Monday, January 25, 2010

Democrats Losing Direction with no Bush to Vilify

Some of Democrats top Vilifiers and Hate Mongers
On MSNBC, snakes and lizards poured almost visibly from Olbermann's mouth when he said Scott Brown spoke "out of his bare bottom," and called the Massachusetts father of two "an irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude-model tea-bagging supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees." Olbermann has apologized; Scott Brown is on his way to Washington.—Meghan Cox Gurdon
Come on Meghan, Keith Olbermann didn’t apologize (see video non-apology below) you couldn’t possibly be that void of understanding—could you?

Just because someone says the word apologize doesn’t mean that they’ve actually apologized. But I digress back to the point. (see article)

Barry Hussein Soetoro owes his presidency to George W. Bush. If Bush had not run against him in 2008 then… oh snap wait a minute Bush didn’t run in 2008 so what was all that talking about Bush in the 2008 elections.

That’s right –that’s right, it’s all coming back to me now, it was Democrat strategy to use the country’s general dissatisfaction and focus it on President Bush thereby (wrongly) putting a face on everything that was wrong with our country. Democrat’s strategy was simple, whomever the Republican put up for their nominee don’t run against the nominee run against BUSH!

And boy did that strategy work. Dissatisfaction so used served to sweep Democrats into office. After 8 years of unrelenting and reckless President bashing, George W. Bush became not only unpopular but hated among left-wing radicals and Democrats alike.

It didn’t help Bush’s cause that he complied with Democrat attacks due to the fact that he don’t understand the strategy being used against him so he rarely if ever defended himself against their many vociferous and vicious attacks. That lack of understanding made it bad for Bush, the country and made it bad for the Republican Party.

Well as planned the deed was done. Bush was vanquished in 2008 and Democrats turned to the spoils of governing with super majorities in both houses of Congress and a Democrat perched atop the pinnacle of world power.

But instead of allowing the vanquished Bush to be buried in the obscurity of political defeat Democrats virtually took the beaten body of Bush impaled him on a pole of blame and struck and slapped at him every political opportunity that presented itself until there was hardly anything left to hit.

President Soetoro still strikes at the impaled body of Bush every time he speaks. I’m sure he’ll do it in upcoming State of the Union address. Oh he’ll do it in what he thinks are obscure and opaque terms but we’ll all know that, “what he inherited,” or “when he got here he was faced with…” will be swipes at the impaled political body of Bush.

Even so there are some Democrats who now see that they have worn this strategy down to its bare bones. Savvy Democrats realize that they are losing traction with this technique. This presents the problem of what to do if a strategy that worked so well for you for eight years has become blatantly predictable and grating on political allies and adversaries alike.

So attempting to cast about for another political weapon Democrats though it might work if they forego the nuance and go straight for the jugular, as they reasoned Bush was just a figurehead for who Democrats were attacking in reality. That's right, when Democrats were attacking Bush, they were actually attacking Conservatives, the Conservative ideology and people who believe in Conservative principles.

So why not go after Teabaggers, Nazis, Smelly Tourist, Astro Turf, racist, homophobes, bitter clingers and citizens who are Christian, Veterans and right-wing extremists.

So that’s exactly what Democrats did. Democrats not having Bush to kick around went after everyday American citizens with the same ferocity and maliciousness which they used against Bush, suddenly the American people where the true enemy of the Democrat Party.

In other words, Pelosi, Reid, Soetoro and their Rush Limbaugh media “wanna be”, Keith Olbermann all straight-out attacked the American people. (see examples)





But the TV talker's epithets are worth remembering, if only as a perfect distillation of the coruscating contempt, disdain, and false characterization that liberals have heaped upon millions of their countrymen since President Obama started running for the White House.
American voters who do not support Obama's scheme to "remake" America have been disparaged for a year. They've been slandered, called the worst names: Nazis, astroturfers, right-wing nut cases, "tea baggers."—Meghan Cox Gurdon

Hit with major loses in Virginia, New Jersey and now Massachusetts Democrats might want to rethink attacking the American people with pejoratives and invectives that they heretofore reserved only for George W. Bush.

Vilifying your opponents and disrespecting the people who vote you into office is no way to win elections and influence people Democrats. And now that we all know the ugliness of the Democrat soul perhaps the Boxers, Pelosis and Reids can be voted out of office. I’m sure Keith Olbermann needs writers for the “two minute hate” speech featured on his show.

Notwithstanding that, Democrats seem to be lost and losing without their old standard of having Bush to kick around.

Without the negative invectives and the blame game Democrats have very little else.


  1. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Of course there is also no Air America around anymore to do the vilifying. (Hint, Hint).

  2. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Let's see . . . isn't the Democrats villifying Bush much like a jealous football team villifying a tackling dummy for its intelligence? Shouldn't the football team be more concerned about their own intelligence instead of being upset that the tackling dummy outscored them on the IQ Test? Besides, the fact that the football team is not concerned with next weeks game with "the other team", aka Joblessness, should tell you about how that game is going to go. It should also tell you how the footbal team's previous games with Recession, Inflation, Healthcare, Global Warming, the Chicago Olympics, and the Depression has gone, a winless season.