revenues.”

I have an idea, every politician who wants to raise taxes on the American people and call those tax increases “revenues” must be voted out of office in 2012 and 2014.

So let’s do a national tally. Start counting how many politicians use the cloaking term for tax increases, “revenues” and we’ll compile a list. Come 2012 and 2014 all who use the term revenues because they think Americans are too stupid to know that they are actually speaking of raising our taxes we’ll fire. And we will align ourselves with representatives who won’t insult our intelligence in 2012 and 2014.

In other words if you are speaking about raising taxes on the American people and you call it raising revenues the American people will create an environment which you will inherit unemployment. We will fire you!

How that is for straight talk Mr. president and Senators?

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