Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Buck started with Obama

President Truman with ‘the buck stops here’ sign on desk

I read something hilarious. An article entitled, President Obama: 'The buck stops with me' by JOSH GERSTEIN & LAURA ROZEN published on line Politico.
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I thought how funny, president Soetoro and his sycophants are betting that he can get away with feigning “Presidential” responsibility for the near tragedy where nearly 300 America citizens could have been murdered. This instead of president Soetoro assuming personal responsibility for this almost tragedy.

What arrogance to assume that he only has to take official responsibility thinking that no one would ascribe to him the actual blame that he deserves.

It's commonly accepted that one takes official responsibility when those under your authority are guilty of something wrong. One isn't personally responsible only officially so. That is because someone in authority is typically considered technically responsible for those under his or her command.

Not so with Soetoro he is personally responsible because it was his philosophies, his policies and his changing of the Bush terrorism procedures that had direct bearing on Christmas Day bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's ability to get on Northwest flight 253.
Aides to Obama signaled that he was consciously seeking to be the anti-Bush, airing the administration’s dirty laundry and stepping up to take his share of the responsibility. – JOSH GERSTEIN & LAURA ROZEN
It is because of the direct actions of president Barry Hussein Soetoro that this so called Christmas Bomber was able to successfully evade security protocols because Soetoro weakened those protocols in his attempts to be “anti-Bush.” (see previous post)

That’s right the buck actually starts with president Soetoro who fought against the Bush administration’s efforts to keep the America people safe from terrorism. And as soon as he got into office he began to dismantle many of those policies.

That combined with a complete philosophical change from the Bush administration’s execution of the War on Terror the Soetoro administration has left America open and unprotected to terrorist attempts on American lives.

Gerstein and Rozen in their sycophantic efforts attempted to make Soetoro’s Mea culpa seem noble. It wasn’t. As they reported this was but Soetoro’s conscious effort to be anti-Bush. Another swipe at Bush, plesse give it a rest Barry!

The only thing is after 9/11 president Bush’s efforts allowed zero terrorist acts on American soil conversely there have been at least two terrorist acts on U.S. soil since the Soetoro inauguration.

It is reported that Soetoro has ordered an explanation of the failures of our intelligence and security agencies. Wouldn't it be ironic if returned with the report are recommendations to put back in place the Bush Cheney policies that Soetoro stripped out of our national security policy. The very same policies that were taken out in Soetoro's attempt to be anti-Bush. Now that would be classic!

If that happens Soetoro will be shown to be not only “presidentially responsible” but personally responsible for weakening America’s security against terrorism. Then we will know that the buck not only stops with him but the buck actually started with him!

Wouldn’t it be refreshingly honest of the president to say to America, “ I’m sure you all are aware of the several recent Terrorist attacks against America. Let me say this about that, ‘The buck starts with me!’

In other words all of my policies and all of my philosophies are the reason terrorists are attacking America anew. I thought that I could placate Muslims with speeches and affirmations of their religion. I thought I could dismantle what president Bush did before me in his efforts to keep America safe and I was terribly wrong. These attacks are entirely my fault personally. I am personally responsible for endangering the lives of almost 300 of our fellow citizens.

That would be closer to the truth than hiding behind the image of U.S. president Harry S. Truman who had a sign with the inscription on his desk ‘the buck stops here.’ The sign was meant to indicate that he didn't 'pass the buck' to anyone else but accepted personal responsibility for the way the country was governed. Not so with Soetoro who greatest attribute is finger pointing.

Soetoro on the other hand has blamed our intelligence agencies for the failure to detect and prevent the Christmas bombing attempt. And in the very act of “taking responsibility” president Soetoro is in fact taking a swipe at former President Bush by his aides’ own admission.

So much for Soetoro’s rendering of the Harry Truman like statement. Barry Hussein Soetoro is no Harry Truman!

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