Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wronging every Right Normalization is the Agenda

What an auspices occasion the nations first same-sexcivil union has officially split up to which Beth Robinson, chairwoman of the Vermont Freedom to Marry Task Force said the union's end shows that the state's civil union law is working.

Thus according to Robinson this exercise in propaganda was only to convince the America people that homosexuals are no different than heterosexuals.

"One of the goals was to create a mechanism to protect people in a relationship and create a mechanism to help people dissolve relationships," she said. "Same-sex relationships are no different than heterosexual relationships. Sometimes they last, sometimes they don't."--Beth Robinson

In an Orwellian world a homosexual relationship equals a heterosexual relationship. While this statement is not true Machiavellian forces are propagating this, as well as, the idea that wrong is right in American society.

All this time you thought it was your own progressiveness and open-mindedness that lead you to accept homosexuality. You didn't know that you had been manipulated by Madison Avenue propaganda.

David Ehrensteinwriting for the Capitol Times,Madison, Wisconson believes that homosexuality is now apart of the American mainstream. Ehrenstein believes that even though the gay agenda has suffered tremendous and devastating losses this year in the Courts, an institution which homosexuals had counted on to be gay friendly, homosexuality is now embraced by a majority in the society.

He cites movie and television homosexual shills who now openly engage in their unusual sexual proclivitist relationships while he negatively refers to "traitorous" Ann Heche who was hetero turned homo turned hetero again he believes that Ms. Heche’s social rejection is her come uppenance for betraying the big lie that once homo you can never go back to hetero.

Ehrenstein then exposes his ignorance regarding the homosexual agenda he names the AIDS epidemic as the turning point in social acceptance of homosexuality.

While the epidemic was the catalyst for social acceptance of homosexuality the actual cause for acceptance of homosexuality in American public life was the result of two Homosexual advocates.

Marshall Kirk a researcher in neuropsychiatry and Hunter Madsen a Harvard PhD of Politics and an expert on public persuasion tactics and social marketing, these two men used sophisticated Orwellian psychological persuasion and propaganda mass media techniques in the 1980’s to change the social perception about homosexuality in America and as a result of their work homosexuality is gaining acceptance and a status of normality in the American society.

A recent Reuters report suggest that 56 percent opposed giving gays the right to marry, but 53 percent favored allowing gays to enter into legal agreements that provide many of the same rights as married couples. "There has been an increase ... in the proportion of Americans who believe homosexuality is innate 36 percent, up from 30 percent in 2003. Similarly, 49 percent believed homosexuals cannot be changed to heterosexual, compared to 42 percent in 2003."

Many homosexual advocates and their supports see this as the tide turning regarding social acceptance of homosexual behavior in America. These changes in social percept regarding homosexuality are results of the work of Kirk and Madsen.

Nevertheless, the fact that the society has been brainwashed by homosexual shills is no reason to preen politically correct feathers while completely disregarding the fact that homosexuality has virually ended marriagein ultra Liberal Scandinavia where homosexuality is embraced and gay marriage is allowed as a civil right.

Will American heed the warnings of socially bankrupted Scandinavia? Unfortunately, if not, what has happened in Europe portents to be the fate for America once the the brainwashing of America by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen is complete.

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