Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chastise Thyself, oh "Annointed one"!

Where does this so-called President Obama get his nerve from?
Obviously, he was never taught respect on any level, and his
"Chicago style politics" didn't help him since.

First, he incorrectly and rudely chastises the Supreme Court,
on world-wide television
, and never even offered an apology later.
And I noticed that none of his adoring lame-stream media made
any attempt to cast any blame on him, but virtually attacked
Justice Olito for his reaction.
What would anyone have said
if Justice Olito stood up and corrected the president right there
on the House floor? That would have been something that the liberal
media (the promotional arm of the White House) would have bled
for all it was worth.

Adding insult to injury, this totally inexperienced
and incapable president stages a mock meeting with the Republican House members, for nothing more than a photo op and some additional
chances to lay blame on Republicans and former President Bush.

His mantra of "the party of no" still pervades his speeches and
his inability to get his own party and particularly his own act
together. Surely, others such as myself saw this before the on earth did he ever make it into office?

He meets with the opposition, under the pretext of "bipartisan"
, but what he really wanted was, "you guys get together
and back my agenda, or you are going to deprive the American people of
all my great ideas.
Not since he took office, and certainly
not during that meeting, did he accept any of the dozens of sound
ideas that Republicans have presented; on the economy, unemployment, deficit,
defense, or size of government.
An ideologue from the word go,
right up to today...........with no sign of any ability to change.

Unfortunately, we are stuck with this guy for the next three years. BUT.......... and this is key.......... we have
the ability to tie his hands and make his presidency even less effective
than one of his major supporters......... the former "peanut farmer", Jimmy Carter.
Now THERE was a president who made absolutely no mark on history.

As for our current president, his only claim to fame (which isn't even
is that he is the "first black president of the US. How
is it that his "white half" hasn't been counted? He is NOT the first
black president.......... he is a mixed race president
, following the
thousands of mixed race government employees and celebrities and the millions
of just every day people.

The only sure thing about Obama, is that he will rank among the worst
presidents that the US has ever elected!

Friday, January 29, 2010

When the President spits in your face just sit there

A Disrespected Court
So when he saw the Democrats in congress rise around the justices and lustily cheer his traducing of their ruling as they sat there uncomfortably, a bit like some outcasts in the midst of a righteous mob, I wonder if Barack Obama, the old constitutional law professor, was happy with his rhetorical handiwork.--Terry Moran
Terry Moran believes that Justice Samuel Alito was Congressman Joe Wilson wrong when he inaudibly mouthed the words, “Not true” when he and the other Supremes where verbally accosted on the floor of the Congress by the president of the United States during the State of the Union Address. (see story)

Moran blames the victims when he wrote, “…five sat there stonily. Justice Samuel Alito Jr. couldn't contain himself. He scowled, shook his head vigorously, and mouthed what seemed to be the words, "Not true."

It wasn't exactly "YOU LIE!" -- Rep. Joe Wilson's (in-)famous outburst at the president last year. But it was exceptional, and for those of us who are fascinated by our constitutional traditions and norms, it was a riveting moment and, perhaps, a sign of these times.

Justice Alito is getting a lot of criticism for his display of pique. And he probably ought to have sat there quietly, as his colleagues did. And as my mom always told me to do when at a formal occasion.

There are many ways to write about what happened last Wednesday night. One way would be to write about how the President of the United States of America attempted to intimidate the Supreme Court via the State of the Union address using Partisan Democrats for emphasis while the whole nation was watching.

So now that the Court is thoroughly intimidated the question that goes begging is, will the Court now call over to the White house before reaching each controversial decision? Decisions which the Court may believe this president and his applauding Party may have an opinion on?

It has become quite apparent that the White house is attempting to cast Justice Alito specifically and the Supreme Court in general in a negative light. Much like the way that Democrats did president Bush for eight years. The same way Nancy Pelosi recently did the CIA by calling the CIA liars. There is a clear pattern of Democrat attacks against the American people and American institutions.

The bottom line is, this is not a case of moral parity where both parties are equally at fault. This was a broach of American political decorum by Barry Hussein Soetoro alone.

The president is not even pretending to uphold our political traditions. Dressing down the Supreme Court was simply the wrong thing to do. The Court was there as guest of Congress. In more genteel times insulting guest would not be tolerated. However in the crude Alinsky-Chicago style political world of president Soetoro this type of presidential bullying is totally acceptable. Hopefully the American people don’t think the same way.

The American people should be outraged that Soetoro attacked the third branch of government and then sicced the dogs of the White house on Justice Alito.

The White House is trying to back up President Obama’s side after a rare moment of dispute with Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. was captured on camera during last night’s State of the Union.-- DAVID KIRKPATRICK (see source)

This is but a further example of the real contempt that Barry Hussein Soetoro has for the government of the United States of America. Though the Liberal Elite Media is attempting to report this offense against the Supreme Court as a dispute between the president and a Supreme Court Justice, it is not.

This is an attack against an institution of government by a person who happens to be president who has disdain for the Supreme Court as apparent by what he did to the Court before the whole Country.

Soetoro’s offense was like spitting in the face of the Court. What? Our president bows to foreign powers but publicly humiliates and disrespects our own institutions of freedom? According to reporter Terry Moran the Justices should have just sat there and took it like Moran’s mother taught him to do in formal settings.

Moran you couldn’t be serious. You were a child when you were expected to sit still and be quite. The Justices of the Court are not children and none of them broke decorum. Not one of them did. Not even Justice Alito who reacted as any grown man would who’s professional work had been unjustly publicly mis-characterized and attacked before the people of the United States of America.

The only person that broke decorum in the chambers of Congress the night of the State of the Union Address was the president—Barry Hussein Soetoro. Soetoro has disgraced the presidency once again.

After Congressman Joe Wilson's "You Lie" he was publicly cajoled by Democrats into calling the White house to apologize for his breach of decorum. President Barry Hussein Soetoro should do no less. Call the Supreme Court and apologize Mr. president. For that matter you need to apologize to the American people also and you need to do it without delay! (see 27sec. video)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The State of the Union is?

So let me start the discussion of government spending by setting the record straight. At the beginning of the last decade, America had a budget surplus of over $200 billion. By the time I took office, we had a one year deficit of over $1 trillion and projected deficits of $8 trillion over the next decade.

Most of this was the result of not paying for two wars, two tax cuts, and an expensive prescription drug program. On top of that, the effects of the recession put a $3 trillion hole in our budget. That was before I walked in the door.
--president Barry Hussein Soetoro
What ever happened to just plain old, "The State of the Union is Strong!"

Instead what we got was a lecture to all of those who were not as smart as the president in the room to both Republicans and Democrats. It was a dressing down of the United States Supreme Court and it was Liberal ideology in full crow. However president Barry Hussein Soetoro never formally said what the state of the union is.

Sure one can assume that the state of the union is lousy because of what the previous administration left for him to walk through the door to(Soetoro’s words not mine), but he just couldn’t bring himself to say what the status of our country presently is. (Transcript of SOTU speech)

Judging from this speech the state of the union is in free fall. Barry Hussein Soetoro who promised hope and change did not deliver on most of his promises. He is not the post partisan president instead he promotes partisanship with policies that he knows that Americans who love America and the Constitution cannot support. And then he asks us to come work beside him as he dismantles America and the Consitution.

He is not the anti-war president. He promised to end the Iraq war within one year of his presidency. He has not. In addition to that Soetoro has escalated the Afghanistan war but in middle stream he couldn't decide whether to send more troops upon Gen. Timothy McChrystal’s request or not. After months of indecision the president finally sent the minimum amount of troops to a war that he intensified.

