Saturday, September 20, 2008

Deception Compounded!!!!!!

House Republican Leader, John Boehner writes about
how the Democrats keep doing what they do so well!

"Tuesday night, Democrats in Congress passed a sham "no energy" bill that will actually raise energy prices for families and small businesses.

Their bill raises taxes and puts billions of barrels of American energy permanently off-limits
This was a hoax on the American people - a bill meant to fool voters into thinking Democrats are voting on real energy reform without actually doing it. We can't let them get away with it.

As the Republican Leader in the House of Representatives, I have an "all of the above" energy reform plan called the AMERICAN ENERGY ACT that will actually help lower gas prices and break our dependence on foreign oil. the But it's being blocked bythe Democrat-led Congress.

My bill includes everything: more conservation and efficiency, new alternative fuels and renewable technologies like nuclear power and clean coal, and environmentally safe drilling.An "all of the above" plan would help bring down fuel costs for struggling families and small businesses. But the radical Left doesn't want lower energy prices - and it's the radical Left that pays the bills for Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi."

Remember this on Election Day, folks. Let's unblock the Congress and unlock our vast wealth of natural resources. It IS time for a change!!! Let's reverse 2006, which was a big mistake!

Obama Has the Answers!

This is the man who knows more than John McCain,
about how things work. He blames McCain for the
crisis in the financial markets, brought about by
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. But he doesn’t
acknowledge that he was in the Senate, while John
McCain was warning
about the impending crisis with
those two organizations.

As most of the senators did, Obama ignored the warning,and along with Senator Dodd, he accepted huge sums of
money for his campaign from both Fannie and Freddie.

Now suddenly, after hesitating about the government
bailout, Obama agrees that it is the wise thing to do. addition......... he asserts that we have
to do something similar to help the homeowners.

Every time this man opens his mouth about economics,
he shows that his knowledge is the poorest of any of the
In addition to this over 700 Billion dollar
bailout, he wants to add an almost equal amount for the
homeowners, on top of his already massive deficit spending
programs for health, education, and infrastructure.

Just today, he and Biden have proposed 50 Billion dollars
to be pledged to the UN for their anti-poverty programs

throughout the world. At a time when our own country is
in such financial straits
, how can any intelligent person,
especially one who wants to be President, even think of
offering such stupidity as a program?

If you take all of his proposals that he would bring with
his presidency;........... health, education, “tax cuts for the
middle class”, anti-poverty programs for the UN, he is
talking trillions of dollars being added to an already big

This is truly “change you can believe it”.......... change that
we cannot afford as a country or as individuals
. His plans
would bring this entire economy crashing down around us,
and we would experience a depression far greater than the
1929 crash.
We cannot allow this to happen, especially in
such a dangerous world that now exists. With the obvious
threats from terrorism, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and all those
who would love to see the US fail, we need a team with the
brains and experience to stand up to our enemies, while keeping
the country strong!