Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More Democratic Deception!

Look at the news............the Democrats, with the
help of the MSM, are trying their damndest to
make President Bush's veto of the "child health-
care bill", look like the act of a heartless politician.

On the contrary........... Bush's move is exactly what
was needed in this case. The liberals won't be happy
until this country has socialized medicine, and will be
in the same sorry situation as the British and the
Canadians. I personally know people living under both
plans, and their horror stories are the type that inspire
hit movies.

This Democratic "plan" (with the help of some misguided
Republicans), is nothing more than a take-off
on "Hillary-care"............ the failed SOCIALIZED
medicine plan of the presidential 'wanna-be'.

If this ever becomes law, expect ALL medical expenses
to rise dramatically............ to cover the costs of all
those who will switch from private insurers to the
newly available "government" coverage. And of
course, all government expenses will skyrocket to
heights never before achieved under the tax and spend

Oh, they will justify the tax increases as "necessary"
to cover the rising cost of their bureaurocracy, which
would't be necessary in the first place, if they had
left the government out of the health-care industry.

Only Democrats believe that the government can do
everything better than the private sector. That is
why, every time Republicans gain control of the
the White House and Congress, it takes them years
to clean up the mess created by the liberal element.

If Democrats were really serious, they would allow
tax deductions for medical insurance premiums, and
for ALL medical expenses not covered by insurance.....
instead of starting a whole new government industry.
And they would save the billions needed to fund this
ridiculous "pie-in-the-sky solution".


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