Thursday, October 19, 2006


A conservative group filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada for using $3,300 in campaign funds to pay Christmas bonuses to employees at his condominium.

Citizens United alleges the payments violated federal election law, and the group's president, David Bossie, called Reid a "tainted" leader of Senate Democrats.

Bossie also noted Reid failed to report he had conveyed ownership of land in Southern Nevada to a limited liability corporation.
If found that Senator Reid did use campaign funds to pay for Christmas bonuses he would be guilty of converting Campaign contributions into his personal property. If he did not declare this in his Income Taxes as personal income then the Senator committed Tax Fraud.

Reid has demonstrated "a pattern of extremely questionable behavior that requires a full investigation by both the FEC and the Senate Ethics Committee," said Bossie.
Lashing back Senator Reid spokesman Jon Summers said "Mr. Bossie's agenda is to undermine Democrats, so it was no surprise he filed another disingenuous FEC complaint after the issue had already been addressed."

When Mr. Summers says that, “the issue had already been addressed” he of course is referring to the “Do over” where Senator Reid instructed his office to amend the fraudulently filed ethic committee reports and the fact that Senator Reid offered to pay back the $3,300.00.

But Democrats are not the only ones that have felt the displeasure of David Bossie. Bossie also has criticized House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., and urged him to step down for his handling of the controversy surrounding former Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., and congressional pages. However Bossie stopped short of saying Reid should resign as Senate minority leader.

In an apparent attempt to discredit Bossie altogether Tony Batt reports that Bossie was the target of an FEC complaint filed in 1992 by President Bush's father, who repudiated Bossie's tactics in the campaign against then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton.

I find Batt’s attempt a standard Liberal tactic. Liberals are taught to lash back by refocusing the attention away from the wrong that they have committed and focus blame on the person, persons or entity that dare to raise any charge against a Democrat Liberal.

Senator Reid is the focus of this complaint with the Federal Election Commission not David Bosse.

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