Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Maher calls America Stupid!

Maher with something he knows a lot about

Bill Maher is stupid. Not because I say it but because he said it. That’s right! Maher in the stupidest article that I’ve ever read actually wrote down for everyone to see just how stupid he is.

Case in point; Maher retells an interview he had on CNN with Wolf Blitzer were he was asked if he thought Sarah Palin could get elected president. Maher’s response was, “ I hope not, but I wouldn’t put anything past this stupid country.” (see article)

Now I don’t know this for a fact but Maher does live in this country doesn’t he? Therefore he is a fellow countryman isn’t he? So wouldn’t that by extension make him stupid by his own judgment?

The beauty of it all this that after Maher said it and caught flack from the television audience that he said it before, he then sat down to composed an article about how stupid America is. That after he thought long and hard on the subject never once realizing that if he is an American his condemnation of America’s stupidity would naturally included himself! Hilarious!

Oh, you think that he thinks his critique of America doesn’t include him?

So what did he do, jump up and while he was off the ground for mere seconds declare himself not an earthling? Is he somehow exempt because Liberal Ideology is based in contradictory thoughts and statements that cancel out any sense of reality? Or is he exempt because he owns a summer home in Somalia?

I don’t know what he’s thinking, but calling the country that you live in stupid is a lot like calling your own mother a bitch. That Mr. Maher would by definition make you the son of a bitch. (as an example)

I never laughed so hard in my life! Maher went on and on attempting to show just how much of a bitch his mother was, so to speak, as he gave example after example of just how stupid America is.

All the while I’m thinking when will this fellow realize that he’s talking about himself.
And before I go about demonstrating how, sadly, easy it is to prove the dumbness dragging down our country, let me just say that ignorance has life and death consequences.—Bill Maher
I'm the bad guy for saying it's a stupid country, yet polls show that a majority of Americans cannot name a single branch of government, or explain what the Bill of Rights is.

24% could not name the country America fought in the Revolutionary War. More than two-thirds of Americans don't know what's in Roe v. Wade. Two-thirds don't know what the Food and Drug Administration does.

Some of this stuff you should be able to pick up simply by being alive. You know, like the way the Slumdog kid knew about cricket.
—Bill Maher
No Mr. Maher, calling your country stupid doesn’t make you a bad guy neither does it make you an elitist. What it does make you is the ultimate example of just how stupid America is! Or is that concept still over your head?

Geez, I can’t stop laughing! (That’s at you Bill not with you!)

Vestri non ut luminosus ut vos reputo Bill!