Thursday, November 11, 2010

Please don’t confuse Bill Maher with the Facts

Bill Maher Claims Election Losses Due to No Public Option; Fareed Zakaria Politely Disagrees
Bill Maher made his fame because he has the ability to argue nonsensical arguments while getting dolts to agree and applaud, makes another outlandish statement. Case in point Bill attempts to argue two points. First Blue Dog Democrats, who were voted in by Conservatives in Conservative districts only because Blue Dogs presented themselves as Conservatives, were voted out in the midterm elections because the Blue Dogs distanced themselves from the president. Huh?

Wouldn’t distancing themselves from president Soetoro help Blue Dogs because of Conservative and Independent backlash against the Liberal president and his Liberal policies?

Second Maher argues the Conservative wave which sweep out Democrats was due to a Democrat controlled Congress’s inability to force “No Public Option” into the new Democrat healthcare law.

Immediately Maher’s guest Fareed Zakaria point out the inconsistencies and irrationality in Maher’s reasoning while pointing out the facts of the matter.

What does Maher do? Maher pronounces that reality is not true when in fact his arguments were what were not true. Maher’s example is exactly how Liberal’s argue. (see 3:06 min video)

Maher’s conduct is exactly the behavior that got Liberals and Progressives sacked in the midterm elections so please keep it up Bill!

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