Sunday, July 09, 2006

Democrats can’t defeat Bush settle for Lieberman

Get Bush that’s what the Lieberman vs. the Democrat party fight is about.

Senator Lieberman is seen as a traitor to his party because one he still supports the war as all Democrats did right after 9/11 and two he is not blindly anti-Bush and for those two Democratic sins Senator Lieberman must die a political death that Democrats had hoped would be the fate of George W. Bush.

Almost all Democrats supported the war but have now found a way to recant that support which is perfect good Democratic philosophy. As a Democrat it’s not what you voted for or what you believed in the past,often the recent past. And you’re perfectly at ease with statements like, "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it." No it’s what you believe currently as dictated by current democrat opinion. As opinion changes so does your belief. That’s the living breathing social and moral relativism that is at the heart of non-static reality of a Democrat.

The Democratic Party changed on the war and Senator Lieberman didn’t. Can’t have ridgity in the party someone might take a stand on principle rather than Democrat ideology and there will be none of that! If it is not approved by current democrat opinion as it is generated by the liberal blogasphere you will be hunted down by the Democrat elite. Senator Lieberman is experiencing that sad fate now.

Couldn’t get Bush so get Lieberman get somebody, anybody, connected with Bush; John Ashcroft, Scooter Libby, Karl Rove, or Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman it doesn’t matter the Democrats hatred is so putridly vile that they are willing to accept collateral damage if some how they see it harming President Bush in some remote way even if it means unseating an incumbent experienced Democrat politician. That is why Lieberman is in the political fight of his life.

Since 2000 the Democratic Party has campaigned on an anti-Bush hate crusade by which they attempted to destroy anyone associated with the Bush administration.

Only recently has Democratic Bush hatred become so consuming that even anyone in the Democrat Party who supports the war or who doesn’t hate Bush will be aborted like a political fetus a la Roe. That’s the plan for Senator Lieberman, political abortion. Now that’s how the Democrats do it.

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