Thursday, July 13, 2006

Liberalism’s Dead-end

In the past American Liberals always touted Europe as the model of what America should be. From Justices on the Supreme Court to Democrat Presidential candidate John Kerry, Liberal elitists felt and told Americans that wisdom and refinement were things best taught to Americans by Europeans.

These same Liberals also promoted a push to remake America into the image of Europe. Hillary Clinton’s 1993 Health care reform was based on the European’s socialist model, Bill Clinton’s attempt to introduce social change for gays into the United States military as well as his order to put U.S. troops under that authority of the United Nations both were attempts to move America into line with European thought and values.

Europeans are ever the cultural elitists who think themselves much more refined and sophisticated than the coarse Cowboys of America. Only one thing conflicted with the thought of European superiority and that was, and is, America’s real superiority in Global influence, economic power and military power.

But alas Europe’s attempts to wrest the position of world leader away from America is failing. Considering that Europe’s attempt to become the United States of Europe (does any of this look familiar?) is wrought with problems because there is not unanimous support from the various nation states, France being the biggest obstacle to a unified Europe.

[Europe] a continent that dreamed of eliminating national borders, hostility toward immigrants — especially those from Muslim countries — is causing national boundaries to spring back to life.—Charles Kupchan, the Globalist

Also considering that the government subsidized Airbus is not doing well economically and when you think about the present social disorder that is in almost every European nation just what is it that the America Liberals wish Americans to emulate?

when they voted down the European constitution in 2005, many French citizens blamed the “ultra-liberal” EU for their economic woes. This spring, rioters took to the streets of Paris to block labor reforms. Italians grumble that the euro has depressed their economy. –Charles Kupchan, the Globalist

France, Germany and Italy, governments, are squeezed from above by the pressures of competitive markets (Corporations and Globalism) — and from below by an electorate (the people) clinging to the comforts of the past and fearful of the uncertainties of the future.

The result is a political stalemate and economic stagnation, which only intensifies the public’s discontent and its skepticism of the benefits of European integration. In other words, the people are rejecting Europe’s embrace of Globalism and its attempt to move away from socialism.

As Charles Kupchan points out, “European leaders will have to give up the pretense of business as usual — and acknowledge the gravity of the current political crisis.”

European Liberalism is losing out to Globalism. So too American Liberals will have to face the reality that policies based on the Liberal European model are Dead-ends and if they’ve got nothing else to offer, in essence they have no where to lead America.

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