Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Before you Judge a Nurse for Refusing to do CPR…

If someone prevents a murder, perhaps a mass murder, and if that person heroically risks his or her life to save others that hero will be treated no differently than a foiled perpetrator of attempted murder. In fact, a hero will be punished in the similitude of a person who attempted to kill one's fellow classmates. That scenario is what is being played out all across America my friends. And it’s called Zero tolerance!
It is not that shocking that a Nurse would choose to follow the “rules” of her employer rather than choose do what others think is the right thing to do. After all, who made anyone else judge of what is right or wrong for that Nurse except that Nurse? That's how the Liberal Progressive, "everything is relative" argument goes right?

Sure, it is terrible that a patient died but the Nurse did do as she was instructed, “in case of emergency call 911.”

We hear similar instruction all of the time from the government. “If you see something, say something!” We’re supposed to, yes you thought it, call 911 and let the first responders handled everything.

Alternatively, take for instance the resent case of a 16-year-old Florida high school student who was suspended for three days after wrestling a gun away from a classmate on a school bus. (see story)

Yes Cypress Lake High School and the School District in which it resides ought to be very proud of their actions. You see they and hundreds of school districts throughout the country are teaching generations of Americans Zero tolerance.

What that means literally is if you prevent a murder, you will be summarily suspended from school for three days for violating the “Zero tolerance rules.”

You see a classmate at Cypress Lake High pulled a gun and pointed it at another student on a school bus pointblank with the threat to kill that student. However as it happened several students interceded and stopped what could have been another horrible gun violence story.

In spite of heroic actions of students the message this Cypress Lake High School’s school district and many others have sent throughout the country for decades is if you, a student, interfere in any way or if you happen to wrestle a gun from an assailant’s hand you will be punished. And if you prevent a murder, perhaps a mass murder, and if you heroically risk you life to save others you will be treated no differently than the foiled perpetrator of attempted murder. In fact, you will be punished in the similitude of the person who attempted to kill your fellow classmates. That scenario is what is being played out all across America my friends. And it’s called Zero tolerance! (see 2:54min video)

So before you go judging too harshly that nurse who followed the rules at work by refusing to administering CPR to a dying woman remember we’ve all been told to give up our guns, to call 911 in case of trouble, and wait for the authorities to solve all of our problems. (see 2:30min video)

You see it took first responders 7mins to get to the facility where the patient died. A lot can transpire in 7 minutes while someone is waiting on emergency responders to come to our aid. This is the reason that we shouldn’t give up our second amendment rights.

I don’t blame the nurse so much for the death of her patient I blame advocates of gun control who’s message is don’t attempt to protect yourself the police or someone else will protect you.

I blame Zero Tolerance, which generations of American have been taught that if someone attacks you don’t do anything because if you hit back you’re just a guilty was the bully or assailant who has been terrorizing you since you where in Kindergarten and you will be suspended for fight just as much as the one who terrorized you for all those years.

I blame political correctness that has made education and educators the laughingstocks of this nation. If it were not so sad, it would be funny. If you point your finger like a gun, or draw a gun on a white piece of paper or if you bite your pop tart in the shape of a mountain but the teacher believes he or she sees the shape of a gun you are then whisked away to the principal’s office for suspension or expulsion.

The message that all the just aforementioned sends is don’t do anything, which is not first approved by authorities.

The nurse’s authorities told her not to perform CPR. Just as we are all being told by authorities (in violation of our Constitutional rights), the right to keep and bear arms is the wrong thing to do. Therefore, we must comply with the government’s wishes, which are in violation of the constitution and ban guns when the constitutional explicitly states that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Before you judge that nurse too harshly remember that her actions were dictated by her employer just as our actions are being dictated by anti 2nd amendment advocates who would rather make unconstitutional laws and see the constitution violated than to see you and I exercise the freedom to choose to do what we believe is correct.

How did our nation become like this? It all starts when a 16year-old hero is suspended for three days for doing the right thing. In addition, you wonder how a nurse can stand by and allow someone to die because her employer told her not to administer CPR.

Zero tolerance that’s one way to achieve that result. Moreover, another is taking away Constitutional rights. If people are compliant enough to allow the government to take away God given rights then they most certainly will allow someone to die on governments or company’s orders, command or decree.

It’s been done before in Nazi Germany it is now becoming true in America. Shockingly it appears that the spirit of the F├╝hrer has returned and is here alive in Progressive America. Heil Zero Tolerance, Heil Gun Control and Heil Progressivism!