Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Chavez and Ahmadinejah to Defeat the U.S.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has a plan. He is on a mission to destroy Israel and then he’s going to destroy the United States of America. Maybe not in that specific order but he’s trying, but he’ll need some friends to help.

He wrote a letter to the German chancellor to see if the Germans were interested in a joint effort to exterminate the Jews. You know that we have something in common approach; after all there was really no holocaust just a Jewish lie perpetrated to receive world sympathy. Ahmadinejad was hoping that he and Germany’s chancellor had bigotry and anti-Semitism in common. But Germany didn’t want to go there again, at least not publicly.

Not to be deterred Ahmadinejad meet with Russia President Valamir Putin an old cold war enemy of the U.S; should be plenty of possibilities here, but nope not the visceral hatred that Ahmadinejad was hoping for. Russia is more of a passive aggressive, stab the U.S. in the foreign policy back, enemy not the in your face comrade that Ahmadinejad was looking for. Russia would prefer to sell weaponry to the enemies of the U.S. rather than openly oppose it.

So off to Venezuela, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez leftist Venezuelan leader has publicly condemned Israel for what he called the "terrorism" and "madness" of its attacks in Qana Lebanon. Hey a match made in heaven! For that President Chavez will receive a medal!

The 1st grade order of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a distinction of valor? Not quite, this award was to show Iran's gratitude for President Chavez’s "support for Iran's stance on the international scene, especially its opposition to a resolution by the International Atomic Energy Agency."

Ahmadinejad inferred that President Chavez has resisted American imperialism for years. American imperialism? Oh he’s talking about corporate imperialism. Yes corporations are exerting power and control globally but that’s not an American phenomenon due to the fact that most corporations view themselves as international world entities not American companies.

And if asked whether they are American companies most would defer the question rather than claim America.

Why is this important? It is important because Venezuela and Iran wrongly accuses America of imperialistic goals yet they will be doing business with the very companies that are the source for their complaints against the U.S. In fact they will be enabling those companies to extent their global goals for economic power and control.

Ironically, if Iran and Venezuela were to do business with any of the oil companies or if they buy weapons from any of the global weapon suppliers they will be propagating the imperialism that they claim they are resisting by resisting America, corporate imperialism.

Iran President Ahmadinejad and Venezuelan President Chavez are anti-Semitic racist bigots who hate American democracy furthermore any claims that they will save the human race, by finishing off the U.S. “empire,” is only justification to attempt to destroy the democracies that are represented by America and Israel.

The democratic governments of America and Israel are not threats to the peoples of the world however the theocratic and leftist tyrannous ruler ships of Iran and Venezuela are. Especially when they have designs for remaking the world into their own images.

That would be called imperialism the very thing that Ahmadinejad and Chavez say that they wish to save the world from. Now that’s duplicitous and dangerous. The world needs saving, only it needs saving from these two dangerous governments not the U.S.

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