Friday, January 08, 2010

Where’s Congressman Joe Wilson when you need him?

Mother Alaphiah loves Barry Hussein Soetoro she voted for him. The only politicians that she adores more than the Soetoro’s are Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Luckily I didn’t get all of my values from dear old mother Alaphiah. One value that I did get from mother, she used to constantly moralize how she, “hates a liar.”

Needless to say lying was not welcomed around the Alaphiah household. Oh I wasn’t perfect but let’s say if mother ever caught me in a lie she taught me how to regret it. Because of my mother’s conviction I never developed the aptitude, dishonestly or taste for lying.

So I’m wondering how people like my mother who love Soetoro but who have some sort of standards are able to reconcile the Soetoro multiple campaign promises to hold open hearings on health care against the closed door sessions that are happening now. (see 2:23mins video)

Or the following Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi mockery of the truth when the question of Soetoro’s campaign promises regard broadcasting the Health Care process on C-Span where raised with her. Most open process ever, indeed! (see 1:05min video)

And how is anyone with scruples able to stomach Soetoro’s press secretary Robert Gibb’s pathetic performance when faced with questions from the media regarding Soetoro’s promises to have Health Care debates and processes broadcasted on C-Span. (see 1:34min video)

This process of voting on a bill and virtually writing it after the vote by a series of closed door session and an unorthodox Congressional procedure called ping ponging is simply outrageous. With all of the deception, obstruction and out and out lying I have one question for my dear old mom.

Hey mom how-you-liking Soetoro, the liar now?

Can anyone tell me where is Joe Wilson when you need him?

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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if Mom is having "buyers
    remorse" along with millions of other people who
    believed in Barry The Salesman.