Last week, the Supreme Court reversed a century of law to open the floodgates for special interests – including foreign corporations – to spend without limit in our elections. Well I don't think American elections should be bankrolled by America's most powerful interests, or worse, by foreign entities. They should be decided by the American people, and that's why I'm urging Democrats and Republicans to pass a bill that helps to right this wrong.—president Barry Hussein Soetoro

However I think the absolute worst moment of Soetoro’s speech is when he down dressed the supreme court’s decision on campaign financing. The Court looked surprised and taken aback at the open rebuke and politicalization of their decision.

Then as a final insult Soetoro ordered Congress (he used the word urging) to write law to void out the Court’s decision. The Court was visibly stunted. In an almost Congressman Joe Wilson moment, Judge Alito mouthed the words, ‘not true’ when the president accused the court’s decision of reversing centuries of law and opening the floodgates for special interests.(see :53sec video)

President Soetoro’s habit of saying one thing and doing another was it full display as was his partisanship. He called for bipartisanship while delivering a most stridden and partisan speech in recent history.

One term Soetoro doubled down on all of the partisan policies and goals in his address that prompted Massachusetts to send him a “can you hear us now” candidate in the person of Senator Scott Brown.

Definitely the message that the president was sending back to Massachusetts and to America in this state of the union address is, yes I hear you but what you are saying is not worth my attention. Also what you are saying is not going to stop me from promoting my extreme left-wing agenda.

As I see it the state of the union is in free fall as Democrats attempt to blame Republicans for not joining them in the dismantling of the Constitution and America.

Allow me to say something you missed last night Mr. president and that is, The state of the union is the worst that it has been since the great depression and this is under your watch, a Democrat president’s watch!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

President O's Speech a 0 !!!

Parts of campaign speeches, parts of "acceptance"
speech, and parts of the countless "public lectures"
that he gave.......
THAT was his "State of the Union"
address tonight!

What gall, to try to mislead the American voters once again.
Is there no end to this man's hypocricy?

After the defeats in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts,
one would think that there would be a little more contrite
attitude and presentation. But NO...... this president is
determined to get his agenda through no matter what the cost.
He is fully expecting the entire Democratic party to go over
the edge of the cliff, along with him. His attitude is, "I have
three more years in the White House, let those congressional
suckers take the rap at get kicked out of office in eleven months".

I tried really hard to find some merit in this speech, but all I saw
was continued "blame it on Bush" and the proposal of more and yet more
spending of money that we simply do not have. It was bad enough
that Stimulus One, didn't work, it was insulting to see him try to
say that it did. Now, he wants another pie-in-the-sky jobs program,
that will do nothing but inflate governmental jobs and bureaucracy.

In a desperate attempt to cajole the far left, he had to mention that
he wants "don't ask, don't tell" recinded, to allow gays to openly
participate in the military. Though I am not against the lifestyle,
you have to be pretty ignorant not to realize that this will create
tension and hostility within the military. There will be increased
incidents of
"gay bashing" and in combat situations possibly worse.
In this humble writer's opinion, NOT WISE!

Possibly the most puzzling part of the president's proposals, is all
the increased "benefits" he is proposing. In light of the unbelievable
deficits he has created,
he now wants to spend upwards of another
quarter trillion dollars for education, medicaid, medicare and further
expansion of "departments" which undoubtedly will have additional
"Czars" heading them. This is outright and plainly.... a bunch of
crap........pure and simple

Mr.President. You totally missed the messages of not only the "tea
parties", but the results of the recent THREE elections
, in which the
Democrats were not only defeated, BUT ROUTED. And I wouldn't even
mention the fact that I campaigned for them, if I were you. THAT, sir
was a repudiation of YOUR POLICIES.

So forge ahead with your outlandish policies. We will all be standing
at the foot of the cliffs, as your party tumbles over. THEN, we the
people will be able to clean up the mess...........once again!

Obama’s First Sophistry of the Union Address

The federal government spent $3.5 trillion during President Obama's first year in office. This far exceeds the spending for any other first-year president.

President Obama has shattered the budget record for first-year presidents -- spending nearly double what his predecessor did when he came into office and far exceeding the first-year tabs for any other U.S. president in history.
With all of the advance reports of what president Barry Hussein Soetoro will be saying in tonight’s State of the Union address a saying comes to mind.

“Too late to close the barn door after the horse is gone.”

If President Bush’s spending was bad for America and was criticized by Soetoro and Democrats (and it was) then it would defy all common rational coming from Harvard or otherwise to come into office and out spend Bush wouldn’t you think?

The prudent course by those who are the proponents of smarter government would be to come in and immediately cut spending and produce jobs for Americans, right?

So what did president Barry Hussein Soetoro and Democrats who controlled both the Legislative and Executive branches of government do?

In his very first year knowing that the economy was in tatters when he arrived (everyone knew this), that we had two wars going and that we needed jobs for Americans Soetoro spends more money in this first year than any other president in American history in their first year.(see source)

Okay, okay so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt maybe he spent that money on the middle class creating and saving jobs and maybe he spent that money on smarter government. No, no, no he didn’t and that’s why tonight he will be talking about all of the things that he didn’t do.

Fox News panel Chris Wallace, Juan Williams and Brit Hume shares what the president might say to explain himself to the American people tonight (see 2:46min video)

He will be talking about failed the economy under his watch, he will be talking about the loss of jobs under his watch, he will be talking about the mind boggling deficit under his watch and he will be attempting to re-sell the American people on his healthcare reform. In effect he will just be laying out a plan, mind you one year into his presidency, on what to do about the issues that he faced on day one of his presidency.

I don’t often have the occasion to quote Hillary Clinton but wasn’t it Hillary that said that we needed someone who would be ready to lead on day one?

President Barack Obama plans to use his state of the union address to "reconnect" with the middle class.

Some say it's an open admission to many here in the tri-state area that he has failed to feel our pain and our needs.

From his war on the banks -- the lifeblood of the metropolitan area economy -- to his health care reform which could cost taxpayers here over $1 billion, President Obama's policies have sent a strong message to the tri-state area that Washington doesn't care about the middle class.

Suddenly, he claims he wants to change that.-- Marcia Kramer (source)

Wednesday night Barry Hussein Soetoro will give his first Sophistry of the Union Address where he will wondrously became the champion of the middle class.

He will attempt to defend his un-kept promises, the anti-American policies of his administration and the obvious incompetence that he and his administration has shown by their lack of success of dealing with the issues that are crippling America. And we my fellow Americans are supposed to be too stupid to know that we're being manipulated.

He will do this with subtle and not so subtle, tricky and not so tricky superficially plausible but false arguments. Only Democrat partisans and Liberal sycophants who have a propensity for suspending disbelief will accept Obama-Liberal arguments everyone else will not accept the Soetoro sophistry.

Coming from the mouth of Soetoro he will say he and his policies saved America by pulling us back from the brink of fiscal calamity but he will cautiously add that there is still much work to do.

Congressman Joe Wilson will be there and I’m sure he’ll remain seated. But we’ll all be thinking after every Soetoro, “Let me make this perfectly clear…” We’ll be all thinking, Yeah right. What Joe Wilson said, Mr. president…what Joe Wilson said!

Soetoro will redirect any hardships that he’s faced on “what he inherited” or “what he found when he got here” like he wasn’t apart of the Democrat controlled Congress since his election to the Senate in 2004. And he will subtly attempt to make the case that it is all “Bush’s fault” (wink, wink operative word” inherited”) that the country is in its present condition.

