Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama’s First Sophistry of the Union Address

The federal government spent $3.5 trillion during President Obama's first year in office. This far exceeds the spending for any other first-year president.

President Obama has shattered the budget record for first-year presidents -- spending nearly double what his predecessor did when he came into office and far exceeding the first-year tabs for any other U.S. president in history.
With all of the advance reports of what president Barry Hussein Soetoro will be saying in tonight’s State of the Union address a saying comes to mind.

“Too late to close the barn door after the horse is gone.”

If President Bush’s spending was bad for America and was criticized by Soetoro and Democrats (and it was) then it would defy all common rational coming from Harvard or otherwise to come into office and out spend Bush wouldn’t you think?

The prudent course by those who are the proponents of smarter government would be to come in and immediately cut spending and produce jobs for Americans, right?

So what did president Barry Hussein Soetoro and Democrats who controlled both the Legislative and Executive branches of government do?

In his very first year knowing that the economy was in tatters when he arrived (everyone knew this), that we had two wars going and that we needed jobs for Americans Soetoro spends more money in this first year than any other president in American history in their first year.(see source)

Okay, okay so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt maybe he spent that money on the middle class creating and saving jobs and maybe he spent that money on smarter government. No, no, no he didn’t and that’s why tonight he will be talking about all of the things that he didn’t do.

Fox News panel Chris Wallace, Juan Williams and Brit Hume shares what the president might say to explain himself to the American people tonight (see 2:46min video)

He will be talking about failed the economy under his watch, he will be talking about the loss of jobs under his watch, he will be talking about the mind boggling deficit under his watch and he will be attempting to re-sell the American people on his healthcare reform. In effect he will just be laying out a plan, mind you one year into his presidency, on what to do about the issues that he faced on day one of his presidency.

I don’t often have the occasion to quote Hillary Clinton but wasn’t it Hillary that said that we needed someone who would be ready to lead on day one?

President Barack Obama plans to use his state of the union address to "reconnect" with the middle class.

Some say it's an open admission to many here in the tri-state area that he has failed to feel our pain and our needs.

From his war on the banks -- the lifeblood of the metropolitan area economy -- to his health care reform which could cost taxpayers here over $1 billion, President Obama's policies have sent a strong message to the tri-state area that Washington doesn't care about the middle class.

Suddenly, he claims he wants to change that.-- Marcia Kramer (source)

Wednesday night Barry Hussein Soetoro will give his first Sophistry of the Union Address where he will wondrously became the champion of the middle class.

He will attempt to defend his un-kept promises, the anti-American policies of his administration and the obvious incompetence that he and his administration has shown by their lack of success of dealing with the issues that are crippling America. And we my fellow Americans are supposed to be too stupid to know that we're being manipulated.

He will do this with subtle and not so subtle, tricky and not so tricky superficially plausible but false arguments. Only Democrat partisans and Liberal sycophants who have a propensity for suspending disbelief will accept Obama-Liberal arguments everyone else will not accept the Soetoro sophistry.

Coming from the mouth of Soetoro he will say he and his policies saved America by pulling us back from the brink of fiscal calamity but he will cautiously add that there is still much work to do.

Congressman Joe Wilson will be there and I’m sure he’ll remain seated. But we’ll all be thinking after every Soetoro, “Let me make this perfectly clear…” We’ll be all thinking, Yeah right. What Joe Wilson said, Mr. president…what Joe Wilson said!

Soetoro will redirect any hardships that he’s faced on “what he inherited” or “what he found when he got here” like he wasn’t apart of the Democrat controlled Congress since his election to the Senate in 2004. And he will subtly attempt to make the case that it is all “Bush’s fault” (wink, wink operative word” inherited”) that the country is in its present condition.

In Soetoro’s thinking nothing that he and Democrats have implemented or have attempted to put in place, a year into his presidency has anything to do with America’s present plight.

Soetoro will attempt to defend his health care reform and he will attempt to blame the American people for wanting the reform that he and Democrats want and are attempting to push through. Of course none of it is true. This Health Care Reform is what you want Mr. president it is not what the American people want.

The American people in no uncertain terms; New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts and town hall meetings last summer all across the country told the president and Democrats that we don’t want government run health care. The State of Massachusetts, the bluest of States, voted for Republican Scott Brown over Soetoro supported Democrat Martha Coakley to fill Kennedy’s seat in an effort to send this message, “No to Health Care Reform!”

Yet in your Sophistry of the Union Address this evening Mr. Soetoro you will pretend that your enemies are Republicans and that they are obstructing your Health Care plans. But not so sir, Republicans have had no power to stop you until the Moderates and Independents in Massachusetts made plain their opposition to your health care plans.

The reality is Mr. president you’ve had a filibuster proof Senate since Ted Kennedy died and the Massachusetts state senate and Massachusetts governor jury ridged the appointment process to give you 60 votes in the U.S. senate.

You’ve had super majorities in both House and Senate in your Democrat controlled Congress and you’ve have the audacity of dopes shilling for your health care reform on Liberal Elite Media every day and on Sunday Morning Liberal hours that pretend to give unbiased discussion of political events.

Yet in spite of your best efforts you haven’t convinced the American people that your policies are the best policies for America.(see story)

Finally your “hail Mary” freeze on spending and jobs, jobs, jobs sophistry tonight are both cases of “too late to close the barn door after the horse is gone!” You knew that the economy was in trouble and Americans needed jobs when you first took office. Instead of attending to the country’s needs you and Democrats launched a partisan government takeover spending $787 Billion dollars on Democrat pet projects and stock piling money for Democrat re-election in 2010 and 2012.

You also wasted a whole year and took your eye off of the ball regarding the economy while attempting to argue and promote government run health care instead of cutting spending and cutting taxes for the American people so people could have more of their own money.

Tonight every time you mention jobs that is an admission that you and Democrats spent $787 Billion dollars and failed to produce the jobs that you promised. And every time you mention freezing spending that is an admission that you’ve spent more money than all of the previous president combined in their first year. So now you want to give the pretense that you're ending spending when the damage has already been done!

Tonight we need a reset button. Here’s hoping that everyone that hears your excuses and your blame will set a mental reset button for the November 2010 elections and reset the Congress for a less Socialist Congress to a more pro-American Congress.

And may tonight also be the reset button for 2012 when we reset the presidency from a global Socialist to a patriotic American someone who will put America and the people of America first.

…it could happen! Yes it could!

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