Thursday, October 22, 2009

Obama’s Fox weakness shows that he is a Petty Man

After months of low-grade rhetorical combat with Fox News, the White House finally declared all-out war this weekend.—Alex Koppleman
Trying to stifle debate -- to ridicule or intimidate your opponents isn't smart politics. It's stupid politics. Voters resent it. All the more they will resent it, if opening at Christmas the nice, shiny present from Congress, they dislike its look and smell. They might decide to throw it back at the giver.—William Murchison
The Biblical story of Haman is the story of Barry Hussein Soetoro as far as Fox News is concern. In the biblical account Haman ascended to the most powerful position in the kingdom under only King Xerxes. Everyone paid homage to him save this one little Jewish man named Mordecai. All the king’s officials would bow down before Haman to show him respect whenever he passed by, the king commanded it. But Mordecai refused to bow down to him.

Likewise president Soetoro has all of News Media bowing and scraping before him, reporting his propaganda. And to confirm this it was just recently disclosed by White House Communications Director Anita Dunn, that the Barry Soetoro White House controls the media--all News Media except one, the one that he’s declared war on, Fox News. And because Fox News does not bow down to Soetoro’s propaganda he has set his mind to destroying it. (see story) and (here) (see 2:44min video)

How quickly we forget the relentless all out media barrage against George W. Bush for 8 straight years. Nevertheless, Soetoro declared hostile intent on only one News Media network. If President Bush would have had the same attitude of pettiness as Soetoro has, Bush would have declare war on all media because they all declared war on him. Anyone remember Dan Rather?

To its credit Fox hasn’t unjustly reported overtly negatively on president Soetoro. It is only because pro-Soetoro media is so left leaning (that’s ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and Univision) the Soetoro Administration can’t tell a center of left News network when it sees one in Fox.

Fox News reports the News straight. But because Fox is not fawning over Soetoro like the other Networks the president has pick up that radical leftist Daily Kos “kill Fox,” “don’t go on Fox” mantra that was so prevalent during the 2008 campaign. (see 2:04min video)

The Soetoro administration which is an arm of the radical left-wing Marxist of the Democrat Party needs an enemy. Democrats miss having George Bush to kick around. Oh they’ve attempted to replace Bush with Limbaugh but the other perennial bogeyman is Fox News. Soetoro is only continuing the Fox bashing that the left and Democrats started with their refusals to have their presidential debates on Fox in 2008.

President Soetoro needs to grown up! He’s not half the man that George Bush was. Bush took criticism from the very first day of his presidency in 2000 (He stole the election Democrats claimed) and Democrats and the MSM kept piling it on year, after year, after year. WMDs, the War in Iraq, Wire tapping and Homeland Security you name it the Democrats railed against Bush about it and they continue to this day to blame Bush for everything.

President Soetoro needs to stop with his bitching and man up! In spite of what the president says at least Fox News isn’t lying on him. They are only reporting what he is doing and how his policies affect the country.

We know that the Democrats, including president Soetoro lied on President Bush aided by their cohorts in the Main Stream Media but President Bush for the most part never complained.

What that proves is that Soetoro is not half the man that President Bush is!

Barry Hussein Soetoro is a petty man and every time he refers to the previous administration negatively he proves it.

And every time he or his administration attempts to rip Fox News those of us who are fair minded and balanced see it and note this as a weakness in his character and a weakness in his presidency.


  1. From "Wrestling is Real" via RedNeckoBlogger:

    As their impotence shows itself, the WH Obamaites know that their NutLeft base subsist on the "food" of hate! Without the hatred for all things good and Godly, the NutLeft would essentially starve. (MSNBC is exhibit A for 24/7 hate of truth and good). Fox news is "right wing" because ALL is the right of these loony tunes!

    With the unfortunate event of the election victory of 2008... they now actually have to DO SOMETHING (like govern)! OMG! They're lost puppies! All they know to do is resort back to campaign mode, looking for the necessary enemies so the food of hate can continue. Pathetic and very toxic to the honest, hard working folks they claim to represent! But there is no "there" there... and they know no other way!

  2. Anonymous8:00 AM

    The ONLY reason FOX is still standing is because, Rush Limbaugh had the balls to be THE last man standing. Otherwise the Communism train would have run over America and left no man standing.

    America does not fall on our watch. Not our watch.

  3. Anonymous11:42 AM

    "Fox News reports the News straight."

    When Fox reported that the President was educated in a madrassa, they weren't straight.

    When Fox wondered if a fist bump between the President and the First Lady was a "terrorist fist jab," they weren't straight.

    When Fox repeats press releases from the Senate Republican Communications Center, complete with the same typographical errors, they're not straight.

    When Fox calls a Veterans Administration book about end of life issues a "deathbook," they're not straight.

    When a Fox producer urges a Tea Party crowd to raise a ruckus solely for their cameras, they're not being straight.

  4. Obama & Co. is giving a NEWS agency exactly
    what they want. It also exposes the real aims
    of this current regime. It's called censorship.