In Soetoro’s thinking nothing that he and Democrats have implemented or have attempted to put in place, a year into his presidency has anything to do with America’s present plight.

Soetoro will attempt to defend his health care reform and he will attempt to blame the American people for wanting the reform that he and Democrats want and are attempting to push through. Of course none of it is true. This Health Care Reform is what you want Mr. president it is not what the American people want.

The American people in no uncertain terms; New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts and town hall meetings last summer all across the country told the president and Democrats that we don’t want government run health care. The State of Massachusetts, the bluest of States, voted for Republican Scott Brown over Soetoro supported Democrat Martha Coakley to fill Kennedy’s seat in an effort to send this message, “No to Health Care Reform!”

Yet in your Sophistry of the Union Address this evening Mr. Soetoro you will pretend that your enemies are Republicans and that they are obstructing your Health Care plans. But not so sir, Republicans have had no power to stop you until the Moderates and Independents in Massachusetts made plain their opposition to your health care plans.

The reality is Mr. president you’ve had a filibuster proof Senate since Ted Kennedy died and the Massachusetts state senate and Massachusetts governor jury ridged the appointment process to give you 60 votes in the U.S. senate.

You’ve had super majorities in both House and Senate in your Democrat controlled Congress and you’ve have the audacity of dopes shilling for your health care reform on Liberal Elite Media every day and on Sunday Morning Liberal hours that pretend to give unbiased discussion of political events.

Yet in spite of your best efforts you haven’t convinced the American people that your policies are the best policies for America.(see story)

Finally your “hail Mary” freeze on spending and jobs, jobs, jobs sophistry tonight are both cases of “too late to close the barn door after the horse is gone!” You knew that the economy was in trouble and Americans needed jobs when you first took office. Instead of attending to the country’s needs you and Democrats launched a partisan government takeover spending $787 Billion dollars on Democrat pet projects and stock piling money for Democrat re-election in 2010 and 2012.

You also wasted a whole year and took your eye off of the ball regarding the economy while attempting to argue and promote government run health care instead of cutting spending and cutting taxes for the American people so people could have more of their own money.

Tonight every time you mention jobs that is an admission that you and Democrats spent $787 Billion dollars and failed to produce the jobs that you promised. And every time you mention freezing spending that is an admission that you’ve spent more money than all of the previous president combined in their first year. So now you want to give the pretense that you're ending spending when the damage has already been done!

Tonight we need a reset button. Here’s hoping that everyone that hears your excuses and your blame will set a mental reset button for the November 2010 elections and reset the Congress for a less Socialist Congress to a more pro-American Congress.

And may tonight also be the reset button for 2012 when we reset the presidency from a global Socialist to a patriotic American someone who will put America and the people of America first.

…it could happen! Yes it could!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama to American People: Talk to the Hand!

President Obama, striking a no-retreat, no-surrender posture in the wake of his party’s humiliating defeat in the Massachusetts Senate race this week, vowed Friday to press on with his expansive domestic agenda — including a health care overhaul and tough new restrictions on banks — even if it meant he had to “take my lumps” from political critics.—SHERYL GAY STOLBERG
Watching Barry Hussein Soetoro is like watching an old Kung Fu movie where the actor’s lips doesn’t match the words. President Soetoro promised that if Congress passed their $787Billion dollar stimulus package jobs would be saved or created and unemployment would not exceed 8%. Words didn’t match his promises. Billions spent but unemployment over 10%.

All that talk before last summer of kick starting the economy and “What do you think a stimulus is?” (see

The point is Mr. Soetoro your words don’t match your actions and you are not listening to the American people. We have attempted to communicate our dissatisfaction with your false promises and deceptive governance. You didn’t listen. (see story)

We spoke up in no uncertain terms last summer in town hall meeting all across America against your plans to force government controlled health care upon us. We voted against your Party in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts. But your response is a great big, “punch back twice as hard” Still you’re not listening.

Top White House aides gave Senate Democrats a recess battle plan on Thursday, arming the lawmakers with tips for avoiding disastrous town hall meetings while showing them polling on popular aspects of the reform effort…

They showed video clips of the confrontational town halls that have dominated the media coverage, and told senators to do more prep work than usual for their public meetings by making sure their own supporters turn out, senators and aides said.
And they screened TV ads and reviewed the various campaigns by critics of the Democratic plan.

“If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard,” Messina said, according to an official who attended the meeting…

“They are just helping us understand the fringe that is trying to mess up our meetings,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). (source)

Who are you fighting against Mr. President? Look around you’re fighting the American people and apparently, it’s not hard for thee to kick against the people, Mr. President.

According to SHERYL GAY STOLBERG’s article you used the word “fight,” or some version of it, more than 20 times.

Stolberg reported, Mr. Obama vowed to “never stop fighting for policies that will help restore home values.” He promised that he was “not going to stop fighting to give our kids the best education possible.” He pledged he would not “stop fighting to give every American a fair shake,” to continue fighting for a new Consumer Protection Agency and for openness in government. And of course, Mr. Obama pledged to fight for jobs.

“So long as I have some breath in me, so long as I have the privilege of serving as your president, I will not stop fighting for you,” Mr. Obama said. “I will take my lumps. But I won’t stop fighting to bring back jobs here.”

Mr. Soetoro your lips are moving and the words are not matching. You are not fighting for the American people you are fighting against us. You are not fighting for jobs you have fought against jobs. Oh you spent $787 Billion dollars but that did not produce jobs. Instead of millions of jobs created there has been millions upon millions of jobs lost.

Everything that we have said to you--you have not listened, instead you have told us to talk to the hand.

So Mr. President we have hands too. And in November 2010 and in 2012 we will be talking with our hands at the ballot box.

By the way Mr. president you and the elites of your Party want to fight with the American people? Well this is one fight that we the American people are happy to have.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Democrats Losing Direction with no Bush to Vilify

Some of Democrats top Vilifiers and Hate Mongers
On MSNBC, snakes and lizards poured almost visibly from Olbermann's mouth when he said Scott Brown spoke "out of his bare bottom," and called the Massachusetts father of two "an irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude-model tea-bagging supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees." Olbermann has apologized; Scott Brown is on his way to Washington.—Meghan Cox Gurdon
Come on Meghan, Keith Olbermann didn’t apologize (see video non-apology below) you couldn’t possibly be that void of understanding—could you?

Just because someone says the word apologize doesn’t mean that they’ve actually apologized. But I digress back to the point. (see article)

Barry Hussein Soetoro owes his presidency to George W. Bush. If Bush had not run against him in 2008 then… oh snap wait a minute Bush didn’t run in 2008 so what was all that talking about Bush in the 2008 elections.

That’s right –that’s right, it’s all coming back to me now, it was Democrat strategy to use the country’s general dissatisfaction and focus it on President Bush thereby (wrongly) putting a face on everything that was wrong with our country. Democrat’s strategy was simple, whomever the Republican put up for their nominee don’t run against the nominee run against BUSH!

And boy did that strategy work. Dissatisfaction so used served to sweep Democrats into office. After 8 years of unrelenting and reckless President bashing, George W. Bush became not only unpopular but hated among left-wing radicals and Democrats alike.

It didn’t help Bush’s cause that he complied with Democrat attacks due to the fact that he don’t understand the strategy being used against him so he rarely if ever defended himself against their many vociferous and vicious attacks. That lack of understanding made it bad for Bush, the country and made it bad for the Republican Party.

