Friday, January 15, 2010


CNN David Gergen questions candidates: Republican Scott Brown and Democrat Martha Coakley
Well with all due respect it’s not the Kennedys' seat, and it’s not the Democrats' seat, it's the people's seat.

And they have the chance to send somebody down there who is an independent voter, and an independent thinker and going to look out for the best interests of the people of Massachusetts.

And the way that this bill is configured, I'd like to send it back to the drawing board because I believe people should have insurance. Not just this particular bill because it's not good for the entire country.
—Scott Brown Massachusetts Senate candidate
CNN’s David Gergen asked one of the most politically skewed debate questions in recent campaign history. Everything about the question was to put Republican candidate Scott Brown in the worst light possible. (see related article)

Mr. Brown, let me ask you this question, it's on a lot of people's minds. You said you're for health care reform, just not this bill. We know from the Clinton experience that if this bill fails, it could well be another 15 years before we see health care reform efforts in Washington. Are you willing under those circumstances to say, 'I'm going to be the person. I'm going to sit in Teddy Kennedy's seat and I'm going to be the person who's going to block it for another 15 years'?

Gergen’s question was constructed and designed to alert Massachusetts voters that Senate candidate Scott Brown was attempting to take something from them that was rightfully theirs by heritage. (see 1:26min video)

However Massachusetts Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown isn’t one to be trifled with. With the good looks of JFK, the political aplomb of Bill Clinton and the wherewithal of Ronald Reagan, Brown simply and elegantly lobbed back to Gergen an answer to Gergen’s Liberally phrased political roadside bomb.

But it wasn’t just an answer. It was the answer. It was the answer that could be the signature answer that defines the 2010 elections. Democrats consider themselves the rightful owners of our government.

We are but the inconvenient truth that Democrats must face intermittently between forcing through their $787 billion dollars stimulus package, their Democrat health care reform, their Global warming legislation and their second Stimulus package because the first was not designed to create jobs.

Whether we like it or not Democrats are forcing all of this through because they believe that this is their government just like they believe that Massachusetts is the Kennedy’s seat.

With perhaps the most political astute answer that we have heard this side of Ronald Wilson Reagan Scott Brown has just distinguished himself as the answer that the Republicans are looking for.

Barry Hussein Soetoro came out of nowhere to claim the highest political office in America. The same is possible for someone who actually has America’s best interest at heart.

I believe Scott Brown is that person. On January 19th 2010 the people of Massachusetts can make history. Massachusetts voters can begin to correct the wrong direction which Democrats are taking this country.

Because after all the Massachusetts Senate seat is not the Kennedys' seat and America’s taxpayers aren’t Democrat’s personal own piggybank.

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  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Not only does Scott Brown, Esq. have a birth certificate, but he is also a U.S. Citizen rather than a designated Mus-lump Indonesian national. Wonder of wonders, he may even be in proud possession of a real name-- not "Frank Dunham" or "Obama" (sic; a probable out-of-wedlock nom de guerre) or "Soetoro"-- sufficient to acquire a driver's license. Heavens, he even has a valid draft-registration card, Social Security number, and a Massachusetts State Certificate of Eligibility. (D/O/S lacks all of these, and has repeatedly perjured himself to that effect.)

    We suspect it will be quite some time before the benighted American electorate falls for Barry-o's visage of pulled-pork again.