Monday, September 17, 2007

The Key Words...............

Hillary is at it again. Her "welfare-healthfare"
program of thirteen years ago has been resurrected!
I guess she thinks that people have forgotten the
fiasco and would approve of it now.

Be careful my friends............. before you swallow
the worm and get hooked. Look at those "key words"
in her speech. Her "new approach" would require
every American to have health insurance, "with
federal assistance to help defray the cost".

Good God............ how stupid does she think the
American voter is? We all know that means
humongous tax increases on the top 45% of the
wage earners, in order to pay for all those families
that can’t afford the "ordered coverage". Add to
that, the new federal bureaurocracy needed to police
the entire program.... and the additional cost of
preventing and covering the graft and corruption
that will be built into it by it's originators.

Remember on election day folks............ a vote for
Hillary, is a vote for the poorhouse. Both she and
Obama have been courting the minority votes by
promising pie in the sky.............deserving or not...
..... just so they can both achieve their own selfish
aims. Obama to be the first black president of the
United States. And Hillary to be the first female
president........ not that her influence during her
husband’s administration didn’t almost destroy
the country.

I honestly don’t care, at this point in time, who the
Republicans nominate for President. He/she has
my vote. Not a difficult decision after listening
to the recent "opening salvos" in the Democratic
run for the nomination.


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