Well as planned the deed was done. Bush was vanquished in 2008 and Democrats turned to the spoils of governing with super majorities in both houses of Congress and a Democrat perched atop the pinnacle of world power.

But instead of allowing the vanquished Bush to be buried in the obscurity of political defeat Democrats virtually took the beaten body of Bush impaled him on a pole of blame and struck and slapped at him every political opportunity that presented itself until there was hardly anything left to hit.

President Soetoro still strikes at the impaled body of Bush every time he speaks. I’m sure he’ll do it in upcoming State of the Union address. Oh he’ll do it in what he thinks are obscure and opaque terms but we’ll all know that, “what he inherited,” or “when he got here he was faced with…” will be swipes at the impaled political body of Bush.

Even so there are some Democrats who now see that they have worn this strategy down to its bare bones. Savvy Democrats realize that they are losing traction with this technique. This presents the problem of what to do if a strategy that worked so well for you for eight years has become blatantly predictable and grating on political allies and adversaries alike.

So attempting to cast about for another political weapon Democrats though it might work if they forego the nuance and go straight for the jugular, as they reasoned Bush was just a figurehead for who Democrats were attacking in reality. That's right, when Democrats were attacking Bush, they were actually attacking Conservatives, the Conservative ideology and people who believe in Conservative principles.

So why not go after Teabaggers, Nazis, Smelly Tourist, Astro Turf, racist, homophobes, bitter clingers and citizens who are Christian, Veterans and right-wing extremists.

So that’s exactly what Democrats did. Democrats not having Bush to kick around went after everyday American citizens with the same ferocity and maliciousness which they used against Bush, suddenly the American people where the true enemy of the Democrat Party.

In other words, Pelosi, Reid, Soetoro and their Rush Limbaugh media “wanna be”, Keith Olbermann all straight-out attacked the American people. (see examples)





But the TV talker's epithets are worth remembering, if only as a perfect distillation of the coruscating contempt, disdain, and false characterization that liberals have heaped upon millions of their countrymen since President Obama started running for the White House.
American voters who do not support Obama's scheme to "remake" America have been disparaged for a year. They've been slandered, called the worst names: Nazis, astroturfers, right-wing nut cases, "tea baggers."—Meghan Cox Gurdon

Hit with major loses in Virginia, New Jersey and now Massachusetts Democrats might want to rethink attacking the American people with pejoratives and invectives that they heretofore reserved only for George W. Bush.

Vilifying your opponents and disrespecting the people who vote you into office is no way to win elections and influence people Democrats. And now that we all know the ugliness of the Democrat soul perhaps the Boxers, Pelosis and Reids can be voted out of office. I’m sure Keith Olbermann needs writers for the “two minute hate” speech featured on his show.

Notwithstanding that, Democrats seem to be lost and losing without their old standard of having Bush to kick around.

Without the negative invectives and the blame game Democrats have very little else.

Friday, January 22, 2010

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet Mr. Obama!

president Obama campaigned Sunday January 17,2010 for losing Martha Coakley in Massachusetts
Because what you’ve taught me here at the campaign…is that when the American people decide it’s time to bring about change, change happens…

So take heart… of the change that we’ve already brought. But I want you to know Los Angeles you haven’t seen nothing yet!
—president Barry Hussein Soetoro
Fast forward exactly one year on the anniversary eve of Barry Hussein Soetoro’s inauguration. The American people have sent a message to president Soetoro and it went a little something like this, Dear president Soetoro about that hope and change agenda that you where promoting in Los Angeles. We, the American people, are not convinced that what you consider hope and change is what is best for America.

Please Mr. Soetoro, consider our idea of what hope and change is. We are sending Scott Brown to the senate as a representative of the state of Massachusetts primarily because Mr. Brown said that he would oppose your health care reform.

Do you think he got the message? You do remember earlier this year the president at a Los Angeles fundraiser where he recounted all the efforts that he, Democrats and his administration are taking in his personal crusade to change America (see 2:51min video)

Wow! What a difference twelve months make. After a full out blitz of Left-wing socialist agenda foisted on the America people by Soetoro and Democrats one of the most Liberal states in the union, Massachusetts, of which Democrats and Independents out number Conservatives by what 10 to 1, has totally rejected the Barry Hussein Soetoro administration’s agenda for government run health care.

Why? Because Massachusetts already has the government run health care model which they run at the state level. The same one that Soetoro, Pelosi and Reid are attempting to establish nationwide and boy does it suck. It sucks so much that Liberals, Moderates and Independents voted for a Republican who promised to go to Washington to fight against the Democrat president and Democrat Congress’ attempt to launch this health care monstrosity on the rest of the country. Now that’s irony!

Independent voters—typically centrist, white and working-class—backed President Barack Obama and the Democrats in 2008. But Massachusetts is now the third Obama-won state in the past three months where independents have swung decisively Republican.

Polls in the days leading up to the vote suggested the lead for Republican Scott Brown came about largely because of his advantage among independents over Democrat Martha Coakley.—Peter Wallsten (see source)

Make no mistake about it Massachusetts Democrats and Independents elected Republican Scott Brown as their Senator January 19th thereby saying no to the president and no to an out of touch group of Washington elitist Democrats. Conservatives aren’t in control of Massachusetts politics, Mr. Obama, Liberal Democrats are and have been for almost fifty years. This is officially a voter backlash against the Barry Hussein Soetoro agenda of hope and change.

Speaking of backlash Victor Davis Hanson’s, Why the Great and Growing Backlash outlines the reasons for the buyer’s remorse that is breaking out all across the country among voters who voted for the first openly Socialist president:

• Voters are sick and tired of a terrible year of big spending and big deficits — especially the sight of Obama and his congressional allies almost daily talking breezily about spending what we do not have.
• Bush’s $500 billion deficit spending in 8 years. But Obama has out spent Bush four times over in under a year.
• Obama’s promising favored constituencies a hundred billion here, a hundred billion there as if it were all paper money.
• Pie-in-the-sky talk of massive new health-care entitlements, cap-and-trade taxes and regulation, more stimulus, and more takeovers of private enterprise.
• The country is broke and the people want to pay off, not incur more, crushing debt.
• Obama’s deception and prevarication, i.e. serial promises about airing the health-care debate on C-SPAN, his new-transparency/no-lobbyist vows, and his monotonous boasts to close down Guantanamo within a year.
• A liberal cesspool of corruption: Democrat Sen. Chris Dodd lectures Wall Street while he gets sweetheart loans and vacation-home deals, Democrat House Ways and Means Chairman Charles Rangel, a tax dodger, the nation’s top tax enforcer, Democrat Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner, is an even more egregious tax dodger, Democratic Senate leadership started buying health-care votes at $300 million, and Obama nominating Democrat Tom Daschle as his Health Secretary — the liberal populist who skips out of thousands of dollars in taxes on his free corporate limousine service
• Obama still blames George W. Bush ad nauseam.
• Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s government 200 seat mega-jet at a cost of 480,000 per month and that is an annual cost to the taxpayers of $5,760,000.
• Obama’s various overseas junkets or the big Wall Street money that went into his near billion-dollar campaign coffers.
• Obama has constantly demonize the entrepreneurial classes, promise to raise income, payroll, health-care, and inheritance taxes on them, and expand government regulations
• Obama appointed radicals Van Jones and Anita Dunn
• Obama has bowed to the Saudis and Japanese and promulgated new and undiscovered great moments in Islamic history, and reaching out to Ahmadinejad as Ahmadinejad rounded up and beat down reformers in the streets of Tehran.
• Obama accused Bush of shredding the Constitution, and then adopted Bush’s anti-terrorism protocols like tribunals, renditions, Predators, intercepts, and wiretaps.
• Obama has given Kalid Sheikh Mohammed, architect of 9/11 a show trial a few blocks from ground zero, the former World Trade Center in New York City. (source)

No matter what Democrats do to shift to a populist message talking about the economy and bashing Wall Street it is all political manipulation. Democrats plan to blame Republicans for the economy and align GOP candidates with their unpopular national leadership.

