Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Democrats “Shell” Game!

In response to the deluge of emails, phone calls and faxes
to the Democratic Congress.............guess what?

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, have accepted defeat, without
saying it of course
, and stated that they are about to present
their long-overdue and belated Energy Bill. Well.............
a bill of sorts, but certainly not an energy bill.

Those in the know, say that they will open up “offshore
, but not the way the public is demanding. Their
criteria will be no drilling within 50 miles of our shorelines.
That is to pacify the public, and still keep faith with the
environmentalists, who form a good chunk of the Democratic
party, and whom the Democratic Congress fears.

What good will that do, when 85% of the proven reserves are
only about 7 miles offshore? Why on earth do we have to
sail right over the bonanza, to drill in areas that have virtually
no oil worth pumping? This is the other side of the stupid
Democratic argument, that the oil companies should drill where
they already hold leases.
But that wouldn’t work because
every time they tried to drill the wacky environmentalists
would file suit through their ally and supporter, the ACLU.

This is the Democratic Congress that made all those grandiose
promises to voters about bringing “change”.
The only change
that happened in ‘06, was a change for the worse. Look back
and check on the facts. Without doubt........... this congress
has the all-time lowest approval rating of all time..... a mere 9%.

That is a disgrace.................. and yet we continue to reward them with the best life insurance policy, best pension plan, best medical
and dental coverage, in the entire world. .... at any price! We
pay for their hair salons and barber shops, and their free cafeteria.
We supply their limousine and their airplanes.

Is it so much to ask that they represent us in the fashion that
we are requesting? Who made them “gods” of our lives and
our fate? They work for us, but yet they feel that we are subject
to their whims...........like it or lump it!!!

Now............. they are offering more “change”....... God help us!

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