Friday, October 14, 2011

Christians are Murdered in America too

Anita Perry, campaigning for husband Rick Perry in South Carolina, suggests he's been "brutalized" by the media and the GOP because of his faith. Perry is the most religiously expressive candidate in the Republican field. He hosted a seven-hour Christian prayer rally in August in advance of entering the presidential race. And at last week's Values Voters Summit, he was introduced by a Dallas Baptist pastor --Wayne Slater
President Barry Hussein Soetoro had it right when he said, “This is no longer a Christian nation.” Appallingly at a time when Christians are being murdered all around the world but particularly in the Middle East and Africa we are now witnessing what amounts to the spilling of Christian blood in America.

I would even go as far to say America is now an anti-Christian nation. How else does a person who declared America to be a post Christian nation get elected to the presidency if America were a Christian nation?

In addition, all across the Muslim world Christians are tortured or murdered for the faith of Christianity. Likewise in the United States if a Christian runs for political office his or her political career is murdered in the media for their profession of Christian faith.

Case in point because Gov. Sarah Palin dared to consider a run for the office of president, she was figuratively skinned alive and impaled by the media.

Why because she had the audacity to hope in the Son of God and declare that she is a Christian and a Conservative.

Gov. Rick Perry has been pilloried mercilessly to the point of the ridiculous by media and other godless agents because he openly claims the faith of Christianity. Anita Perry wife of president candidate Perry explains how the media and society is totally depraved and anti-Christian. (see 9:53min video)

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It is become all too apparent that if you are white man or woman a Conservative and you publicly claim that Jesus is the Son of God and if you are a follower of the one true God the godless that control this society, those who control occupy wall street, will come against you like Legion. (see article)

These godless societal gatekeepers will writhe, spin their heads 360 degrees around and spit green bile of lies against Christians.

Both Governors Sarah Palin and Rick Perry have been victim of this godless post Christian Obama age. If you are a Christian at some time you will be also.