Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Global Political Meltdown

Al Gore’s gift to the world! It’s a sort of global warming if you will. Al Gore’s legacy will be that he alone ushered in a new era of doubt in the democratic process, no longer will free and open elections be enough. Due to Mr. Gore every election result from this point forward will be doubted by the losing party and legally scrutinized whether they are cast manually or whether they are electronically posted.

Your first impression might be, that’s good. But think about it, do we really want an army of 7,000 lawyers marshaled into various battle ground states each and every time someone claims that an election ballot confused them or if someone alleges that their punch card ballot must have been made out of bullet proof Kevlar?

Because of Mr. Gore there are citizens of this country who will forever claim that President George W. Bush stole the 2000 presidential election. Mr. Gore refused to accept that he lost Florida, therefore he lost the presidency. His refusal put his own selfish interest before the national interest and has cause irreparable damage between the left and the right in this country and the world.

He dispatched his lawyers to the Sunshine State to contest the election. And his lawyers used every legal maneuver in their arsenal to overturn Gore's defeat – challenging the manner in which Florida conducted its balloting, claiming that certain voter blocs were disenfranchised.
The result is that a portion of the populace refuses to this day to accept the outcome of the 2000 election (despite a post-election ballot review by a consortium of media organizations that concluded, unequivocally, that Bush won Florida no matter how the votes were counted or recounted).
Joseph Perkins, San Diego Union-Tribune

The saddest commentary on what Gore as wrought is not only did his actions have national consequences but world-wide consequences.
Nationally over 27 independent newspapers and the National Opinion Research Center of the University of Chicago studied the 2000 election results to determine the outcome.

First the Miami Herald, USA Today commissioned a study which results claimed that President Bush won the vote if the recount had not been halted by the US Supreme Court.

Some were not satisfied with those results so another study was commissioned by about 25 other newspapers.

The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post Co., Tribune Publishing, CNN, Associated Press, St. Petersburg Times and The Palm Beach Post. The New York Times owns The Boston Globe, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, and the Lakeland Ledger among others. Washington Post Co. owns The Washington Post and Newsweek. Tribune, based in Chicago, owns the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Orlando Sentinel, and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, among others.

The study was done by the highly esteemed National Opinion Research Center of the University of Chicago. Did you see the official results of this most auspicious study published anywhere? No? Do you know why you didn’t?

Because under the must strict independent analysis of the 2000 President election George W. Bush won according to the National Opinion Research Center study. And here.

This proves that there is absolutely no doubt that President Bush did not steal or lose the 2000 election. However not even this study commissioned by news media that liberals know and trust will change the minds of ardent Bush haters.

Gore has poisoned the world-wide political atmosphere with his Machiavellianism. Much like his claims that man-made carbon dioxide is directly responsible for global warming, Gore’s actions in the 2000 American Presidential election is directly responsible for the global political meltdown experienced in many nations.

Last year Conservative leader Angela Merkel and the chairman of the Social Democrats, Franz Muentefering splitGermany in an “us against them” political fight reminiscent of America’s Conservatives and Liberals 2000 Presidential election.

Italy’s government was in limbo early this year as Silvio Berlusconi and Romano Prodi disputed over votes casted. They had their own hang Chad crisis.

Italy’s own red state blue state divide.

Mexico has been thrust into a political crisis, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the left-winger who claims he was robbed of victory in Mexico's contested presidential election was beaten by ruling party conservative Felipe Calderon by just around 244,000 votes out of 41 million cast. Nevertheless Obrador is demanding a recount.

Now in California once again the lawyers are marshalling up to dispute the election results of the 50th Congressional district.

Thanks to Al Gore no longer will two political opponents end their campaigns with only the counting of votes to look forward to. Because of Mr. Gore every election has the potential of being a political meltdown complete with attorneys and court pleadings.

Mr. Gore you are right, the atmosphere has become toxic, the political atmosphere, and if something isn’t done we are in for a major devastating change in the political climate of the world a global meltdown!

Inconvenient but True.

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