Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Let Today be a Teachable Moment

Nearly halfway through the most left wing, high-spending, grow-the-government presidential term most voters can remember, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that so many of them are rebelling. The coming Republican wave is an entirely rational response to two years of Democratic arrogance and overreach. As the president and his party are about to learn, treating voters as stupid, malevolent, or confused is not a strategy for victory. —Jeff Jacoby
Can you hear it? It’s the quiet before a great storm. It’s the proverbial pin drop. Because of this U.S. Election Day, quiet voting punch pins and voting write-in, pens will be heard around the world.
Washington is listening day. The whole world is listening today. This is the only teachable day that American politicians are prone to learn anything.

When the American electorate attempted to be heard in the summer of 2008 regarding their opposition to healthcare, Washington turned a deaf ear to voters. The Washington elites were depending on the passage of time between their healthcare vote and Election Day to erase their deed from the minds of the stupid voters.

Did I say stupid voters? That type of voter insult seems to be a staple of the Democrat Party these days.

Smug Democrats have called voters Astro-Turf, Nazis, irrational, uneducated, racists, fearful, bigoted, xenophobic, homophobic, know-nothings, easily swayed dolts who are bitter clinging gun toting bible clutching White hillbilly rednecks if they don’t approve of and support the president and Democrat radical leftwing agenda.

Never has a United States Political Party openly showed such vituperative contempt for the citizens of the United States as Democrats have shown starting in 2000 and continuing today. For almost ten years, Democrats were able to cloak their contempt behind hate politics aimed at George W. Bush but no more.

With no easily identifiable target or targets to pillory Democrats began to attack voters themselves. President Soetoro has, Nancy Pelosi has and Harry Reid has done it.

As a result, voters will rebuke Democrats for Democrat puerile politics ushered in by Chicago thuggery and Sal Alinsky’s radical 60’ ideology. If Democrats are as smart as they suppose themselves to be, they will look at the three fingers pointing back at them (which happens when they point a finger at the voters). If Democrats are smart they will stop their NFL, trash talking against the U.S. electorate and quietly accept their new roles on the bench and sidelines.

This is a teachable moment for the president and his Party. This is not the country, as he supposed, where the dreams of the president’s father can be installed over and above the U.S. Constitution. This is not the country, which one can lecture down to the people as if the people are children. This is not the country were the ideology of failed European Socialism can be installed over and above Capitalism and this is not the country were wild radical hedonistic Leftism can trash the Conservative values--values, which have so far preserved this nation.
What this election will teach the president and his Party is that Americans value substance over empty highfalutin words and promises.

What this election will teach the president and his Party is that Americans are an open-minded and tolerant people who will give hope and change a chance.

Nevertheless, when the people realize that Democrats lied to them and snubbed them the people, by the grace of the Creator, will turn the liars out into the streets.

Let this Election Day be a teachable moment to all who think they are betters of the American people.

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