Friday, October 19, 2007

Mainstream Media “Sandy Bergers” Hillary Clinton’s Corruption

Senator Hillary Clinton: Not fully revealed? (REUTERS/Jim Young)

“Sandy Berger” Media Protects Hillary Clinton

You know that if Hillary Rodham Clinton was a Republican the MSM would have called Dan Rather back to do the reporting on what is unfolding to be the biggest political campaign corruption story in American politics. But this is Hillary, the Democrats front runner, and what the media did instead of reporting this story was stuff this story down its collective trousers to take it out, make it disappear, to destroy it. “Sandy Berger” Media to the rescue once again!

First Hillary Clinton’s Senate Campaign scandal her former Campaign fundraiser director is indicted. Just how do you became a former Campaign fundraiser director? Why you get tossed under the bus by Hillary Clinton that’s how!

Present day even the left-wing Huffingtonpost reported on it just in case and to ensure that no one could say that they weren’t fair and balanced in their reporting of the news.

Even though, this is a story that you haven’t heard! And that’s largely because Hillary “Darth Vadar” Clinton did not what you to hear it so she used the “force” of her corrupt political network to hide it from the weak and feeble minded.

Incredibly what you didn’t know is right now as you read there is a complaint charging Hillary and the soon lovely first laddy Billy with campaign corruption. (See the 50 page complaint here)

Remember how just recently MSM reported that Hillary eclipsed Barak Obama in political fundraising? Everyone who follows the Clintons knows that having more fundraising dollars than Obama wasn’t the real story. Any reporter worth the Pulitzer would have asked how did Hillary get this money, in her usual way Illegally?

You should ask your network news and any other sources from which you inform yourself why you had to hear about the biggest story of these elections right here from a lowly internet blogger! Hat Tip to RC2 for bringing this one to my attention! (See the damning video below)