Friday, November 16, 2007

The Dumb Dems Don't Get It!

The Democrats, led by Senator Harry Reid, continue
chipping away at the support for the war in Iraq.

They will keep proposing bills that just don't make
any more sense, than the victory that they achieved
last year.

To cut off funding for the war, and then claim what
patriotic and dedicated representatives of the people
they are, shows exactly how two-faced they are.

The only way to bring our troops home, is with a
victory in Iraq. They talk about the US losing the
respect of the world, and yet, they deny that they were
the very cause of that loss. They, together with the
far left sympathizers in the country, forced the end to
a war that we were actually beginning to win.

Now, they want to do the very same thing in Iraq. It
doesn't bode well for the country, when the people
can be duped by a bunch of self-centered, egotistical
morons such as control the Congress.

Let's hope that come the '08 elections, those who voted
these worthless idiots into office, come to their senses
and get them the hell out........ starting with Reid and



  1. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Keep your Eye on the Ball, Brookie! Just follow the Money.

    What am I talking about? The Democrats are raising funds frome the moveons. That is how they must talk to get their cash. Right now, the moveon support is at a premium, as they have a lot of control over the delegates who will nominate the presidential candidate.

    What happens after March, when things are decided, be it for Hillary or for Barack? The moveons will be dumped as the Democrats try to mainstream themselves, and as the moveone money gets drained.

    Prepare for a sudden surge of Patriotism among the Democrats around March, when the War finally looks like it will be successfully completed. (like the September 1944World War II Maps looked like). Fair Weather patriots will come out of the woodwork like they did in France! All that will remain of their criticism will be the weak "Bush Mismanaged the War; that's why it ook so long!". Of course, be prepared for a host of new allies, like what happened in March-April of 1945 when most of South America (except Brazil, who actually joined a year before) suddenly discovered that they had a quarrel with Hitler and declared war.

    The Dems get it all right. The REAL ISSUE is whether the American People will get the point about their sudden expected surge in Patriotism next March.

    You need to hit those History Books, Brookie! History repeats itself, but never in the same way. Have a look at O'Donnell's "The Bunker", which is a story of "love" between Adolf and Eva, much like the "love story" of Bill and Hillary. That book should get you thinking about History will repeat itself, Brookie.

  2. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Hillary has been noises that she has somethng on Obama. She actually does: .

    A quick look at this photo shows Hillary, Richardson, and Harkin saluting the Flag while Obamma plays with his "Cigar".

    All Hillary has to do when she releases this photo to the Press, is to feign Patriotism and Obama will be fried!

    Hillary can be Patriotic. Just watch when she leaks this phot and tell me I'm wrong.

  3. anonymous..........

    History does indeed repeat itself.

    I don't have to crack the history books, but maybe you do. When the Dems abandon moveon.......... they will lose at the polls.

    I guarantee that!


  4. Anonymous12:03 PM


    The Democrats have abandonned people before, case in point being the Ku Klux Klan that was once their Political Action Arm (Much like the Brownshirts were to the Nazis) until the 60s.

    When the moveons become a nuissance, as the Klan before them (and as the Brownshirts were before the Night of the Long Knives), the Dems will dispose of them. After hillary gets the nomination, the moveons will have no where else to go and will have to put up with the excrement sandwich that Hillary will hand them.