Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why Obama’s Birth Certificate Matters

Obama's alleged COLB

They are called birthers a term which is meant to be derisive. A birther is anyone who demands that Barack Hussein Obama cease stonewalling on the issue of his birth certificate and release the original vaulted certificate so that his citizenship can be confirmed. Don’t worry the Revolutionaries of our country’s birth were called insurrectionist by the British government so birthers are in good company.

I reject the term birther. People who are attempting to protect the Constitution and seek truth should be honored as patriots. People who oppose them are the crackpots because they work against theirs and their country’s own interest whether they know it or not. Therefore I will honor what they derisively call birthers I will call Truthers! (see 3min. video)

To date Obama has spent over one million dollars to conceal his birth certificate and other records that would verify whether or not he is constitutionally qualified to hold the office of President of the United States of America. He has used government resources to protect the fact that he may be ineligible to be president and he is using the blindness of his supporters to shield himself from truth and reality.

According to the Constitution only someone who is a natural born citizen of the United States is eligible to be president of the United States of America. All that Obama would have to do to end all of the speculation regarding his birth would be to release his original certificate and put the so-called birthers to shame but he hasn’t and he won’t.

So why are Truthers who are attempting to defend the constitution and who are seeking truth about a possible violation of everything that America stands for being treated with such disdain by people who considers themselves fair-minded? Two word answer; Ignorance and Partisanship!

Why? Because there is an obvious disconnect with truth, right and wrong and the rule of law in America. People for the most part are ignorant of the common virtues of truth, right, and lawfulness.

The reason that Barack Obama’s birth certificate matters is for all of the above. Truth means something, right means something, the rule of law means something and the Constitution means something. If any of the just mentioned are meaningless concepts then there is no social order, no civilization, no United States of America.

Presently no one has seen Obama’s original birth certificate so for anyone to look down on anyone else asking to see his birth certificate is engaged in an act of arrogance ten times to the ridiculous.

The total arrogance that one must have to call someone a birther (like you’ve seen some proof of Obama’s birth) stems from psychotic and fringe behavior of maladjusted social engineered lemmings that feeble-mindedly follow along with the piped-pipe of the corrupt Democrat Party. Rather than questioning the illegitimate authority of a usurper and his ACORN coup d'├ętat takeover of the United States of America you call truth seekers, birthers or kooks when you yourselves are the kooks.

The bottom line is it is wrong for someone, to be President when he knew before he ran that he was not constitutionally qualified. It is wrong for anyone to aid him and defend him whether or not they know he is qualified. If one knew that this is a question (and everyone does Obama mentions it himself) then it is your duty as an American citizen to ask Barack Hussein Obama for proof of his Constitutional eligibility to hold office.

If he refuses to show you his eligibility or he can’t then it is your duty to demand that all of the legal authority of the United States of America is brought to bear on Obama and everyone who transgressed this nation’s laws in order to gain illegitimate power thus making our country an illegitimate power.

Obama birth certificate matters because this is a nation of laws and as long as he remain president without valid proof that he is complying with the laws of this nation he make this a lawless nation.

Obama birth certificate matters because holding the office of the presidency hostage while there is this legitimate question concerning his constitutional eligibility, again, makes America an illegitimate power.

There are those who say that this is not the right time to question Obama’s legitimacy or that this will come to nothing. I strongly disagree.

If there is an appearance of lawlessness from the top of our political structure there will be the seduction to be lawless throughout the country. Every judge, every law enforcement office will be questioned, “Why prosecute me when you allow a usurper to be president?”

Finally the truth will eventually come to light and when it does where will you stand? Will you be one who defended constitutional anarchists whose intent was to destroy America’s constitution? Will you be one who lamely laments that you didn’t know about this issue when you should have?

The very Constitution is at stake. The very Country is at stake. What that means is the freedom that you and I have come to expect and enjoy is at stake. Already you are being taxed more and more, already your rights are being eliminated, already the state is intruding where the state has never intruded in the whole history of this nation.

Just think if it is this easy for someone to misrepresent himself and take control of this country and Americans are too confused or too weak to demand what is right and what is true then America is not great or smart or any of the things we used to be.

For America’s sake, for the founding fathers sake, for your children’s sake you need to see proof that the man who is representing himself as the president of the United States of America is eligible to do so. If he is not you have the constitutional authority to demand that he and his cabinet and his czars and his vice president vacate office. That is your right.

And everyone from the Supreme Court, District Courts, and the United States Congress that aided and betted in this treasonous presidency must be tried by the full force of the law and that full force of that law must be brought against them.

Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate is important because every time he is referred to as president Obama that is an injurious lie against America. And every time he acts in the capacity of that office that is a crime against Americans.

There is no more important issue in America today than to know whether or not Democrats conspired to seat a constitutionally ineligible person in the office of the president. If Democrats committed this gross crime against America the Democrat Party should be legally disbanded.

This matter will not go away and it should not go away. This is the most important constitutional question to ever face America.

Can an illegitimate person steal the presidency of the United States of America? Yes he Can! When Obama’s birth certificate comes to light (and it will) you will know just how far America has fallen. That is why Obama’s birth certificate matters.

Obama refusal to show proof will have grave consequences for our military as well as for our political standing in the world. (it already has soldiers are questioning Obama’s authority to send them to Afghanistan)

If Obama cared for this country he would put the questions to rest and show that he is a natural born citizen of the United States of America as the constitution requires.

If he doesn’t care about America, only his power he will let the question blister and fester like a nasty puss filled boil on the face of America, only to bust at the most inconvenient time.