Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chastise Thyself, oh "Annointed one"!

Where does this so-called President Obama get his nerve from?
Obviously, he was never taught respect on any level, and his
"Chicago style politics" didn't help him since.

First, he incorrectly and rudely chastises the Supreme Court,
on world-wide television
, and never even offered an apology later.
And I noticed that none of his adoring lame-stream media made
any attempt to cast any blame on him, but virtually attacked
Justice Olito for his reaction.
What would anyone have said
if Justice Olito stood up and corrected the president right there
on the House floor? That would have been something that the liberal
media (the promotional arm of the White House) would have bled
for all it was worth.

Adding insult to injury, this totally inexperienced
and incapable president stages a mock meeting with the Republican House members, for nothing more than a photo op and some additional
chances to lay blame on Republicans and former President Bush.

His mantra of "the party of no" still pervades his speeches and
his inability to get his own party and particularly his own act
together. Surely, others such as myself saw this before the on earth did he ever make it into office?

He meets with the opposition, under the pretext of "bipartisan"
, but what he really wanted was, "you guys get together
and back my agenda, or you are going to deprive the American people of
all my great ideas.
Not since he took office, and certainly
not during that meeting, did he accept any of the dozens of sound
ideas that Republicans have presented; on the economy, unemployment, deficit,
defense, or size of government.
An ideologue from the word go,
right up to today...........with no sign of any ability to change.

Unfortunately, we are stuck with this guy for the next three years. BUT.......... and this is key.......... we have
the ability to tie his hands and make his presidency even less effective
than one of his major supporters......... the former "peanut farmer", Jimmy Carter.
Now THERE was a president who made absolutely no mark on history.

As for our current president, his only claim to fame (which isn't even
is that he is the "first black president of the US. How
is it that his "white half" hasn't been counted? He is NOT the first
black president.......... he is a mixed race president
, following the
thousands of mixed race government employees and celebrities and the millions
of just every day people.

The only sure thing about Obama, is that he will rank among the worst
presidents that the US has ever elected!

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