Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This time an International Shellacking but he keeps on Hacking

Obama argues that these failures are not a sign of political weakness, and he defended his economic record when asked if he could promise the American people that they would see noticeable job growth before he runs for re-election.

"We've grown the economy by a million jobs over the last year, so that's pretty noticeable," Obama said. "I think those million people who've been hired noticed those paychecks."
—Jake Tapper, ABCNews
ABC’s Jake Tapper reported that the president’s "Smile and Bow" Asian trip was an abysmal failure. Using the baseball metaphor of three strikes and you’re out ABC outlined, over the president’s excuses, three of the White house’s goals the president failed to meet on his 200 million dollar-a-day trip. (see story)

First, the president failed to convince the South Koreans to open their markets to the United States. Second, the president failed to convince the Chinese president to change his country’s currency policies. Third, Mr. Soetoro failed to get the G20 to back him in condemning China’s currency policies. (see 2:12min video)

If the president really believes that he didn’t do a good enough job selling the American people on his domestic policies, which resulted in his November 2 shellacking at home and the subsequent loss of the U.S. House of Representatives, then he should be no less than shell shocked because of this international rebuke from the people of the world.

Moreover, we all know how president Soetoro loves playing to the people of the world. It must be shocking to Soetoro that the people of the world aren’t reciprocating the love.

Does this mean that the $10 billion in exports and 70,000 American jobs that president Soetoro said this trip could produce won’t be materializing to justify the 200 million dollar-a-day expended by the president on this trip?

Then who’s going to pay for this trip?

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