Wednesday, January 27, 2010

President O's Speech a 0 !!!

Parts of campaign speeches, parts of "acceptance"
speech, and parts of the countless "public lectures"
that he gave.......
THAT was his "State of the Union"
address tonight!

What gall, to try to mislead the American voters once again.
Is there no end to this man's hypocricy?

After the defeats in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts,
one would think that there would be a little more contrite
attitude and presentation. But NO...... this president is
determined to get his agenda through no matter what the cost.
He is fully expecting the entire Democratic party to go over
the edge of the cliff, along with him. His attitude is, "I have
three more years in the White House, let those congressional
suckers take the rap at get kicked out of office in eleven months".

I tried really hard to find some merit in this speech, but all I saw
was continued "blame it on Bush" and the proposal of more and yet more
spending of money that we simply do not have. It was bad enough
that Stimulus One, didn't work, it was insulting to see him try to
say that it did. Now, he wants another pie-in-the-sky jobs program,
that will do nothing but inflate governmental jobs and bureaucracy.

In a desperate attempt to cajole the far left, he had to mention that
he wants "don't ask, don't tell" recinded, to allow gays to openly
participate in the military. Though I am not against the lifestyle,
you have to be pretty ignorant not to realize that this will create
tension and hostility within the military. There will be increased
incidents of
"gay bashing" and in combat situations possibly worse.
In this humble writer's opinion, NOT WISE!

Possibly the most puzzling part of the president's proposals, is all
the increased "benefits" he is proposing. In light of the unbelievable
deficits he has created,
he now wants to spend upwards of another
quarter trillion dollars for education, medicaid, medicare and further
expansion of "departments" which undoubtedly will have additional
"Czars" heading them. This is outright and plainly.... a bunch of
crap........pure and simple

Mr.President. You totally missed the messages of not only the "tea
parties", but the results of the recent THREE elections
, in which the
Democrats were not only defeated, BUT ROUTED. And I wouldn't even
mention the fact that I campaigned for them, if I were you. THAT, sir
was a repudiation of YOUR POLICIES.

So forge ahead with your outlandish policies. We will all be standing
at the foot of the cliffs, as your party tumbles over. THEN, we the
people will be able to clean up the mess...........once again!


  1. I got lost in a video game during
    The Messiahs speech. Did I miss
    something? LOL

  2. No, RC2, you missed NOTHING!!!!!