Monday, March 19, 2007

Democrats Cut and Run from News Debates

"Any candidate of either party who cannot answer direct, simple, even tough questions from any journalist runs a real risk of losing the voters."-- Roger Ailes, Chairman Fox News

Cut and Run tactics mixed with Fascist control and you have the new Democratic Party.

Afraid that they will not have the cover of their normal mainstream media allies, NBC, CBS, ABC, and their cable media cohorts; Democrats take Representive John Murtha's advise to heart by redeploying it's Presidential candidates from the Iraq of American media, Fox news.

Yes Democrats show us exactly what they'd do if they were in charge of protecting America. When Democrats are involved in conflict that they perceive they can't control they simply cut and run.

Fox a network that prides itself on “fair and balanced” reporting is view by Liberals as a mouth piece for Conservatism. Imagine fair and balanced is viewed as negative to Liberals? So does that mean that only views that sustain Liberal world view and ideology are a positive force for good in the world?

Think about how biased and closed minded that sounds! Isn't being biased and closed minded what Liberals normally accuse Conservatives of being? Well now Liberals are the ones demonstrating those characteristics.

Nevada Democratic Party officials said on Friday they were canceling a presidential debate co-sponsored by Fox News, following a joke chairman Roger Ailes made about Democratic candidate Barack Obama.

The joke by Ailes came during a speech to the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation First Amendment Dinner on Thursday night and -- while playing on similarity between Obama's name and Osama Bin Laden -- appears to be directed more at President Bush than senator Obama but that don't matter to biased closed-minded Liberals.

"It's true that Barack Obama is on the move," Ailes said during the speech. "I don't know if it's true that President Bush called Musharraf and said 'Why can't we catch this guy?'

My only hope is that the total irony of this is not lost on any of us. First Mr. Ailes was speaking and receiving an award at a First Amendment Dinner, for my Liberal readers that's a dinner recognizing works in freedom of speech a constitutional guaranteed right.

Second Mr. Ailes told a joke. What is with Liberals and jokes? Since John Kerry told his joke about President Bush every Conservative or perceived Conservative that tells a joke has to do ten our Fathers, ten hail Marys, recite the act of contrition and get down on their knees and self flagellate before the mainstream media.

Let's be clear this is nothing more than an attempt by Presidential hopeful John Edwards and top Fascist Democrat strategist to control information. The plan is, if they can demonize Fox News then no Liberal will listen to any other source than or it's affiliates ABC,CBS,NBC, MSNBC, CNN,and other main stream media groups that does the bidding of the far left socialist Fascists.

Democrat strategy is about controlling debate. You remember how Democrats tore down the Bush administration about hurricane Katrina don't you? Well when the Republican majority said okay lets investigate what when wrong regarding Katrina.

Because Democrats can't control the debate they boycotted any efforts to form a select-committee to investigate, even though House Republicans structured the new panel along the same lines as other select committees that investigated issues such as Iran-Contra, the Kennedy assassination, and Pearl Harbor, including breakdowns that reflect the existing partisan ratios in Congress.

Since 1946, the House used this select committee model 41 times to investigate a host of issues, usually while Democrats controlled the majority. I'm telling you if Democrats can't propagandize it's cut and run from any debate for them.

This is radical fringe leftist politics. It seemed to work well in the 2006 mid-term elections that swept the Republican majority out of Congress so now radicals who control the Democrat party, Nevada State Democratic Party Chairman Tom Collins and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, are using a full court press to ensure that Democrats are protected from any point of view that is not their own.

What does this all mean? It's about defining and controlling the debate. I have been reporting on a disturbing trend of Fascist tendencies in the Liberal movement.

Liberals tend to attempt to control thought, speech and action ergo all of the fake hate speech legislation promoted by Liberals and Liberal attempts to demonize any one who thinks or speaks out of line with current political correct standards crafted by Liberals in order to usher in the social change which they envision.

A change from a Democratic Constitutional Republic into a mob-rule mind controlled Democracy one which people are controlled by mass media and government which will be working for a powerful oligarchy of wealthy social political Liberal Fascists.

Fox news is not the demon here but anyone who would attempt to keep journalist from reporting, is the threat to constitutional guarantee of freedom the press.

Just think if the White house announced that it wasn't going to allow news organizations into the press corps which it felt were hostile to the President. If you think that would be wrong then you can not in good conscious fairly support Democrats pulling out of any debate that is partial sponsored by a news organizing that they do not like.

The cut and run tactics which Democrats are employing in regards to these Presidential debates are the exact oppose of the American idea of freedom of the press and should not be tolerated by open-mind free men and women anywhere.

But then cut and run is what Democrats do best when they can't control the debate!

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