Thursday, August 06, 2009

Say it Loud, “I’m a Birther and Proud!”

I will not be dissuaded by editorial cartoons or counter disinformation tactics of the left wing to discredit anyone who wishes to see proof of Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility to be president of the United States of America . (see story)

All of the lies and ad hominem attacks only show the shear desperation that the left is in because they know a righteous cause when they see one, though they’ve never been in an actual righteous cause, they know. Anyway according to Tommy DeSeno’s article, Obama’s to Blame for the Birther Movement! (see article)

I, however, will not be discouraged by Obama Disinformationists because it is my right as a citizen of this country to demand that my government and my leaders are held accountable to the standards that were put in place to ensure that this country would continue to be the exceptional example of freedom that the founders envisioned.

That standard is the Constitution of the United States which says that: No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President—Article II Sect I.

I will not allow the arbitrary and relativist belief that the ends justify the means which Obama supporters hold, what that is, is even if Obama ran an illegitimate and ineligible campaign and won it is now too late to do anything about it. You do know Obama supporters actually believe this! This was actually said to my face! Hey friend, there is no statue of limitations on murder that includes murdering the Constitution of the United States !

What this shows is, Obama supporters really don’t care about the Constitution, they don’t care about the rule of law and they don’t care about doing the right thing. The only thing that they care about is having their way. And right now “their way” is having Barack Hussein Obama remain the illegitimate usurper who is ineligible to be president.

In spite of the fact that he is illegitimate he sits in the White House aided by a corrupt political Party that would rather disavow the Constitution or for that matter lose a war rather then allow their political opponents to win.
And there's nothing anyone can do to convince these folks. You could hand them, in person, the original birth certificate and have a video of Obama emerging from the womb with Don Ho singing in the background ... and they still wouldn't believe it.—Bill Maher
Bill Maher and his likes use ridicule, contempt and baseless charges in their arguments attempting to discredit people who have this country’s best interest at heart. I will not be intimidated by Maher and the left’s frantic tactics to deflect and protect illegitimacy. (Birthers must be stopped)

And what is the left’s ever evolving love affair with illegitimacy any way? They love illegal aliens and won’t enforce the constitutional mandate to protect America ’s borders and now they are protecting an illegitimate usurper who refuses to show not only his birth certificate but any documentation that would give Americans an idea of who he is.

Don’t people like Maher know that Obama’s first act as president was to sign executive order 13489 banning the release of any of his records or do they just justify that act too? (see order)

Obama has had the following records sealed from public view; kindergarten records, Punahou school records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, passport, medical records, files from his years as an Illinois state senator, Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records, the original vault copy (OVC) of his birth records, and his adoption records.

So Mr. Maher, Mr. Funnyman you get your president to show the OVC of his birth certificate, a document that you or any of Obama’s supports have not seen, and release any of these other sealed records and I’ll guarantee that Don Ho won’t be needed for further proof.

Mr. Maher you are defending the indefensible. Remember the media was asking to see Hillary Clinton’s date book when she was first lady to verify that she had the experience that she claimed she had to be president? Are we going to ask for less because Obama is Black? And I only refer to his race because his supporters use race as a shield to inculcate Obama from any scrutiny whatsoever.

What this all comes down to is the left’s fanatical attack against anyone or any persons that would legitimately question the lack of documentation that Obama has presented to date. The radical left uses race to define birthers as such:
A racist sore loser who can’t deal with having a black president so they make up absurd conspiracy theories about Barack Obama’s birth certificate. These nutjobs actually believe that there has been a conspiracy going back 48 years to fake Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

Apparently they had a crystal ball and knew that this black child (born in the days of segregation) would someday run for President. “Just ignore that racist nutjob foaming at the mouth. He’s a right wing birther conspiracy nut. gop racist bedwetter nazi klansman self-hating-gay, scoobydubious, Jul 16, 2009
(see source)
No College Records, no Passport, no school records, no health records, no written papers, no Illinois legislative records and no birth certificate because they have all been hidden by Obama. And people who ask to see some documentation are Nutjobs? Please!

I refuse to let the left’s visceral vitriol ad hominem attacks put me off from the truth. And if being derided as a “birther” is the best that they can do then I wear that distinction as a badge of honor!

If Obama and his left wing cohorts really wanted to hurt me or hurt the so-called “birthers”, just show the original vaulted Obama birth certificate and I and birthers will disappear into the darkness of the Ethernet never to be heard from again that is if Obama’s sealed documents verify what Obama is asking us to take him at his word for.

If these documents are not released then in 2012, as now, Obama is going to have some 'splaining to do!


  1. Anonymous8:44 AM

    "If Obama and his left wing cohorts really wanted to hurt me or hurt the so-called “birthers”, just show the original vaulted Obama birth certificate and I and birthers will disappear into the darkness of the Ethernet never to be heard from again."

    Sure you will. There are actually Freeptards demanding proof that Obama's mother was actually pregnant with him.

  2. Anon,
    "Sure you will. There are actually Freeptards demanding proof that Obama's mother was actually pregnant with him."

    Your doubt is just a convenient excuse to suspend your responsiblity to think for yourself.

    Don't tell me what I wouldn't do. Not everyone is as unscrupulous as you liberals. Some of us actually keep our words.

    Try it! Have Obama release his information!

  3. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Blogger -- Keep up this nonsense for another 7 years, if you can. The COLB posted on the net proves Obama was born in Hawaii. It is a prima facie record of his birth. It is signed, stamped and certified. President Obama meets the eligiblity requirements stipulated in the constitution.

    But you keep the nonsense up.

  4. Anonymous9:03 AM

    As far as the election commission, all 50 states, John McCain, the Electoral College, tens of millions of voters and too many others to name are concerned, Obama is a citizen. It's a non-issue that makes birthers look as nutty as the 9/11 truthers.