"The message needs to be on jobs, fiscal responsibility, and reminding people that if you turn back the clock, you're going to get the same policies that got us into this mess in the first place," – Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D., Md.), chairman of the Democrats' House campaign committee.

Only one thing wrong that that idea Congressman Van Hollen. It was Democrats Rep. Barney Frank and Democrat Sen. Christopher Dodd among other Democrats that helped get us into this mess with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and they are still Democrats and they are still working in the same capacities that got us into this mess in the first place. Not only that, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but your best messenger Mr. Barry Hussein Soetoro is having trouble with believability. He Lies!

Now that the people of the state of Massachusetts has shown the rest of the country the way to hold Barry Hussein Soetoro and Democrats responsible for their deceptions and prevarications—Mr. president and Democrats you haven’t seen nothing yet!

On to November 2010 and 2012!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Socialist Super-Shock!

Senator-elect Scott Brown, has shaken the very foundation of the
Socialist Democrat party.

Overnight, the smug and arrogant attitude of the far-left wing of the
Democratic party has been forced to face reality. What a shock for
the ever prosaic Nancy Pelosi, who has been forced to eat her own
words......"the tea partys are not grass roots, but astro-turf".
Well, Nancy.... I guess that the grass roots have grown!

With great thanks to the independent voters of Massachusetts, we can
maybe breathe a sigh of relief, that this country still lives.

It took the "Commonwealth" to launch yet a second revolution
against the tyranny and oppression of the "Obama regime"!

Way back during the presidential campaign, it was people like "Joe the
plumber" who awakened in many the feeling that we were going down the
wrong path. Unfortunately, the bulk of the Democratic party
which included 100% of the far left, 95% of the black vote and a sizable
majority of the Hispanic vote, capped off by the wishful thinking of
the independents and the moderate Republicans....... swept this
relatively unknown senator into the White House. Too many of the above
mentioned have lived to regret that decision.

I heard President Obama state that the reason the Democrats lost
Massachusetts, was because people have been fed-up for the last 8 years.
Come on long is it going to take for you
and your administration to stop blaming the Bush administration?

We had some very good years under President Bush. Admittedly, the housing
market crashed under his watch, but no Democrat will mention that it was
because of people like Barney Frank and Senator Dodd, who assured everyone
that both Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac were sound. That, in spite of the
warnings from numerous Republican Senators and the Bush White House. The
Heads of those two entities had the protection of the Democrats, and while
tens of thousands of people lost their homes, those directors walked away
with millions.

So now Mr. Obama.......... this fiasco is entirely on your watch. Cease
passing the blame back to the past. I doubt that George Washington would
be willing to take the blame for you losing the Massachusetts Senate Seat.

Retracting The U.N. IPCC’s Glacial False Claims

The west Himalayan range includes 15,000 glaciers
The report read: "Glaciers in the Himalaya are receding faster than in any other part of the world and, if the present rate continues, the likelihood of them disappearing by the year 2035 and perhaps sooner is very high if the Earth keeps warming at the current rate." –Jonathan Leake and Chris Hastings
Two years ago the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a benchmark report that claimed the world's glaciers were melting so fast that those in the Himalayas could vanish by 2035. (see article)

Based on what—Global warming science? No based on now admitted misinformation and speculation.

For what purpose you ask? It was the continual Global warming scare that the United Nations and it’s made up consensus of scientists were promoting in order to force their “green agenda” on the world. But more importantly to move the world economies towards a cap and trade trading market which would produce new revenue streams and taxes for the United Nations.

The Glacial melt deception was based on a news story in the New Scientist, a popular science journal. The New Scientist story was based on a short telephone interview with Syed Hasnain, a little-known Indian scientist then based at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi.

In the past few days the scientists behind the warning have admitted that it was based on a news story in the New Scientist, a popular science journal, published eight years before the IPCC's 2007 report.
It has also emerged that the New Scientist report was itself based on a short telephone interview with Syed Hasnain, a little-known Indian scientist then based at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi.--Jonathan Leake and Chris Hastings
According to Jonathan Leake and Chris Hastings reporting for the Timesonline, Hasnain has since admitted that the claim that the Himalayas could melt by 2035 due to Global warming was "speculation" and was not supported by any formal research.

And now finally, The U.N. IPCC has admitted that they were totally wrong on the Himalayas claim. (see story)
The vice-chairman of the UN's climate science panel has admitted it made a mistake in asserting that Himalayan glaciers could disappear by 2035.–Richard Black
So to summarize, in 1999 the once reputable science journal, New Scientist, published a story which was a telephone interview with a little-known Indian scientist.

In 2007 the United Nations lifted this story as evidence for their claims of Climate Change and Global warming. The story was not verified and was not based on science.

It was purely one man’s speculation used to prop up other men’s propaganda. Propaganda used to promote a global agenda to create wealth for a few by creating a world-wide carbon tax to be paid by tax payers regardless of national affiliation. And now the UN IPCC admits that they were completely wrong about the Himalayan glaciers melt.

In other words this was a first step to create a global revenue stream to be used by internationalist in the United Nations and so—called global leaders that are independent from the voting public.

Bottom line is the great Himalayas melt is based on misinformation and speculation and the claim has been retracted as an error.

So much for the farce of Global warming.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The People will be Seated!

Massachusetts Senator-elect Scott Brown
The loss by the once-favored Democrat Martha Coakley in the Democratic stronghold was a stunning embarrassment for the White House after Obama rushed to Boston on Sunday to try to save the foundering candidate.--GLEN JOHNSON and LIZ SIDOTI, Associated Press
In a repudiation of President Barry Hussein Soetoro’s Liberal Democrat agenda of tax, spend and unaffordable government programs the state of Massachusetts filled the “people’s seat” of the United States Senate with an historic candidate—a Republican. The people have reclaimed their seat!(see related article)

Senator-elect Scott Brown will carry this message to Washington D.C. to the President and the Democrat controlled Congress, You didn’t listen to the people this past summer in the town hall meetings across the country when we told you that we did not want your Health Care reform… CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?

Even now Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi defiantly has threatened the American people with vows that she will make sure that the Democrat’s Health Care legislation will be passed whether the American people like it or not.
Addressing an exuberant victory celebration Tuesday night, Brown declared he was "ready to go to Washington without delay" as the crowd chanted, "Seat him now."

Democrats indicated they would, deflating a budding controversy over whether they would try to block Brown long enough to complete congressional passage of the health care plan he has promised to oppose
—GLEN JOHNSON and LIZ SIDOTI, Associated Press
Well this is an election year Congresswoman Pelosi. If you or any other politicians pass this train wreck of a bill you will have to face the “Astro turf” (as you once referred to the America people) at the polls. And might I remind you Congresswoman the only other state more liberal than your state, California, is the state of Massachusetts. And Massachusetts just elected a Republican to the Senate seat that has been held by the Kennedys for fifty years.

