Monday, September 18, 2006

The Pope Submits to Islam

Is exactly what a Pope apology is in the face of this present Islamic vitriol. Right before our eyes we are witnessing the west acquiescing more and more to senseless Islamic demands for apologies and special concessions to Islam.

In the Danish editorial cartoon flap the whole western media world submitted to Islam by not republish cartoons that where deemed offense to Islam even though American media has repeatedly publish National security leaks that have jeopardized the U.S. war effort against Islamic terrorism. U.S. media has publish war secrets under the veil of first amendment rights but those same first amendment defenders made puny excuses for not publishing cartoons when face with perceived threats from Islam.

Islam is now controlling the world. You don’t believe it? What do you have when the world media refuses to print anything truthfully negative about Islam or what do you have when all other world religions pay homage to Islam? After the Pope apology for offending Islam no other religious leader will dare speak against the Prophet and his religion of tyranny even thought Muslims are wrong!

During one rally gunmen in Gaza city opened fire at the Greek Orthodox church; no injuries or damage were reported. An unknown organization named “The sword of Islam claimed responsibility for the incident.

“We want to make it clear that if the pope does not appear on TV and apologize for his comments, we will blow up all of Gaza’s churches,” the group said in a statement.

Do Islamists think that people of world are stupid? Muslims are the ones threatening violence and war yet they think that they can blame the Pope for this latest show of Islamic intolerance? This is totally despicable!

Should speech in the whole free world be regulated because Muslims may be offended? Allow me to answer that… NO!

That’s called tyranny by any one’s standards. Muslims are threatening Islamic tyranny, Western media has already acquiesced to Islamic totalitarianism. Now Muslims have forced psychological submission on the Pope by succeeding to force Catholicism’s figurehead, the Pope, to apologize where there is no apology warranted. Muslims are attempting to force a psychological submission to their faith on the entire free world.

Muslims are out of control and they are solely the reason for the present unrest in the world. This Muslim raging must no longer be tolerated by the world community.

The world community must demand that Muslims stop the 7th century theatrics and join the 21st century. Any further threats against Jews, Christians or Catholics should be met with unified world rebuke and these world-wide puerile Islam temper tantrums should not be accepted by the world community.

This must stop and it will not be tolerated. The Pope may not be able to say it and the media is afraid to say it but all of Islam is corrupted when some of Islam acts this way!

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