Thursday, May 24, 2007

Same 'Ole, Same 'Ole............

More of what the Democrats do so well.... pure
BS. When facts don’t work out the way you
want, ..........spin, spin, spin. Eventually, enough
liberal puppets might believe you, and you hang
in there for another day.

This is a classic! Associated Press writes:
"Memo Urges Sen.Clinton to Bypass Iowa"!
Wow, that is news. Seems that a short time ago,
Hillary was very anxious to get to Iowa. She was
confident, arrogant, and itching to lay out her
leftist agenda for an admiring audience.

Now, her deputy campaign manager is urging her
to bypass the state’s primary, because SHE IS
EDWARDS AS WELL! That is laughable. I
see moderate and conservative Republicans rolling
in the aisles over this one. THIS is the lady who
just a few months ago, was most likely going to be
the Democratic candidate for president, and was
definitely going to take the White House.

If she ever pulls this out of her hat, and makes it
as the official Democratic Candidate, the Republicans
could put up Daffy Duck, and he would win!

Just my conservative opinion, Slate..............


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