    Sure, maybe you'll keep your word and disappear, but there are many out there who won't. And you know I'm right.

  5. Anon,
    See who's the conspiracy theorist now? The country didn't vote on Obama's citizenship!

    Democrats made the 2008 election a campaign against Bush and you know it. Obama's credentials never come up publicly so he was able to slide in under the radar.

    This is an issue and birther only look nutty to Obama-bots

    You should join me in demanding that Obama release his BC so you Libs can refocus your attention on the further dismantling of America with Obama's hope and change agenda!

    Come on say it with me, "Release the long Form!"

    See I knew you could!

  6. Anonymous9:23 AM

    At what point do you morons realize how idiotic you look? You've become parody. Your leader is a raving lunatic (Orly Taitz) that is the comedic gift that keeps on giving.

    I'm curious, if the White House actually acknowledged you fools and showed you personally the "long form" you so desire, will you and your ilk STFU?

    Of course not. You'll claim it's a fake. "Why did it take so long?!" you'll whine. Their non-response is the only proper response (just as Bush's was to the 9/11 nutjobs.)

    Acknowledging you wingnuts is validating your insane fantasy. Please... just go away and stockpile your guns and ammo for the coming Rapture.

  7. Thomas9:39 AM

    This issue will not go away. Now look at Senator Chuck Schumer's 22 second YouTube Clip:

    Now, this goes to all of you sick f&*ks. Until we the people get the documents of fraudama, this issue will NOT go away.

    If you hide something, you have something to hide. Period. Paragraph. IF YOU HIDE SOMETHING, YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE!

  8. See this is exactly what I mean. Hey Anon with all the name calling don't have a stroke.

    If you wish the "morons" to stop get get your boy to show his birth certificate!

    It doesn't matter how I look to you because you haven't seen the BC either so I'm thinking your the fool not me!

  9. Anon You said:
    "Blogger -- Keep up this nonsense for another 7 years, if you can. The COLB posted on the net proves Obama was born in Hawaii. It is a prima facie record of his birth. It is signed, stamped and certified. President Obama meets the eligiblity requirements stipulated in the constitution."

    Anon surely you don't think the Usurper is going to serve a second term do you? Hahahahahaha

    With the posting of those phony documents Obama has sealed his faith.

    Nobody is going to take his word for anything after he finishes botching up the economy.

    What's posted on the net proves nothing. That's why it's there so psycopants like you can point to it and say, Look, look here's proof when there is no proof.

    That document has been proven invalid by reputable sources just check

  10. People like Anon may soon find thenselves
    in the minority when his/her Great Messiah
    has totally brought this country down to
    Third World status.

    The Cap and Trade bill, the Big Bank bailout,
    the up and coming Kill Grandma health care
    scheme and Obama's lying are not enough
    proof that something is wrong with Anons
    Idol. Maybe Anon should worry more about
    his/hers lack of intelligence. Some of us
    have inquiring minds while others require
    a mind.

  11. When Obama came to office, the Dow Jones Average was at 8279.6. It closed today, after profit-taking, at 9370.12.

    As for Obama not being a Natural Born Citizen, the Wall Street Journal handled that in its Web page of July 30.


    The birthers have also misrepresented the law in the claims they have made about Obama’s birth certificate. In truth, Obama has proved that he is a native of Hawaii, and this proof would hold up in any legal or administrative proceeding.

    In order to explain the birthers’ deception on this point, it is necessary to delve into the arcana of Hawaiian vital records. The document that Obama has released, which carries the title “certification of live birth,” confirms that the president was born in Honolulu. It is a legal birth certificate, and, as the Honolulu Star-Bulletin notes, it is the only kind of birth certificate the state of Hawaii issues. has a close-up photo of the certificate, which states clearly at the bottom: “This copy serves as prima facie evidence of the fact of birth in any court proceeding.” If a court were somehow to take up the question of Obama’s eligibility, then, the birth certificate would almost certainly be sufficient to resolve the question in his favor. The opposing side would have to provide serious evidence calling into question the veracity of Hawaii’s official state records. Innuendo and hearsay would not be admissible.

    Further, if Congress were to pass the so-called birther bill, Obama would be able to comply easily. The bill would require presidential campaigns to submit “a copy of the candidate’s birth certificate” to the Federal Election Commission. The certificate Obama has released publicly would meet this requirement.

    End quotes

  12. Let's say you're right. Then what is preventing obama from releasing his OVC of his Birth Certificate? And don't say there isn't such a thing I've dealt with that subject here.

    Obama is the cause of this scandal by signing by executive order 13489 sealing all pertain records that would verify the truth.

    Until we see the actual documents all that you or any one else has is hearsay.

    You have no proof and you can cite no proof(sorry your WSJ article is only hearsay) so again release the documents for us all to see so there will be no question or second hand information.

    Because I can assure you that this issue alone will stop a 2nd term and because of the extraordinary measures that obama has gone to (spent 1million plus to defend against suits requesting access to these doduments.

    So don't came here with flim-flam like there's been some legitimate attempt by obama to resolve this issue.

    Obama has released just even so people like you and point to documents that prove nothing and say, "See these are the birth Certificates"

    I feel sorry for your confusion. For your own sense of integrity you should join me in asking to see the originals otherwise you defend what you know nothing factually about.

    You haven't seen the records so how and you defend them? By citing WSJ? Please!!!

  13. Hiding records that are pertinent to the
    legitimacy of Obama as President doesn't
    make any difference to LibTards. The
    dishonesty of Obama is becoming more and
    more transparent just by his actions.

    I guess that's what Obama means by
    "transparent government".[sarcasm]