Thursday, November 04, 2010

Under Obama: Dems Officially become the Ghetto Party

Obama. Whites' support for Democrats in 2010 roughly matches the president's standing prior to the September 2008 crash. Before the crash, Obama polled like earlier Democratic nominees with whites. After the crash, Obama earned the support of more white men than any other Democrat since 1976. He also improved with white women, winning a traditional share for Democrats.

We will hear charges of racism. But independent whites who voted for Obama have not suddenly realized he's black. Many independents were willing to gamble on Democrats.
-- David Paul Kuhn
It had to happen. With all of the disrespect that this president and his Party has leveled toward White people (White men in particular) they finally succeeded in making White people feel so uncomfortable and put upon, that Whites decided they had no other alternative than to flee the “Ghetto Political Party.” (see article)

Believe me it wasn’t a matter of Race on America’s White-citizen’s part (how do you think president Soetoro was elected in the first place?) Barry Hussein Soetoro election was and is the fulfillment of the great, “I have a Dream idea.” Only thing is, once the dream was achieved the president and his Party made the decision to judge people by the color of their skin. Like that movie, 48hrs Eddie Murphy line, “I am your worst nightmare an N-word with a badge.” Soetoro became America’s worst nightmare.

The recession was the dominant factor for voters this year. But the recession cannot be separated from Obama's agenda. It's said that governing is choosing. Obama's priorities were not the majority's priorities, especially not whites. Most whites have favored a smaller government over a bigger government for decades. Obama's agenda heralded the return of big government, or active-state liberalism. He gave the boldest liberal push since the Great Society-- David Paul Kuhn

Barry Hussein Soetoro decided to govern like he only had 48hrs to enact the most Socialist agenda in the history of the United States. That with interspersed smatterings of “I’m not like the other presidents” (wink, wink) Americans soon realized this is not a president that is capable of lifting us past the great Race divide.

No this is a president who purposely drove the Race car over the cliff into a ditch. Then immediately he posted two Black Panthers at the top of the ditch armed with sticks to threaten any typical White economically frustrated small town embittered persons who "cling to guns or religion" (to express their feelings) who might offer help to a wrecked ditched car. This is the way that the so called post-racial president is treating anyone who disagreed or hindered him in any way. That person or persons if White receives the equivalent to the political reverse Rodney King treatment!

That is, pure unadulterated Race baiting coming from the Whitehouse, suddenly White Cambridge police began to act stupidly according to this administration. Black Panthers armed with nightsticks and attitudes can patrol voting polling places on election day to keep Whitey in his and her places to make sure a “Black man win.”

The Soetoro justice department is down with that. The administration is so down with it that they up and decided to drop all charges of voter intimation and violations of voting rights on the Black Panthers in a “hand caught in the cookie jar, because we’ve got it on video,” case.

"I'm not recommending for future presidents that they take a shellacking like I did last night, there are easier ways to learn these lessons.”—Barry Hussein Soetoro

Excessive Race baiting in combination with excessive pandering to Blacks, Hispanics, Women and Homosexuals president Soetoro has succeeded in making the Democrat Party the Ghetto Party.

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