Thursday, September 14, 2006

Feckless Dems Politicizes 9/11

President Bush spoke on Monday 9/11 to commemorate the 5 year anniversary of the attack against America and Democrats according to their plan to neutralize the Bush administration attacked President Bush’s speech saying that the speech was partisan and that it politicized 9/11.

These polarizing Democrat ideologues are also calling for network television to give them equal time. Equal time?

Just what office in the Democratic Party is equal to the Presidency of the United States of America? Are the Democrats suggesting that they have the equivalence of a Confederate Presidency? Just who is the Democrat’s President? Pelosi? Reid? Kerry? Gore? Dean?

The way it works in America comrade Democrats is that a party wins the Presidency (there’s only one Presidency) and that party leads the nation.

What the Democrats have attempted to do since President Bush has been in office is created a co-Presidency one which they are equal to President Bush and that’s wrong.

Democrats contended the president used a prime-time address commemorating the 9/11 terrorist attacks to make partisan arguments bolstering support for the Iraq war.

Wait a minute… is there something wrong with the President of the United States of America paying tribute to the nearly 3,000 victims of the Sept. 11 attacks and described the enemy as a global network of extremists who hate freedom and tolerance? No! There is nothing wrong with that.

The president said "The war against this enemy is more than a military conflict," he said. "It is the decisive ideological struggle of the 21st century, and the calling of our generation."

Much of the speech described the administration's foreign policy following the attack and the decision to go after enemies before they could harm Americans.

"I am often asked why we are in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was not responsible for the 9/11 attacks," Bush said. "The answer is that the regime of Saddam Hussein was a clear threat."

According to Democrat strategy no Republican statement will go unanswered or unchallenged. Any fair minded person can see that this kind of political tactic is what is causing the divisiveness in Washington D.C. and American politics.

Senator Harry Reid and Representative Diane Pelosi circulated a letter they sent to the television networks and cable news channels asking for equal coverage of Democratic viewpoints on terrorism and Iraq. "There has been a complete absence of balance in the news coverage of national security issues," they wrote.

In the Democrat’s attempt to displace Republican elected Senators and Representatives they have created an absolutely unworkable climate in Washington D.C. After 6 years and two failed attempts to defeat President Bush at the polls Democrats think that their hatred, obstructionism and counter-political terrorist tactics will win them control of the Senate and House of Representative and eventually the White house.

All of this has been done at the expense, safety and security of the American people. Democrats in their pursuit for political control and power have obstructed government, hindered the war effort and endangered the troops, and finally they have caused the current political uncivil wars in America.

If the Democrat’s would focus on the people who have declared war on America (al Qaeda) with the same ferocity as they attack Republicans, their fellow countrymen, al Qaeda would be defeated, the insurgency in Iraq would cease and the split in America would be healed.

Instead Democrats join with the enemies of this nation working from the inside as our enemies plot America’s destruction from the outside.

If Democrats want time to be equal then let there be reduced liberal time on broadcast and cable television and add Conservative programming in equal amounts to liberal programming. Also let’s change liberal news broadcast on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, C-Span, and Fox news to give the conservative view equal time.

If Democrats really want “equal time” then they owe Republicans half of every movie, sit-com, cable-show and news broadcast and Conservatives are owed back broadcast time too!

I figure Liberals owe Conservatives 20 to 30 years of back broadcasting time to make things equal!

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