Thursday, January 21, 2010

Socialist Super-Shock!

Senator-elect Scott Brown, has shaken the very foundation of the
Socialist Democrat party.

Overnight, the smug and arrogant attitude of the far-left wing of the
Democratic party has been forced to face reality. What a shock for
the ever prosaic Nancy Pelosi, who has been forced to eat her own
words......"the tea partys are not grass roots, but astro-turf".
Well, Nancy.... I guess that the grass roots have grown!

With great thanks to the independent voters of Massachusetts, we can
maybe breathe a sigh of relief, that this country still lives.

It took the "Commonwealth" to launch yet a second revolution
against the tyranny and oppression of the "Obama regime"!

Way back during the presidential campaign, it was people like "Joe the
plumber" who awakened in many the feeling that we were going down the
wrong path. Unfortunately, the bulk of the Democratic party
which included 100% of the far left, 95% of the black vote and a sizable
majority of the Hispanic vote, capped off by the wishful thinking of
the independents and the moderate Republicans....... swept this
relatively unknown senator into the White House. Too many of the above
mentioned have lived to regret that decision.

I heard President Obama state that the reason the Democrats lost
Massachusetts, was because people have been fed-up for the last 8 years.
Come on long is it going to take for you
and your administration to stop blaming the Bush administration?

We had some very good years under President Bush. Admittedly, the housing
market crashed under his watch, but no Democrat will mention that it was
because of people like Barney Frank and Senator Dodd, who assured everyone
that both Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac were sound. That, in spite of the
warnings from numerous Republican Senators and the Bush White House. The
Heads of those two entities had the protection of the Democrats, and while
tens of thousands of people lost their homes, those directors walked away
with millions.

So now Mr. Obama.......... this fiasco is entirely on your watch. Cease
passing the blame back to the past. I doubt that George Washington would
be willing to take the blame for you losing the Massachusetts Senate Seat.

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  1. Brooklyn,
    I find it interesting that the Liberals and Moderates that control Massachusetts politics reject president Soetoro's choice for this senate seat. Though Mr. Brown is noteworthy the real heroes are the people!

    Thank-you Massachusetts! America is in your debt.