Thursday, August 18, 2011

Open Demand to MSNBC for the Firing of Ed Schultz

Ed Schultz Just Ended his own Career

What is it with Liberals that they have to make up lies to defeat their foes? Not since Dan Rather’s attempt to pass forged documents attempting to prove that President Bush did not attend National Guard Service have we seen such blatant election tampering. Rather attempted to affect the 2004 elections Ed Schultz is attempt to do the same in the 2012 elections. We haven’t seen such blatant disregard for truth and election tampering as Schultz is involved in, since Rather.

As CBS fired Dan Rather, we demand that MSNBC fire Ed Schultz. At the very heart of journalism is a requirement for truth. When a journalist knowingly defrauds and deceives the people, he or she is responsible to inform that is a breach of fiduciary responsibility to the public.

Watch as Schultz with apparent forethought and malice uses an edited video to give the impression that newly declared presidential candidate Gov. Rick Perry used a racist innuendo to refer to president Barry Hussein Soetoro. (2:31minvideo)

To add emphasis to his claim Schultz compounds his libelous disparage by saying that Governor Perry’s reference to a black cloud of debt was rather a reference to president Soetoro. Schultz actually says this!

This type of yellow journalism must not stand. It is race baiting of the worse kind.
Therefore, Creating Orwellian Worldview calls for and demands the immediate firing of Ed Schultz.

Currently Washington politics and politicians are exacerbating racial hatreds in this country, as evident in the recent epidemic of race mob beatings in Milwaukee and Philadelphia. Someone who advocates racial hatred as Schultz does openly must be permanently removed from the air.

MSNBC must do the right thing by removing an obvious contributor to the racial divide in this country. We demand the firing of Ed Schultz post-haste!

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