Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chris Matthews’ Attempted Cover for Obama’s Christianity, Blown

Chris Matthews

When he says that he found... he accepted Christianity, he became a Christian he talks about it in a way that frankly is not the way that born-agains talk about it. Now he doesn’t have to talk about it that way. Lord knows he doesn’t. But if he trying to somehow reach or explain himself to the bible belt, and I don’t know if he is, that’s not going to do it because that’s not the way they talk about it. —Howard Fineman
Chris Matthews the ever-faithful leg-tingling Barry Hussein Soetoro sycophant eagerly leaped to the defense of his favorite political lower appendage stimulator and icon’s religious convictions.

With Howard Fineman of the Huffington Post and Roger Simon of Politico in tow Mr. Matthew’s defense of president Soetoro’s beliefs took an unexpected turn. It was a turn that apparently Mr. Matthews neither anticipated nor intended. Both Mr. Fineman and Mr. Simon confirmed what we all knew anyway. What president Soetoro said about his “Christian Faith” did not sound Christian nor did it sound genuine. (see 3:18min video)

Did he really have to throw his family under the bus to make this point. I mean you know, ‘his family didn’t go to church but he went to church,’ to me this is the worst thing he’s done since comparing his grandmother to Reverend Wright to make a point about, everybody eventually…I mean this disturbs me. How far do we go in politics to get a few extra votes. I mean he’s a Christian fine, say he’s a Christian. –Roger Simon

It’s okay Chris. Really, we all know that the president isn’t as comfortable about “his Christian faith” as he is about defending Islam. In addition, as Howard Fineman points out the president didn’t quite know how to talk about his faith as it is normally talked about.

Just think he spent twenty years in Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s, Trinity United Church of Christ, and it sounded like the president received his theology from Spark’s or Cliffs Notes on religion.

At the end of the clip Matthews calls on another authority on Religion, Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton? Come on Chris calling on Bill Clinton as an expert on Religion is like calling on Barry Hussein Soetoro and the Democrat controlled Congress as experts on fixing the American economy and creating jobs.