Tuesday, September 05, 2006

All Talk and No U.N. Action

Iran has managed to defy resolutionU.N. Security Council which calls for the stoppage of it’s processing of uranium. It has supported Hezbollah in its attack against Israel and it has questioned the reality of the Holocaust yet when called into account for these actions Iran has been able to turn the responsibility for their actions on Israel and the United States.

Kofi Annan has been snobbed by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad regarding uranium processing and did not appear with the U.N. Diplomat at the post meeting news conference. Also Iran announced during Mr. Annan’s visit that it would host a conference to examine what it called exaggerations about the Holocaust.

Tehran hid it's nuclear program for 18 years as well as Tehran's continued lack of full cooperation with U.N. inspectors has increased suspicions about Iranian aims. Iran insists the program is peaceful, intended only to produce fuel for nuclear reactors that generate electricity.

Iran's slowness in responding to the incentives package prompted the Security Council to issue a resolution July 31 ordering it to halt uranium enrichment by the end of August.

Iran claimed that any resolution by the Security Council would be pressured by the United States or Britain thereby making any sanctions by the six member body tainted by Western influence.

Here’s the outrageousness of Iran’s thinking. They hide their nuclear program for 18 years and they now claim that it is the West that must repair relations with Tehran?

"Iran's trust has been undermined during the past three years," Iranian Foreign Minister Moocher Mistake said. "They (the West) should try to win our trust to solve the issue."

Outrageous! Instead of the Secretary General representing the world’s interest by demanding Iran’s compliances with U.N. resolutions he has allow Iran to use his visit as a propaganda campaign against the U.N. the West, Israel, the United States and Britain.

What’s clear is that Iran has figured out the weaknesses in the diplomatic approach of the United Nations. The United Nations is all talk and no action which gives Tehran all the room it needs to keep the West at bay while Iran gains time and resources to arm itself with nuclear weaponry.

The blame falls squarely on Russia and China who are the members on the Security Council that keep any U.N. resolution weak or useless because of their support for Iran as well as their low grade cold war against West.

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