Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finally Someone worthy of Obama’s Blame

I can’t help feeling that national politicians and national journalists alike have dropped the ball on jobs. Some 25 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed — that’s more than 16 percent of the work force — but jobs haven’t been nearly high enough on the national agenda.

When Americans are polled about the issue they care most about, the answer by a two-to-one margin is jobs. The Boston Globe found that during President Obama’s Twitter “town hall” last month, the issue that the public most wanted to ask about was, by far, jobs.
—Nicholas D. Kristof

In Fred Barnes' article entitled, “Obama’s Enablers” (see article), Barnes made the point, because of the progressive media’s coddling of the first Affirmative Action president Mr. Soetoro has not been challenged to do anything constructive about status of jobs in America. My thought is why would they? Barry Hussein Soetoro is their construct. They made him. They created the whole story line up about how smart and capable he is. Mr. Soetoro is the progressive media’s man they aren’t going to purposely hurt or harm the face of progressivism in America.

Then unexpectedly I find NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF of the New York Times, admitted that he along with his fellow progressive journalists have been more interested in keeping up the war against Republicans rather than asking this Administration about its failed policies regarding jobs. (see article).

Mr. Kristof article is entitled, “Did we Drop the Ball on Unemployment?” Kristof a little slow on the up take as the president and most progressives are. It has been about jobs since day one. As I posted back in June 22, 2009, It’s the Jobs stupid!

For some in the progressive media to get it finally this is better late than never. However, for the Obama administration it seems that jobs are only a political concern. The president had 2 ½ years to work on joblessness in America he chose not to.
According to both Mr. Barnes and Mr. Kristof, the progressive media is complicit in the lack of the president’s focus regarding jobs.

Had a republican been elected 2008 the media would have cited all of the wrong things in the administration and its lack of job creation.

Instead, the progressive media is at fault for the mess that American is in because they chose to support candidate Barry Hussein Soetoro. Rather than report unbiased on questionable practices omitting from this president and his cabinet, this media has bowed at the feet of Soetoro.

The progressive media is simply not doing its job. Yes Mr. Kristof you and the progressive media dropped the ball on jobs since 2009. In addition, you are enablers of a president that has done nothing for the middle class and the joblessness in America.

The American people are all not that stupid Mr. president. We all know this current economic crisis is a result of your failed economic policies Mr. Soetoro. We also know that the progressive liberal media dropped the ball on reporting on the lack of jobs and they have enabled your presidency with a free pass not to fixing the economy.