Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ronald Reagan was my president. President Obama, you’re no Ronald Reagan

People are trying--Republicans in particular, obviously--trying to appropriate Ronald Reagan for their own political purposes now. –Andrea Mitchell
No Miss Mitchell Republicans aren’t attempting to appropriate President Ronald Wilson Reagan. Democrats and the Democrat president are attempting to appropriate Ronald Reagan for Democrats’ political purposes.

Here Senator Barry Hussein Soetoro praises Reagan as a singular political figure above Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton (see 1:11min video)

During the Democrats 2008 presidential debates, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accuses candidate Soetoro of being a Reagan “lover”, which has a very subtle undertones that Soetoro Progressive Liberalism is questionable under Democrat’s strict standards. (see 3:20min video)

I got to--whoa, whoa, whoa. Republicans are not, I think, trying to appropriate Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was a Republican. Conservatives aren't trying to appropriate him. He was a conservative. –Peggy Noonan

Former California State Representative Willie Brown and Andrea Mitchell on Meet the Press with David Gregory attempted to redefine President Reagan as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was redefined to make Dr. King palatable for Democrat consumption. The only probable was Peggy Noonan who was speechwriter for president Reagan in addition to working with him was there. Noonan put a stop Brown and Mitchell redefinition nonsense. (see 3:21min video)

Let’s be clear president Soetoro’s “admiration” for Reagan is solely for Reagan’s ability that transformed America after the dismal failure of the Democrat presidency of James Earl Carter, Jr. Soetoro views himself as a Reaganesque type of singular figure who will transform America again. But this time into his own vision of what America should be.

Perhaps more surprising is that there is a new claimant to the Reagan throne this year: President Barack Obama. Having once routinely derided Reagan as, in the words of Democratic greybeard Clark Clifford, an “amiable dunce”, the liberal establishment is now seeking to embrace him.

Obama first tried to grab Reagan’s mantle three years ago when he cited the Gipper as a way of taking a shot at the Clintons by saying that the Republican had “changed the trajectory of America” in a way that Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton had not.-- Toby Harnden (source)

Soetoro’s vision for American is not what Reagan’s vision for American was. It is the exact polar opposite of Reagan’s small government limited government vision. Yet in Soetoro’s the ends justifies the means world Soetoro is attempting to channel Ronald Wilson Reagan’s transformative powers to transform American into something that would be an anathema to Reagan, big Fascist overreaching government.

To wit, it is Democrats who are misappropriating Ronald Wilson Reagan not Republicans Ms. Mitchell.