Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Illegal Alien and Illegal Immigration Day

Immigration activists and civil rights leaders are gearing up for rallies and marches in cities across the nation, hoping to revive the stagnant immigration debate in time for the presidential election.--SOPHIA TAREEN
Today is the third year anniversary of Americans and Foreign Nationals who come together to celebrate our differences and unite in our common goals of lower American wages, failing American schools, forcing closure of American hospital emergency rooms due to nonpayment of services by illegal aliens, higher medical insurance cost, food shortages, American infrastructure and highway systems collapsing and overcrowding and other illegal activities and pursuits.

I think it’s great that we can organize ourselves to celebrate the planning and the actual breaking of Federal laws I think it’s so freeing don’t you!

I’m thinking of other laws that we might one day celebrate the breaking of. Now we must organize but I believe that we can do it because we are not a nation of laws any longer we are a nation of corporate and special interest which business it is to undermine laws that protect the people’s rights.

So in light of that let the people get together and organize because there is strength in numbers, how about non-payment of taxes day or refuse to pay for traffic violations day or anarchist day, yeah that’s the ticket anarchist day.

A day where everyone in America decides collectively to just do what the hell that they want. Like the Clintons , no like Congress, no like people that cross our borders and then organize marches in our streets and vote in our elections. (Illegal alien activities across the United States)
Organizers say this year's efforts are focused less on protests and more on voter registration and setting an agenda for the next president. At least two major national organizations that traditionally have rallied large numbers of immigrants on May 1, National Council of La Raza and Service Employees International Union, have purposely put less energy into the marches.

"In 2006 we said: 'Today we march. Tomorrow we vote.' This is tomorrow," said Eliseo Medina, executive vice president of the SEIU. "Mass mobilizations ensure that people go to the polls. There's this whole culture of participation that's been created in the community."
So since we have allowed the meaning to be blurred between the words Illegal alien and Immigrate do I understand that non-citizens are now voting in American elections? I suppose it doesn’t matter any longer.

Be that as it may, imagine a day where we all organize to express the true meaning of the second amendment against a government that is no longer responsive to the will of the people, a government that is totally out of control.

On May 1st 2006 1 million people nation wide, illegal aliens, foreign nationals and their supports marched through American streets waving flags of foreign governments to announce to whomever was listening they were here and there was nothing that anyone could do about it.

They held subsequent events and marches in 2007 and now they have planned this day, May 1 2008 to impact the presidential elections.

Imagine that a foreign power influencing your presidential elections, wouldn’t be long until your country is but a memory. It already is in many respects.

So happy Illegal alien day America although the late Cesar Chavez a farm worker activist is turning in his grave right about now because Chavez was staunchly against Illegal aliens you go right ahead and desecrate Chavez’s memory. As a matter of fact go ahead and desecrate the constitution and the meaning of citizenship in this country for that matter.

When breaking immigration laws can be equated to the civil rights movement in the minds of any American then we are not far from believing that Communism is equal to Democracy and Islam is equal to Christianity.

The fact that some of you already believe that one of the three just mentioned comparisons are true (or maybe all three) speaks to the assault on reason in this country.

An assault that has left people ignorant and susceptible to the erosion of freedoms that we are presently experiencing not to mention the subsequent lost of liberty that is guaranteed to ensue from our lack of vigilance and our lacking of the ability to understand the signs of our times.

When a million foreign nationals and their supporters march in the streets of America and celebrate that occurrence for two consecutive years and the American people do absolutely nothing about it that is a sign that America is in its last throes as a free and independent nation.

The reality is America has been conquered without a single shot fired and she has been gutted and left with a government that does not protect its citizens from enemies either foreign or domestic. On that happy note…
Happy Illegal Alien, Illegal Immigration Day, the former country that was once known as America!