Seat him now! (see 10:59min video)

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Let Scott Brown’s election to the Senate be a warning to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, Olympia Snowe and president Barry Hussein Soetoro. The people just came to their senses and we now know the truth.

Every seat,the 435 seats in the House and the 100 seats in the Senate are the people’s seats.

Oh, and by the way Mr. Soetoro the seat in the White house is the people’s seat too! This November the people are going to do some house cleaning and reclaim those seats. And in 2012 more house cleaning is going to happen in the White house. As Hillary Clinton said:
We have ta reform our government. The abuses that have gone on in the last six years — I don’ think we know the half of it yet.

You know, when I walk into the Oval Office in January of 2009, I’m afraid I’m gonna lift up the rug and I’m goin’ to see so much stuff uh-nder thar. . . . You know, what is it about us always havin’ to clean up after people? . . . But this is not just going to be pickin’ up socks off the floor. This is going to be cleanin’ up the government…Us always havin’ to clean up after people
—Hillary Clinton
Well it hasn’t been six years of Barry Hussein Soetoro,thank God, but lifting up the rug in the Oval Office January 2013 after Democrats have occupied the White house and to have to clean-up after the Barry Hussein Soetoro administration will be a major undertaking for the next Conservative president!

And boy will the next Conservative president need to clean up after what Democrats are doing to our country!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Speaking Truth To Power

Obama Heckled

One lone voice that was obviously in the minority at this Barry Hussein Soetoro rally for Senate hopeful Martha Coakley on Sunday January 17, 2010 takes the president off of his script before the vocal protester was thrown out of the rally. (see 34sec. video)

Equally today voters of Massachusetts can take the president and Democrats off of their script which is to take the country over a radical far Left-wing cliff. Massachusettsans can help to stop the secret Health Care bill that was written by Health Care lobbyist and negotiated behind closed doors by Democrats by voting for Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown who has Massachusetts’ and the United States Government’s best interest at heart.

See the president speak against the very political tactics, the deals cut in secret by Democrats and Insurance Companies, which he and Democrats are now employing to advance Health Care reform. (see 1:29mins video)

In order to continue this travesty Soetoro needs Martha Coakley. Please Massachusetts vote Scott Brown today!

Monday, January 18, 2010

One Vote

Massachusetts Senate hopeful Scott Brown

President Barry Hussein Soetoro is backing Martha Coakley’s run for Senator for the state of Massachusetts. (see article)

Ironically, that is one fundamental reason Massachusetts voters shouldn’t vote for Martha Coakley tomorrow if voters want real hope and change. That’s right real “hope and change.” Voters are tired of politicians playing them for suckers promising utopian dreams that are built on political legalese and deceptively worded nuanced promises only to find what was promised was only “get me elected speak.”

The Democrat Party is filled with such politicians, and their best—Barry Hussein Soetoro!

Martha Coakley is backed by such a politician. That politician, president Soetoro hasn’t kept his promises to Progressives or any other American that elected him. And now he is attempting to enlist Coakley as an ally in his continuing Orwellian disinformation war against America.

What should be coming clear to even the most ardent of Barry Hussein Soetoro backers is that president Soetoro is playing the same old Washington insider game of “promise it all and deliver on little or nothing.”

"Really? There are a number of things he was for on the campaign trail!"--Nancy Pelosi,Democrat Speaker of the House

When Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was asked about president Soetoro’s campaign promises regarding transparent Health Care negotiations she responded with a mocking quip and a tell-tell knowing laugh like an inside joke had been told. (see 1:05min video)

Meaning what? As if to say, “You believed that Obama hope and change spiel? Come on it’s what we Democrats do in Washington to get what we want!” If this is what Pelosi is intimating then clearly we have some more changing to do. Change starting with preventing the election of Martha Coakley. And then we must begin to turn back the great damage that Democrats and Soetoro are inflicting on our country with this Orwellian deception.

President Soetoro promised change but where is it?

Nobody is blocking him from fulfilling his promise to end the Iraq war but he hasn’t. He promised to end lobbying in Washington D.C. but he’s enlisted lobbyist in his administration. (see article)

"It's clear now that the outcome of these and other fights will probably rest on one vote in the U.S. Senate"—president Barry Hussein Obama

He promised not to raise taxes on the middle class, to curb earmarks or pork spending and to shut down the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba by the end of his first year. And he’s done none of it. Yet he is asking for more Democrats to help promote his unpopular socialist agenda. (see 2:05min video)

Why—why hasn’t Soetoro kept his promises? It couldn’t possibly be George W. Bush’s fault, Bush has been in hiding since he left office a year ago. Besides they’re Soetoro’s promises. Bush has nothing to do with the promises that Soetoro made.

In addition to that Washington D.C. Republicans are too few in number to stop anything that Soetoro and Democrats wish to do so why hasn’t he kept promises of an open and transparent government and the most ethical government in the history of the United States of America? Why is Health Care being stalled if Democrats control everything?

I’ll tell you why. As Nancy Pelosi said there are many things said on the campaign trail that are only meant to get someone elected and nothing more.

Only one vote could be the difference between whether or not Democrats are allowed to deconstruct this country’s government and remake it in the likeness of a Socialist European failed state.

One vote could stop the deception and stop the spending. That one vote could be any Massachusetts voter. It could be you. You can change Massachusetts politics as usual by voting for a Republican and breaking with the Democrat tradition of deception and Orwellian messaging. One vote your vote for change in Massachusetts.

Vote Tuesday for change in Massachusetts vote for Republican Scott Brown!

Happy Martin Luther King's Day!

Friday, January 15, 2010


CNN David Gergen questions candidates: Republican Scott Brown and Democrat Martha Coakley
Well with all due respect it’s not the Kennedys' seat, and it’s not the Democrats' seat, it's the people's seat.

And they have the chance to send somebody down there who is an independent voter, and an independent thinker and going to look out for the best interests of the people of Massachusetts.

And the way that this bill is configured, I'd like to send it back to the drawing board because I believe people should have insurance. Not just this particular bill because it's not good for the entire country.
—Scott Brown Massachusetts Senate candidate
CNN’s David Gergen asked one of the most politically skewed debate questions in recent campaign history. Everything about the question was to put Republican candidate Scott Brown in the worst light possible. (see related article)

Mr. Brown, let me ask you this question, it's on a lot of people's minds. You said you're for health care reform, just not this bill. We know from the Clinton experience that if this bill fails, it could well be another 15 years before we see health care reform efforts in Washington. Are you willing under those circumstances to say, 'I'm going to be the person. I'm going to sit in Teddy Kennedy's seat and I'm going to be the person who's going to block it for another 15 years'?

Gergen’s question was constructed and designed to alert Massachusetts voters that Senate candidate Scott Brown was attempting to take something from them that was rightfully theirs by heritage. (see 1:26min video)

However Massachusetts Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown isn’t one to be trifled with. With the good looks of JFK, the political aplomb of Bill Clinton and the wherewithal of Ronald Reagan, Brown simply and elegantly lobbed back to Gergen an answer to Gergen’s Liberally phrased political roadside bomb.

But it wasn’t just an answer. It was the answer. It was the answer that could be the signature answer that defines the 2010 elections. Democrats consider themselves the rightful owners of our government.

We are but the inconvenient truth that Democrats must face intermittently between forcing through their $787 billion dollars stimulus package, their Democrat health care reform, their Global warming legislation and their second Stimulus package because the first was not designed to create jobs.

