Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Progressive Media’s complicity in this Failed presidency

As the bad economic news continues to emanate from the United States — with a double-dip recession now all but certain — a reckoning is overdue. American journalism will have to look back at the period starting with Barrack Obama’s rise, his assumption of the presidency and his conduct in it to the present, and ask itself how it came to cast aside so many of its vital functions. In the main, the establishment American media abandoned its critical faculties during the Obama campaign — and it hasn’t reclaimed them since.[…] The media trashed Hillary. They burned Republicans. They ransacked Sarah Palin and her family. But Obama, the cool, the detached, the oracular Obama — he strolled to the presidency. —Rex Murphy (see article)
Barry Hussein Soetoro was elected president because he is Black. No one would dispute that. That is why the Progressive media supported him and that is why they still do. The American people voted for Soetoro because he is Black. No other candidate with the meager credentials as Soetoro had would have been elected. And more highly qualified candidates where passed over to elect the first Black candidate.

America is now paying the price for the Liberal Democrat and Progressive Media agenda of electing Mr. Soetoro. Their plan was to place partisanship above God and Country. They succeeded in doing that. At a time when we needed to unify as a country, the partisan Progressive media undertook the goal of having elected one of the most divisive partisans in the history of our nation. Since president Soetoro has been elected, he has done nothing but further divide the nation along economic, racial, class and Party lines.

Something more, the Congressional Black Congress is so Racially conflicted that it has stated that they would have marched on the White house by now except the president is Black. What’s interesting is the CBC’s refusal to march against the policies and the economic conditions that keep a very high percentage of Blacks chronically unemployed.

Those are the policies that the Black president has caused but because he is Black, the CBC won’t protest his policies. Ironically, it is those very policies that they need to march against according to the CBC chair Emanuel Cleaver.

Congressional Black Caucus Chair Emanuel Cleaver said if it weren’t for President Barack Obama, members of his caucus would be “marching on the White House” in anger over the high unemployment rate for black Americans, but don‘t want to do anything that would empower Obama’s detractors.

“If [former President] Bill Clinton had been in the White House and had failed to address this problem, we probably would be marching on the White House,” the Missouri Democrat told McClatchy Newspapers in an interview Sunday.-- Madeleine Morgenstern (read article)

The biased Progressive Brian Williams media, ABC, CBS and NBC and it’s Journ-O-List compatriots colluded to denigrate Republicans and block any negative reporting on Barry Hussein Soetoro (see article) (see min video)

As a result, the press gave the great American republic an untried, unknown and, it is becoming more and more frighteningly clear, incompetent figure as President. Under Obama, America’s foreign policies are a mixture of confusion and costly impotence. It is increasingly bypassed or derided; the great approach to the Muslim world, symbolized by the Cairo speech, is in tatters. Its debt and deficits are a weight on the entire global economy. And the office of presidency is less and less a symbol of strength.—Rex Murphy

Such media complicity is a clear signal that the entire social political structure of the United States is collapsing from corruption.

The Fourth Estate of American governess, the Progressive media is an Arm of the Democrat Party. As long as it remains compromised, as such Progressive media reporting cannot be trusted.

All fair-minded people should understand that ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN and PBS are propaganda arms of the Democrat Party. Corrupt Media has gotten us into this political economic mess as surely as Democrats political class has.

What we have learned over the last few election cycles is that Progressive media and Democrats will stop at nothing to attempt to destroy Conservatives.

Placing political ideology and Party above the good of this once great country is what Democrats and the Progressive media has done.

We can send a clear message this 2012 that we will not tolerant our media and our Representatives political biases any longer when we vote Mr. Soetoro out of office and when we discontinue our support for Progressive media and big Party politics of the Democrat Party.