Monday, May 18, 2009

Nancy Pelosi’s flight over Bosnia

Nancy Pelosi
So -- so let's get this straight. The Bush administration has conceived a policy, the CIA comes to the Congress, withholds information about the timing and the use of this subject.

They -- we later find out that it had been taking place before they even briefed us about the legal opinions and told us that they were not being used.
This is a tactic, a diversionary tactic to take the spotlight off of those who conceived, developed and implemented these policies, which all of us long opposed.

My action on it was further to say: We have to change the majority in Congress. We have to win the White House so that we can change it.
–Nancy Pelosi
So let’s get this straight according to Democrat partisan and Uber-Liberal Nancy Pelosi on the topic of what she knew about waterboarding and when she knew it, it's all Bush’s fault because it was the president’s policy to illegally torture and in addition to that the CIA was complicit in it because it lied to Congress about this subject?

Do we have it now Ms. Pelosi?

And then there’s that little matter of why we're even speaking about this subject anyway. Ms. Pelosi claims that this is a tactic, a diversionary tactic to take the spotlight off of those who conceived, developed and implemented the policies of torture, which by the way she and Democrats has always opposed.
I was fighting the war in Iraq at that point, too, you know, saying to my members the intelligence does not support the imminent threat that they are conceding.—Nancy Pelosi
And what did Ms. Pelosi do about it? Well she’s not bragging or anything like that but after she fought the Iraq war she took control of Congress for Democrats and after that she put Democrat Barack Obama in the White House so that she could implement a truth commissions in order to stop the illegal practice of torture and bring the perpetrators of these human rights violations of the Bush administration to justice. (Why Pelosi's a legion in her own mind)

Sound quite remarkable doesn’t it? Almost as remarkable as then Sen. Hillary Clinton’s fantastic recollection of her own heroics in the skies over war torn Bosnia where Sen. Clinton’s plane took on sniper fire and when the Senator’s plane landed she had to hurry Chelsea to safety from the bullets flying everywhere you remember don’t you? In case you’ve forgotten Sen. Clinton had a camera crew aboard which captured for all posterity the accuracy of her memory of those events as well as captured Sen. Clinton’s heroics. (see 1:56min video)

Well unfortunately we don’t have a camera crew to verify the veracity of Congresswoman’s Pelosi’s heroic claims of fighting the Iraq war and capturing Congress and the White House for Demcrats. And we don't have footage covering whether or not she was briefed on waterboarding. But what we do have are the CIA documents and various witnesses that report that Ms. Pelosi was briefed regarding the technique of waterboarding in 2002.

These sources also report that Pelosi never so much as showed the slightest discomfort with the techniques nor did she complain about the techniques to any one, as did Congresswoman Jane Harman who wrote a letter of concern to CIA officials when she received the same CIA briefing on Enhanced Interrogation Techniques.

The sheer hypocrisy screams at us. Pelosi was down with waterboarding right after 9/11 when everyone else was. But when the acts at Guantanamo Bay brought torture into the forefront of the American lexicon Democrats found that they could use this subject to beat George Bush and Republicans about the head with so they, Pelosi included, began to back away from their original support of these techniques as well they threatened to prosecute the Bush administration for the very practices that Democrats were aware of and condoned.

This is why it is so important that Pelosi is able to say that she wasn’t briefed and that she knew absolutely nothing about the practice. You see, her calls to prosecute the Bush administration over these so called torture techniques would appear to be unreasonably partisan and they would be exposed as the hypocritical ploy that they are if it holds that she knew about waterboarding all along. It would seem even to the most partisan Democrat that she is simply lying and using waterboarding and the subject of torture as just another Democrat attempt to score political points.

The evidence from the CIA and Pelosi’s own contradictory statements are so compelling that an usually partisan and Democrat supportive media is asking enough questions that Pelosi’s story is ever evolving from a emphatic she wasn’t ever briefed about waterboarding period into a more unsure she was told about a briefing by someone who was briefed about the subject but that person did not tell her what the briefing was about. (yeah right!) (see here )

Following is a remarkable nineteen minute news briefing with question and answer session with the Congresswoman. In it Ms. Pelosi attempts to blame former president Bush the CIA and her incompetent staff for not briefing her and for outright lying or misleading her about waterboarding.

Which only begs the question, if Ms. Pelosi was so easily misled about the Iraq war and waterboarding by a President and his administration which she totally disrespected and apparently distrusted then what’s to say that she has ever gotten anything correct? (see transcript) (see 19:34 min video)

Never before has a public official been as busted as Hillary Clinton who bald faced lied about taking sniper fire over Bosnia. Come on Hillary we have the video. Now Nancy Pelosi wants to call the CIA liars and assert that this controversy is all some vast Right-wing conspiracy.

Well last I checked Congresswoman the Republicans are out of power and are in somewhat of a condition of disarray. It would be nice if they could pull something like this off but they would need mainstream media's support which is squarely in the Democrat’s camp.

No I’m thinking that you’ve been caught in a web of your own making Ms. Pelosi.

Ms. Pelosi you were for torture before you were against it. And now you’re simply considering prosecuting Bush aides with your so called independent truth commission for “the log that is in your own eye.” Ms. Pelosi, people are noticing your hypocrisy!

Not to mention that the story that you were never briefed regarding waterboarding has just as much credibility as Clinton’s sniper fire over Bosnia story. In fact that Bosnia lie may have just been what cost Clinton the Democrat nomination to be president.

Who knows what your little “tay da tay” with the CIA will cost you Ms. Pelosi!


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