Whether we like it or not Democrats are forcing all of this through because they believe that this is their government just like they believe that Massachusetts is the Kennedy’s seat.

With perhaps the most political astute answer that we have heard this side of Ronald Wilson Reagan Scott Brown has just distinguished himself as the answer that the Republicans are looking for.

Barry Hussein Soetoro came out of nowhere to claim the highest political office in America. The same is possible for someone who actually has America’s best interest at heart.

I believe Scott Brown is that person. On January 19th 2010 the people of Massachusetts can make history. Massachusetts voters can begin to correct the wrong direction which Democrats are taking this country.

Because after all the Massachusetts Senate seat is not the Kennedys' seat and America’s taxpayers aren’t Democrat’s personal own piggybank.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Reason Democrats won’t Broadcast Health Care on C-Span

All those “Republican ploys” were “broadcast on C-SPAN for all to see”—and the transparency didn’t work! Instead the public fell for the ploys and turned against health care reform and its Democratic sponsors.

The hearings, the briefings, the speeches—all that patient explaining. .  .  . Nothing but wasted breath. So the hell with transparency. It’s time for Plan B.
-- Andrew Ferguson
Democrats to president Soetoro: Transparently doesn’t work! That’s the reason that Democrat secret Health Care negotiations will not be broadcasted on C-Span Mr. president and American people.

Andrew Ferguson’s, Lamb’s Slaughter, article in the discusses Brian Lamb’s request to president Soetoro to keep his multiple campaign promises to broadcast all of the health care negotiations on C-Span. Lamb is a Presidential Medal of Freedom winner and the founder and CEO of C-SPAN. (see article)

However there’s just one small problem—Democrats already used C-Span to buffet their political enemies with at the beginning of the health care debate only it didn’t work out like they wished. They used the C-Span network in hopes that the public would become outraged that Republicans would have the nerve to oppose their precious Health Care reform.

Those attempts blew up in Democrat’s faces. And now gun shy Democrats feel that those C-Span broadcasts helped initiate the tea party movement so they are not in the least interested in the “transparency thing,” especially when they know that the public is not buying the Democrat message on Health care.

After all transparently as used by Democrats is used only to expose all Republican wrong doing not their own. Transparency was never meant to show the machinations of Democrat Partisan politics.

The Health Care negotiations and process will not be shown on C-Span as president Soetoro promised on his campaign trail because Democrats don’t believe in transparency really. No they only use transparency as a ploy in attempts to expose their political foes.

Lamb has other great gifts, notably as an interviewer who with a single, simple, apparently artless question can bring down a guest’s most meticulously constructed edifice of baloney.

He did it again on December 30, when he addressed a letter to congressional leaders noting that they had “all talked about the value of transparent discussions on reforming the health care system.” He therefore asked—politely, always politely—that they open the final negotiations of the bill to broadcast. One question, and the walls of baloney came tumbling down.-- Andrew Ferguson

All this talk of transparency was just talk, just words to get Soetoro elected president.

The proof of that is you wouldn’t be seeing any C-Span televised programming of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi working on the Health Care bill, it’ll all be done behind closed doors. And if all of Democrat’s wishes come true a new Health Care Reform bill signed by the president will be sprung on the American people at Barry Hussein Soetoro’s upcoming State of the Union address.

That is not what president Soetoro campaigned on and that is not what he promised. Instead of the disinfectant of sunlight being shown on this bill as the president promised; Barry Soetoro, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are using the same backroom corrupted politics that have always infected Washington D.C. to get their partisan agenda on health care firmly ensconced into law.

What’s in this bill is so appalling that Pelosi, Reid and Soetoro are attempting to hide it for as long as they can. Though they’d love nothing better than to be able to announce that they've passed Health care law at Soetoro’s second State of the Union Address.

If they are able to accomplish this and if the president notes that they (Democrats) were able to pass Health Care and sign it into law in the State of the Union Address. At that moment every person sitting in that Congressional chamber who is listening to the president’s address and as well every person around the United States of America who is watch the president’s address should rise to their collective feet and shout back at the president in unison, “You lie, about putting Health Care negotiations on C-Span!”

Yes another lie from the most open and honest politicians and political Party ever to govern in the United States of America.

So the hell with transparency

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Obama regarding Jobs: Bad means Good!

"Last month, however, we slipped back, losing more jobs than we gained, though the overall trend of job loss is still pointing in the right direction."—president Barry Hussein Soetoro

American employers eliminated 4.2 million jobs in 2009 and sent unemployment soaring into double digits for the first time in more than a quarter century.

Since the fall of last year, the official jobless rate has been over ten percent, while the unofficial rate (taking in the severely underemployed and those who have given up looking) has been over 17 percent.

And, despite the ridiculous "green-shoots" speculation of the Obama administration and overblown "recovery" fantasies of the financial media that has blown every major economic story of recent years, the situation is getting worse—John Nichols,the Nation (see source)

Barry Hussein Soetoro believes in redefining the world to fit his own fancy.

That singular attribute will be his legacy. And that my fellow Americans is the essence behind the “Change” of the Hope and Change slogan. Because of that; Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, the Constitution of the United States of America or the rule of law doesn’t apply to president Soetoro in his own mind. For that matter no reasonable debate or arguement is valid unless of course the redefinition lexicon of Barry Hussein Obama is applied thoroughly. (see previous post for example)

Not since Michael Jackson’s redefinition of the word “Bad” in the 1980’s have we seen such an attempt to defy logic as we’ve seen with the Barry Hussein Soetoro’s administration’s attempts to put a positive spin on a failing economy and dying jobs market.

Come on, in Michael Jackson’s case did you really think that the word bad really meant good? And did you think that the eyeliner, the Jeri curled hair, the black leather Dominatrix outfit and the knee-high black silver tipped boots made Michael Jackson “Bad” or “Good” or whatever expression that he was attempting to pull off in the most campy video this side of the super campy 1960’s TV series “Batman.” Bam! Pow!

Michael Jackson was “Bad” like Adam West was the Batman like president Soetoro’s job numbers are “pointing in the right direction.” (see 21sec video)

Right direction? The only thing going in the positive direction is the bank bailouts that a Democrat control Congress and Barry Hussein Soetoro manipulatively put in place at taxpayer’s expense. We were warned by the Democrats that if we didn’t just shut-up, bend over and take it the financial markets would suffer their own cataclysmic global warming event. Remember that?

Because of what Democrats and Soetoro did with tax payer’s money Goldman Sachs is set to have one of its most profitable years in its 141-year history (in the middle of a recession) and is expected to pay its employees bonuses on average of about $595,000 apiece for 2009. While you and I face 10 percent unemployment (much closer to 17 percent) and talk of a second stimulus plan because obviously the first $787 billion dollars was not spent on job creation as Democrats promised. Oops another Democrat promise that wasn’t true.

At least Soetoro didn’t promise to broadcast daily job updates on C-Span, although the president does have that nifty jobs website with all of the made up (made up means "falsified" check Merriam) job numbers and the made up congressional districts in which the made up jobs occurred. (see here and here

Despite calls for restraint from Washington and a chafed public, resurgent banks are preparing to pay out bonuses that rival those of the boom years. The haul, in cash and stock, will run into many billions of dollars.

Goldman Sachs is expected to pay its employees an average of about $595,000 apiece for 2009, one of the most profitable years in its 141-year history. Workers in the investment bank of JPMorgan Chase stand to collect about $463,000 on average.—LOUISE STORY and ERIC DASH, the New York Times (see source)

So far president Soetoro has lied all along and told us that if his policies were implemented bad would remarkably be turned into good by the reduction in unemployment, new investments in infrastructure, good green jobs initiatives and creating smarter incentives for hiring and retaining workers. Only thing is, $787 billion dollars later and much later than promised nothing that was promised has happened.

