Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Reason Democrats won’t Broadcast Health Care on C-Span

All those “Republican ploys” were “broadcast on C-SPAN for all to see”—and the transparency didn’t work! Instead the public fell for the ploys and turned against health care reform and its Democratic sponsors.

The hearings, the briefings, the speeches—all that patient explaining. .  .  . Nothing but wasted breath. So the hell with transparency. It’s time for Plan B.
-- Andrew Ferguson
Democrats to president Soetoro: Transparently doesn’t work! That’s the reason that Democrat secret Health Care negotiations will not be broadcasted on C-Span Mr. president and American people.

Andrew Ferguson’s, Lamb’s Slaughter, article in the discusses Brian Lamb’s request to president Soetoro to keep his multiple campaign promises to broadcast all of the health care negotiations on C-Span. Lamb is a Presidential Medal of Freedom winner and the founder and CEO of C-SPAN. (see article)

However there’s just one small problem—Democrats already used C-Span to buffet their political enemies with at the beginning of the health care debate only it didn’t work out like they wished. They used the C-Span network in hopes that the public would become outraged that Republicans would have the nerve to oppose their precious Health Care reform.

Those attempts blew up in Democrat’s faces. And now gun shy Democrats feel that those C-Span broadcasts helped initiate the tea party movement so they are not in the least interested in the “transparency thing,” especially when they know that the public is not buying the Democrat message on Health care.

After all transparently as used by Democrats is used only to expose all Republican wrong doing not their own. Transparency was never meant to show the machinations of Democrat Partisan politics.

The Health Care negotiations and process will not be shown on C-Span as president Soetoro promised on his campaign trail because Democrats don’t believe in transparency really. No they only use transparency as a ploy in attempts to expose their political foes.

Lamb has other great gifts, notably as an interviewer who with a single, simple, apparently artless question can bring down a guest’s most meticulously constructed edifice of baloney.

He did it again on December 30, when he addressed a letter to congressional leaders noting that they had “all talked about the value of transparent discussions on reforming the health care system.” He therefore asked—politely, always politely—that they open the final negotiations of the bill to broadcast. One question, and the walls of baloney came tumbling down.-- Andrew Ferguson

All this talk of transparency was just talk, just words to get Soetoro elected president.

The proof of that is you wouldn’t be seeing any C-Span televised programming of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi working on the Health Care bill, it’ll all be done behind closed doors. And if all of Democrat’s wishes come true a new Health Care Reform bill signed by the president will be sprung on the American people at Barry Hussein Soetoro’s upcoming State of the Union address.

That is not what president Soetoro campaigned on and that is not what he promised. Instead of the disinfectant of sunlight being shown on this bill as the president promised; Barry Soetoro, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are using the same backroom corrupted politics that have always infected Washington D.C. to get their partisan agenda on health care firmly ensconced into law.

What’s in this bill is so appalling that Pelosi, Reid and Soetoro are attempting to hide it for as long as they can. Though they’d love nothing better than to be able to announce that they've passed Health care law at Soetoro’s second State of the Union Address.

If they are able to accomplish this and if the president notes that they (Democrats) were able to pass Health Care and sign it into law in the State of the Union Address. At that moment every person sitting in that Congressional chamber who is listening to the president’s address and as well every person around the United States of America who is watch the president’s address should rise to their collective feet and shout back at the president in unison, “You lie, about putting Health Care negotiations on C-Span!”

Yes another lie from the most open and honest politicians and political Party ever to govern in the United States of America.

So the hell with transparency

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