Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bar the Constitution and Democrats will Speak

DNC Chair Howard Dean

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;--United States Constitution

The head of the Democratic Party said Wednesday that the best way to get presidential candidates to talk frankly about issues is to lock out the media. —Reported by AP Press

You have to wonder how anyone above a fourth grade education can be a Democrat or a Liberal that supports Democrat politics. Don’t these guys know anything about the Constitution?

As reported by the AP press DNC Chairman Howard Dean speaking before the Mortgage Bankers Association asserted that a media lock out would be the answer to get Democrats to speak candidly about the issues. So does that mean everything that we hear in the media spoken by a Democrat is…less than forthright?

Bar the press says Dean and hold closed meetings and Democrats will say all of the things that they’ve been holding back. Yeah things like, “The war is lost” a la Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid? I wonder what Senator Reid was really thinking?

"The media has been reduced to info-tainment," Dean said. "Info-tainment sells, the problem is they reach the lowest common denominator instead of forcing a little education down our throats, which we are probably in need of from time to time."

Of course, You probably get your information from ABC, CBS or NBC or maybe you’re a hard-core information junkie and plug in to cable news, CNN, or MSNBC. Like many Americans you probably subscribe to the Times newspaper in your area but according the DNC chair you’re not as smart as you think!

As a matter of fact you are being info-tained and you are the “lowest common denominator” who has an aversion to education.

Just remember that the next time you attempt to debate the issues with an opponent and you cite your mainstream media sources. Democrat National Chairman Howard Dean says that your sources are stupid and so are you!

Hey which mainstream media network is carrying tonights Democrat Presidential Debates?

Just thought I’d ask … You know there’s always Fox News!

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