According to John Nichols, present unemployment is real and is a devastating social reality for those experiencing it. Nichols says, unemployment is a frightening economic reality for those who still have jobs but who wonder whether their jobs are threatened – and who constrain their spending and lifestyle choices accordingly.

President Soetoro says that the overall trend of job loss is still pointing in the right direction so I suppose that, that’s good? Or is that bad?

Wow! President Soetoro just did a verbal moonwalk with his rhetoric on jobs! That was BAD man! Really, really bad.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Buck started with Obama

President Truman with ‘the buck stops here’ sign on desk

I read something hilarious. An article entitled, President Obama: 'The buck stops with me' by JOSH GERSTEIN & LAURA ROZEN published on line Politico.
(see article)

I thought how funny, president Soetoro and his sycophants are betting that he can get away with feigning “Presidential” responsibility for the near tragedy where nearly 300 America citizens could have been murdered. This instead of president Soetoro assuming personal responsibility for this almost tragedy.

What arrogance to assume that he only has to take official responsibility thinking that no one would ascribe to him the actual blame that he deserves.

It's commonly accepted that one takes official responsibility when those under your authority are guilty of something wrong. One isn't personally responsible only officially so. That is because someone in authority is typically considered technically responsible for those under his or her command.

Not so with Soetoro he is personally responsible because it was his philosophies, his policies and his changing of the Bush terrorism procedures that had direct bearing on Christmas Day bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's ability to get on Northwest flight 253.
Aides to Obama signaled that he was consciously seeking to be the anti-Bush, airing the administration’s dirty laundry and stepping up to take his share of the responsibility. – JOSH GERSTEIN & LAURA ROZEN
It is because of the direct actions of president Barry Hussein Soetoro that this so called Christmas Bomber was able to successfully evade security protocols because Soetoro weakened those protocols in his attempts to be “anti-Bush.” (see previous post)

That’s right the buck actually starts with president Soetoro who fought against the Bush administration’s efforts to keep the America people safe from terrorism. And as soon as he got into office he began to dismantle many of those policies.

That combined with a complete philosophical change from the Bush administration’s execution of the War on Terror the Soetoro administration has left America open and unprotected to terrorist attempts on American lives.

Gerstein and Rozen in their sycophantic efforts attempted to make Soetoro’s Mea culpa seem noble. It wasn’t. As they reported this was but Soetoro’s conscious effort to be anti-Bush. Another swipe at Bush, plesse give it a rest Barry!

The only thing is after 9/11 president Bush’s efforts allowed zero terrorist acts on American soil conversely there have been at least two terrorist acts on U.S. soil since the Soetoro inauguration.

It is reported that Soetoro has ordered an explanation of the failures of our intelligence and security agencies. Wouldn't it be ironic if returned with the report are recommendations to put back in place the Bush Cheney policies that Soetoro stripped out of our national security policy. The very same policies that were taken out in Soetoro's attempt to be anti-Bush. Now that would be classic!

If that happens Soetoro will be shown to be not only “presidentially responsible” but personally responsible for weakening America’s security against terrorism. Then we will know that the buck not only stops with him but the buck actually started with him!

Wouldn’t it be refreshingly honest of the president to say to America, “ I’m sure you all are aware of the several recent Terrorist attacks against America. Let me say this about that, ‘The buck starts with me!’

In other words all of my policies and all of my philosophies are the reason terrorists are attacking America anew. I thought that I could placate Muslims with speeches and affirmations of their religion. I thought I could dismantle what president Bush did before me in his efforts to keep America safe and I was terribly wrong. These attacks are entirely my fault personally. I am personally responsible for endangering the lives of almost 300 of our fellow citizens.

That would be closer to the truth than hiding behind the image of U.S. president Harry S. Truman who had a sign with the inscription on his desk ‘the buck stops here.’ The sign was meant to indicate that he didn't 'pass the buck' to anyone else but accepted personal responsibility for the way the country was governed. Not so with Soetoro who greatest attribute is finger pointing.

Soetoro on the other hand has blamed our intelligence agencies for the failure to detect and prevent the Christmas bombing attempt. And in the very act of “taking responsibility” president Soetoro is in fact taking a swipe at former President Bush by his aides’ own admission.

So much for Soetoro’s rendering of the Harry Truman like statement. Barry Hussein Soetoro is no Harry Truman!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jack McCafferty: You Lie Again Obama

Jack McCafferty, CNN News

It is now so undeniable that Barry Hussein Soetoro is a liar that even the Liberal Elite Media called the first Socialist president of the United States just that—a liar. Did you hear that Congressman Joe Wilson you are justified as CNN’s Jack McCafferty joins all reality based people and calls Barry Hussein Soetoro a liar straight-out!

President Obama hasn't even made a token effort to keep his campaign promises of more openness and transparency in government. It was all just another lie that was told in order to get elected. –Jack McCafferty, CNN (see 1:39min video)

Just another lie? Yes in fact Soetoro has all but said, Read my Lips—Health Care will be on C-Span. And he repeated this lie at least eight separate times which were captured on video promising that Health Care negotiations will be open and broadcasted on C-Span.

But the reality of it is Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are writing a Health Care bill after both houses of Congress voted on it. So in effect Congress gave themselves a blank check and are voting on a bill that was not complete and they are filling in that check behind closed doors.

This is one time that I agree with McCafferty when he said, “Here's hoping the voters remember some of this crap when the midterm elections roll around later this year.”

Democrats are depending that voters won’t remember. However their acts are so egregious that some Democrats are jumping ship before the 2010 elections to avoid facing the electorate much like Arlen Specter did by jumping Parties.

If voters do remember that president Soetoro and the entire Democrat Party’s various agendas are all based on lies, Democrat's majorities will be affected.

Here’s hoping that the voters remember!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Where’s Congressman Joe Wilson when you need him?

Mother Alaphiah loves Barry Hussein Soetoro she voted for him. The only politicians that she adores more than the Soetoro’s are Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Luckily I didn’t get all of my values from dear old mother Alaphiah. One value that I did get from mother, she used to constantly moralize how she, “hates a liar.”

Needless to say lying was not welcomed around the Alaphiah household. Oh I wasn’t perfect but let’s say if mother ever caught me in a lie she taught me how to regret it. Because of my mother’s conviction I never developed the aptitude, dishonestly or taste for lying.

So I’m wondering how people like my mother who love Soetoro but who have some sort of standards are able to reconcile the Soetoro multiple campaign promises to hold open hearings on health care against the closed door sessions that are happening now. (see 2:23mins video)

Or the following Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi mockery of the truth when the question of Soetoro’s campaign promises regard broadcasting the Health Care process on C-Span where raised with her. Most open process ever, indeed! (see 1:05min video)

And how is anyone with scruples able to stomach Soetoro’s press secretary Robert Gibb’s pathetic performance when faced with questions from the media regarding Soetoro’s promises to have Health Care debates and processes broadcasted on C-Span. (see 1:34min video)

This process of voting on a bill and virtually writing it after the vote by a series of closed door session and an unorthodox Congressional procedure called ping ponging is simply outrageous. With all of the deception, obstruction and out and out lying I have one question for my dear old mom.

Hey mom how-you-liking Soetoro, the liar now?

Can anyone tell me where is Joe Wilson when you need him?